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'Moving in the Right Direction,' Mexican President-elect AMLO Promises to Outlaw Fracking


'Moving in the Right Direction,' Mexican President-elect AMLO Promises to Outlaw Fracking

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Mexico's President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, whose victory last month left many hopeful for the nation's next chapter, elicited praise from environmentalists for promising Wednesday to outlaw hydraulic fracturing, a controversial method of extracting natural gas that's often cal


Get your bulletproof vest out AMLO.

Trust no one.

Especially Americans.


After i voted for Jill Stein the democratic leadership(sic) smear machine decided I was a Soviet KGB Colonel. I wonder what they’'ll call me when I write in Señor Lopez Obrador for president in 2020. Hint: a Soviet KGB…



I hope AMLO says what he means & bans fracking. I also hope he can stand up to the drug cartel.


He better wear a bulletproof helmet too.
I could never understand wearing a bulletproof vest and leaving your head exposed.


Be careful about AMLO. As he fills his cabinet, it looks like OB filling his:



And watch corporations use the investor-state chapters of NAFTA and the WTO investor-state dispute mechanism to hammer the Mexican state, demanding money for profits lost.


It is much easier to ban fracking in Mexico than in the US because in Mexico landowners don’t have rights to the resources under their property. He will not be depriving thousands of Mexican farmers from becoming millionaires almost overnight. In the US there is little opposition to fracking where it is occurring because so many landowners are getting very rich.


Some places specifically state in the deed what you own. Several states in the US have separate mineral rights from land entitlements. I have bought property in five different states, remember that Pennsylvania and a couple others, I did not own the mineral rights. Who did? I don’t know.


So he made this announcement AFTER he got elected! Awesome! I hope he lives!


No they aren’t. The land owners are having their lands destroyed. Watch gas land. A few giant fracking companies are getting very rich - ie Koch Industries.


And watch out for some seventy something blonde lady named Hillary. She’ll Zelaya your arse.