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Moving by Stealth or Blatantly, Texas Advances Discriminatory Bills


Moving by Stealth or Blatantly, Texas Advances Discriminatory Bills

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"The Texas lawmakers of the 85th legislative session are on the wrong side of history."

So declared Chuck Smith, CEO of Equality Texas, on Sunday after state lawmakers voted to advance discriminatory legislation, moving forward two anti-LGBTQ bills that critics say are part of a "slate of hate" the legislature is prioritizing as its session draws to a close.


Why move to Tejas?

A. You want to live off-grid, free from the troubled world in Terlingua.
B. You need to escape the bunghole of the USA, Oklahoma.
C. Both A and B.


In this and similar articles the headline should not read “Texas” does this or that, but “the Republican-led Texas legislature” does this or that. Or name names of the guilty parties and their party affiliation. There are many good people in Texas who should not be implicated as to blame for the actions of the Greg Abbots of the world.


But who elected him and the other state legislators behind this hateful and spiteful legislation? Talk about a state that is the textbook definition of “gerrymandered.”


Let’s see, who have Abbot and the state legislature targeted: women (especially single parents), Hispanics, the impoverished and now the LGBTQ community. We can hope that the Supreme Court will overturn this BS.