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Moyers and McKibben: Time Is Running Out for the Planet


Moyers and McKibben: Time Is Running Out for the Planet

Bill Moyers, Bill McKibben

Bill Moyers talks with Bill McKibben about his new novel Radio Free Vermont and the nonfiction ways to fight the system.

Environmental activists in kayaks protest the arrival of the Polar Pioneer, an oil drilling rig owned by Shell Oil, in Seattle. The rig is part of a fleet that will lead a controversial oil-exploration effort off Alaska's North Slope.


Nice - very nice - and yes - we NEED our sense of humor - because it demonstrates that we’re not thru yet - ‘it ain’t over till its over’ type of thing.

On a personal note, very glad to see Bill McKibben in this new light.

I really enjoyed hearing about Vermont - the town hall meetings, and having spent considerable time in Massachusetts and some in Maine and Vermont - I do remember the ‘commons’ in front of the town halls - the tall white steeples - a very special place - New England - far from my preferred stomping grounds - the mountains and deserts of the American southwest and the Canadian Rockies.

And I think Bill is entirely correct - we need to get to a cultural tipping point - and I was glad to hear a metric, in the article, of 3.5% of the people fully waking up and engaging - being enough to turn the tide.

Hoping that is true,

From Calgary




Enjoyed the article. Yes, no doubt, time is running out."

Moyers: “We are divided, it seems to me, between the passionately ignorant and the passionately informed. And therefore paralyzed.”

I agree, but I would respectfully include: the passionately greedy! Being informed or ignorant, is totally irrelevant to people like Rex T. and the fossil fuel tycoons!


Thank you, CD, for this wonderful conversation.


I’m not familiar with McKibben’s work other than being an advocate for the environment. The novel sounds uninteresting. It reminds me of Ralph Nader’s writings, which are not fun to read imo.


IIRC 3.5% is also about how much of the population Hitler needed on his side to take over Germany, and about the percentage of Russians who were members of the Communist Party in Stalin’s heyday.  Per recent polls, in spite of the obvious damage Tweetle-Dumb has been doing unto our nation, ten times that many voters – about 35% – still support him.  And what percentage of 'Murikins are dominionist “christians” of the Betsy DeVos pro-theocracy type??   I too lose sleep thinking about Climate Change and the damage that Multi-NaZional Korpor­ations and their Fat-Cat owners have done and are doing to “our” democracy.  I hope more than 3.5% of us join the resistance, and hope that will be enough to turn the tide.*  It’s not yet noon here in SoCal – a bit too early to have a good home-brew** and dream about what a better future might look like.

  *  The RePooplicans’ answer to a rising tide of Climate Change facts King Canute for Congress, 2018!

** See http://ngdiscussion.net/phorum/read.php?1,288337,288473


Just read this from Democracy Now - Varoufakis has been called the ‘most interesting man in the world’:


Change the zeitgeist…


I jsut got back from a trip to the Illinois coal mining region as part of my job. The three mines I visited have combined production of 35 million tons of coal per year. And there are dozens of more mined operating in the region like that. Illinois has 250 years worth of coal at current production rates. Additionally, coal-billionaire Chris Kline who developed three mines I looked at is now looking northward. His Vista mine in Alberta will produce about 3 million tons and a smaller mine in Donkin, Nova Scotia will produce about a million tons.

Sorry, but time is going to run out for the planet.


Corection - the Vista Mine will produce 13 million tons a year for at least 30 years.