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'Moving to Rob Us Blind in Broad Daylight'? Trump to Hold In-Person Meeting With Big Oil CEOs to Discuss Coronavirus Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/02/moving-rob-us-blind-broad-daylight-trump-hold-person-meeting-big-oil-ceos-discuss


Our religion, Capitalism, is built on a foundation of fossil fuels. Therefore, that foundation must be shored up at any and all cost for the church to survive.
These are the days of the New, New Covenant. Jesus loves capitalists. He wants you to be rich.
We are a deluded and sick nation.


Well, nobody knows how to “pull their punches,” better than “our” side’s self-appointed spokes-folks, as COVID-19 decimates Cancer Alley, then the Gaslands (vulnerable & invisible to all media).






do not waiver from American ships only transferring oil and gas between American ports.
I might give a break to Canadian flagged ships. But nobody else.

And, so far, every tanker in the world is full of oil, diesel, gasoline, condensate,etc. due to temporary low futures trading price. Actual prices per quality from around the world also tumbled to our overall benefit.

The major oil companies, British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell own Houston, Texas.
BP sold their Alaska for 6.8 billion dollars a few weeks ago. We should claw that for all the damage they caused in the Gulf of Mexico and along our shorelines.


That brings it full circle. Fossil fuels were derived, in part, from the decay of dinosaurs, and according to many American Christian explainers, early man used to ride around on brontosaurs. So once again we are transported by dinosaurs. Makes perfect sense that our system is built on fossil fuels.


Impoverishment and exile for them all, including trump/chump and all his accolytes.


We need leftie journalists to point out the extent to which the US oil industry is a house of cards that cannot survive in a low-price marketplace, with or without the corporate welfare the taxpayers shell out.

If left to the supposedly “free” market, every US fracker would be losing $30 on every barrel they produced and be bankrupt in about a month – proving that a production increasing/price reducing war between the KSA and Russia can destroy our domestic producers, even when our “producers” cut production to zero. And damn, how many US producers are up to their asses debt? Glad you asked:

In 2019, the estimated price that West Texas Intermediate needed to be at for US shale oil producers to be profitable while paying back their hundreds of billions in debt was $125/barrel. As I type, it’s at $22/barrel.


With a base philosophy like that you could start a church in the USA. Praying to oil. Imagine the possibilities. Of course, the baptisms are going to be a little messy.


And we thought mother earth would have a chance to heal after the virus quieted down! Not with this group of thugs. I weep for all the animals and habitat that will continue to be destroyed by this group of monsters.


It’s funny how they are currently blaming this oil crisis on the Covid19 pandemic, almost completely ignoring they fact that oil prices have been floundering for three years, and more recently plummeted not because of this virus but because of a price war between Russia and OPEC. Now that the world is entering a recession it has accelerated the price drop. However, everyone seems to be ignoring the elephant in the petroleum/fossil fuel market. Their market share has been disappearing for years now, slowly being replaced by renewables.
Here’s to oil never recovering.


Trump and this mob of thugs should skip the handshakes and all give each other numerous big, wet kisses to celebrate their venomous kinship.


Note the lack of six foot separation in that meeting. We can only hope someone there is infecting them all-poetic justice, karma whatever you want to call it. Hope they shake hands to seal the (dirty) deal.

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It needs to be said:

You vote consistently NAZI for 50 years and there are negative repercussions. That goes for radical right wing republicans, and for right wing extremist democrats.


Oh lordy, cue the dim elite with unholy yelps of anguish while quietly making their own back room deals. Ack, wearisome crap. How in hell do we ever rid ourselves of this shite ??

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I get the feeling that the Morons in charge have not even begun to grasp the gravity of the situation, not even begun. Their Corporate bailout response was premeditated, and they immediately focused all their attention there. The origins of these decisions took place long before anyone ever heard of coronavirus, but it’ll take more than 50 trillion of worthless currency to get capitalism going again. Whose going to buy the oil, Who’s going to make the smart phones and the computers, much less have money to buy them? Who’s going to have money to buy clothes and cars and houses and golf clubs and kitchen ware and furniture and all the crap that their whole myopic paradigm rotates around? Unless there is a way forward for their victims the oligarchy also will collapse. Gore Vidal said in one of his last interviews before his unfortunate death, “Ironically, the only thing that will save America from it’s leaders is a complete economic collapse”.


Well, there’s a freakin surprise! Who’da thunk trump woult gift the oil barron parasite mafia billions (in addition to what they steal already) while repeatedly screwing, threatening, and abusing the public - the 99%?
scum must pay for their corruptiom, crimes, pollution, and larceny!


The Oil industry in Canada is asking for aid as well. They claim they do not want a bailout but would want to see Royalty rates lowered (among the lowest in the world) taxes lowered and regulations cut.

Cutting regulations generally means “less environmental and labor protections”. The game they play here is this. A Bailout is a one time thing and generally means repayment. Being the NOBLE types they are they just do not want to be “bailed out”. Instead what they want are measures that will remain in place even after Oil prices rebound and all well again. In the long run this garners them far more in the way of profits.

Now if one looks at measures already implemented, if the Oil majors in Canada can show a 30 percent drop in revenues, the Government will pay 75 percent of employees wages. This is already a huge helping hand but again the Oil companies want something permanent that remains when they rolling in the dough again.


In-person meeting? How special. Handshakes all around. See ya later!

Oh wait, before we adjourn, let’s all sing our company song. Uh one, two, three, four…


Yes indeed, how the rich uses the bible to justify their every evil action and most Americans buy it. Social Darwinism is the real religion in america.


Once again Socialists, meaning We The People, Tax-Payers, are Bailing out the Greedy Capitalist Corporations that have been Excessively Profiting off the American People.

Apparently Capitalism is not Functioning during a Crisis and these Avaricious Gluttonous Pigs are now looking for a Hand-Out from the People they have been squeezing.

These Monopolistic Corporations Collude to Cheat us and when their Business runs into trouble they want the People they have been robbing to Bail them out.

Unfortunately these Plutocrats know they will have a friend in the White House for the next 4 years with either Trump or Biden.

America you have lost your ability to act in a rationale manner when you rejected Bernie Sanders, our ONLY HOPE for a more Equitable Society.

I hope Primary Voters are happy with the 2 Fascist Candidates we have to select from?