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Moving Beyond the Mueller Investigation

Moving Beyond the Mueller Investigation

Sonali Kolhatkar

After nearly two years of investigations that spawned dozens of indictments and convictions of a significant number of Donald Trump’s close associates and colleagues, the special counsel’s inquiry into the 2016 election has come to a close.

Personal greed has ruled the Oval Office for the last two years plus.

Indeed madness as well.

I thought this interesting. This a partial list of events that were blamed on Russia.

Apparently they behind everything from immigrant children in the USA being kept in cages to Football players kneeling during National Anthems.! They are even promoting sex toys to “divide Americans”.

How any jumped onto this looney-toon caravan of idiots is beyond me.


Poor Sonali went so far down the rabbit hole she cannot remove herself from Maddows teat.
“There is also ample evidence that Russia attempted to influence the U.S. elections in 2016”
No! There is not. There never has been. Quit trying to blame the Russians for DNC corruption and Clinton greed = incompetence.

“The Mueller investigation should never have been considered the sole means by which the Trump presidency would be taken to task.” The investigation revealed the only thing it could dig up, tax evasion, campaign finance fraud and other items every single person involved in our dirty money soaked politics could at any day be convicted of. There were no Russians so Mueller went fishing.

Michael Steele was paid by the DNC. How about looking into that?

I am no Trump fan, those who want to believe “the idea that Trump is a Russian stooge, bought and paid for by Vladimir Putin” are living in a fantasy of their own making.


From Jeffrey, who picked up a flourishing craft from uncle Alex:

Robert Mueller became like a Hollywood green screen that people could project their fantasies upon, none more baroquely than the doyenne of MSDNC Rachel Maddow, who her rode her CGI version of Mueller to the top of the cable ratings. Maddow’s Mueller wasn’t the man who spread fatal myths about Iraqi WMDs, targeted and infiltrated radical environmental groups, concocted elaborate plots to entrap Muslims in fake terrorism cases and ran roughshod over basic constitutional rights while he was a top federal prosecutor and FBI director.

Maddow’s Mueller was a man of her own invention. Her Mueller was stoic, fearless and indefatigable. He could see deep and far. He would follow any lead, interrogate any foe, unmask any nefarious troll. He would scrutinize tax filings, bank accounts, and loan documents. He would detect where money was laundered and by whom. He would track computer hackers though the misty reaches of the dark web and back to their source in Moscow or Prague. He was an incorruptible father figure, a kind of political super-ego who was charged with disciplining and punishing the Id-like rampages of Donald Trump and his cronies.

Honest writers produce better prose. (Which is why I’ve adopted Anthony Trollope as my personal writing coach. He may be an asshole, but at least he’s an honest asshole. Jeffrey’s prose and Anthony’s share an exhilarating, galloping quality.) One more:

There was much more evidence that his campaign had conspired with the Saudis & the Israelis, with real quid & real quo. Criminalizing those associations would threaten the way business is done in Washington.


There were certainly other things to beat up on Trump over other than Russiagate. While I don’t consider Maddow and the others of her ilk propagandists, they did spend an inordinate amount of time on it while all of the other ills of the Trump Administration, and ills of the world, got far too little attention. CNN and others were just as bad at that. But Fox Noise, Trump’s go to people for moral support, didn’t hesitate to not only spew propaganda but to lie and spin without penalty.

Thank you.

Thanks for posting.
Jeffery St. Clair that is.

Hey CD’rs, if you’d been reading Counterpunch for the last 2 year you’d already know that what there was to Russiagate was a massive scam perpetrated by the people who gave you Trump, that is, of course the Democratic Party (Hillary wanted to run against Trump) and corporate media ($ Billions of free coverage. Les Moonves CEO of CBS infamously said “Trump may be bad for America, but he’s great for our ratings.”

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