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Moving to End Diversity Trainings, Trump WH Memo Says 'No Place' for 'Critical Race Theory' in US Government

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/05/moving-end-diversity-trainings-trump-wh-memo-says-no-place-critical-race-theory-us

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This, from the most racist member of Trump’s inner circle of creeps.


Another situation where a thorn of truth can be found in what Orangeman says. I come to the same conclusion, at any rate:

  1. USA was built on stolen land, from stolen labor.
  2. Stealing is prototypically “pro-American.” (Ask Jesse James!)
  3. Therefore: anti-theft training is inherently “un-American.”

It sounds to me that Trump is making a clarion call to his F’d up base. He’s betting they will be so motivated to vote for his bigotry that they will do so in overwhelming numbers. USA! USA!

Hopefully those NOT of his base will hear this and respond to avoid such a catastrophe. Has he forgotten that POC vote too? What a jerk.


But, are there that many racists in America to vote for 4 more years of "Rape and Pillage?"

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There is a certain logic to this: if we don’t test for COVID-19 so much it will just go away. If we don’t talk about racism or teach people to be more aware of it, it will just go away.


Let’s address this “white privilege does not exist” nonsense…

I must say that as a white man nearing retirement, it is amazing the way success has come my way in spite of being a lazy screw-off. Every step along the way, from U. admissions (undergrad and grad) to job interviews, I was given the benefit of the doubt that a black man or a woman (civil engineering is still male-dominated) never would, and got the admissions, degrees, and jobs - both private and government sector.

I never forget this. A white man has to be totally blinded by racism to no see the privilege their white skin and male sex gives them.


Stephen Miller wedded to the House of Trump. Boggles the mind. Numbs the soul. White supremacy lodged in the white house that slaves built and that hires mainly African-Americans to do jobs like butler and cook.
Yes, indeed, there are that many racists in America who will vote to re-elect Trump for four more years. Especially if he goes full bore on the “law-and-order” meme. On a strange positive note(?), former Michigan governor Rick Snyder(the Flint Poisoner) has come out for Biden!


In his tweets related to this action, trump wrote:

Critical race theory is the greatest threat to western civilization and it’s made its way into the US federal government, the military, and the justice system.”

This conspiratorial rant, dear readers, is, practically verbatim, lifted straight out of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. The only thing he would need to add is explicitly state the role of the “Marxist Jews” in furthering this threat to "Western Civilization’ - but I’m sure his follows will have no trouble hearing that dog-whistle…


Lessons wouldn’t take anyway. Now the insensitivity training has been a huge success.


Let’s start by retraining police departments. That means retraining the trainers first.
Trump might as well just keep on slinging mud around the country, right?

I sure hope not, Pony Boy. However, the polls are, for the most part, showing a tight race. There may be enough racists in America to elect the Orange Monster again. Particularly when the Dims offer milk toast alternatives. Nothing exciting to elect Biden. Many may stay home from this year as in previous years.


He’s doing this because he’s almost certainly about to (Biden too) outsource a huge number of jobs at all levels of government to subcontractors who are about as non-diverse a group as could ever be imagined, most of them male, and coming from specific countries and basically only hiring from that group, unless they are forced to hire Americans they wont do it. They even admit it.

Why? Trade agreements. Think NAFTA “for the rest of the jobs”.


I’m looking at it this way –

that even this tiny bit of “sensitivity” training is doing damage to them –


That’s why the opening move post WWII to move our nation to the fascist right
was the move to control our free press – using CIA Journalists –

These operations were being drafted by Cord Meyer/later CIA in 1943 … at the time when
Elites here and internationally understood/post Stalingrad … that their recruit Hitler/
Nazis were not going to rule the world for them –

Operation Mockingbird – with Phil Graham/Washington Post put in charge due to his
social contacts to move media heads to accept this deep intrusion on our free press here.
No one knows what threats, intimidation, violence may have been used in the beginning.
See Carl Bernstein’s very late reporting on this in 1970’s/Rolling Stone - “CIA & MEDIA”
available on internet.

Companion, supporting programs were -

Operation Paperclip/200,000 ex-Nazis brought into the US to found the CIA, funneled into the
FBI and other government agencies and to “Hot” spots around the world.

Operation Gladio – intended to ensure that ONLY right wing governments would rise and hold
power in nations over which US had strong influence and control at end of WWII –
Italy, France, Germany, Japan –

**In Italy, however, the US resurrected the MAFIA there in order to ensure the program would be **
run efficiently there. And CIA began gun and drug running there – with the drug money being
laundered thru the Vatican. Vatican also helped to bring in the funding raised by Prescott Bush,
Harriman and Allen Dulles in their use of front companies to do so. Holland America Line was
one of the front companies. CIA then used the money to run “insurgencies” in Italy to be blamed
on the Italian government.

Same thing the CIA has been doing in US with drug and gun running since the 1970’s …
and with the same purpose – to overturn democracy here.

NOTE that the latter two – Japan and Germany – the nations that had actually declared war on the US – were the two nations that immediately rose as world wide economic powers.

insurgencies: normally field fighting forces orders of magnitude larger than those of terrorist organizations." Insurgencies have a political purpose, and may provide social services and have an overt, even legal, political wing.

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Both candidates are lying to their bases telling them what they think they want to hear, while hiding the fact that we actually signed away the powers to fix or make many dozens of the most important things (basically everything that the people want, virtually everything that was discussed in the Bernie event just now) better (except temporarily in an emergency) and otherwise only leavihg them with powers to (permanently) further fuck things up.

This is a big deal between global North and South - think of it as reparations for colonialism except paid to the people who most benefited from colojnialism’s descendants, instead of its victims (of course)

In exchange Ameicans must give up a potentially unlimited number of jobs, basically, everything leads to that. They are under pressure from all directions, because its probably the largest pool of money thats not already owned by rich people.GATS is a global grab to lock down everything for the wealthiest and steal the planet from its people.

“ One thing you can’t hide, when your crippled inside” Lennon

Another song who’s lyrics apply today.
Love that Imagine album.

We would like to be hearing soon: (Happy Christmas) War is over.

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Well, let’s not tarnish all of America, the hemisphere – North, Central and South America – with racism. To be clear, there are a sufficient number of Americans in the US who will vote for the orange loser, but I’ve not known any Americans in the rest of the hemisphere who are racists. I suppose there are some – somewhere – but they mostly reside in the US.


Excellent stuff. It important to remember that Prescott Bush was involved in that Coup that was exposed by Smedley Butler and that his Companies did business with the Nazis throughout WW2. FDR and the US Government went out of their way to protect him. In any other Country he would have been hung for treason.

(Flash forward 70 years and Barack Obama does the same thing going out of his way to protect the war criminals of the Bush administration)


If one looks to Bolivia and Venezuela just as two examples those are very racist Countries. In Bolivia the coup was orchestrated by racists , peoples descended from the Spanish who detested the thought that a person descended from the Native Americans in charge.

The support for Guadio over Maduro in Venezuela is based largely on race with the former being light skinned descendants of the Europeans that colonized that region.

Bolsonaro and many of his supporters are also outright racists in Brazil.

The major differences between the examples given and the USA is the relative population size of each group. In the USA there much more “whites” relative to the minority populations .

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