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Mr. and Mrs. Public School Sabotage


Mr. and Mrs. Public School Sabotage

Steven Singer

Short may their reign be.

Bill Gates & Betsy DeVos


Bill puts his money where his mouth is, on Monsanto and Cargill.


Bill and Betsy sittin’ in a tree,
Plotting how to make more and more and more money,
First comes stealing, then comes more stealing,
Until our kids have nothing, but debt that has them


People say Bill Gates gives a lot to charity. Sorry, or FK that. I want Bill Gates at a table with his check book open, and writing checks to build drop centers with washers, dryers, showers, phones and the whole nine yards for every town, and city in America for the people who have been thrown outside by billionaire greed, till he Bill Gates gets carpal tunnel syndrome. Hey, or I have FKING been working hard to get a little kindness from the perpetrators towards the poor. I will enlighten the people, Homeless, or homelessness is a narrative that leads to “Why should we care?” Blame the victim, and let the perpetrators, Government corporatocracy, run scott free. I say narrative fix it to perhaps, “the throw away people, or thrown away people,” because mostly, we might just change the narrative to “how can we help.” So, keep writing those checks Bill Gates, and Betsy DeVos, hands off America’s public schools!


Remember K through 12 is a 650 plus billion dollar industry funded by taxpayers and the rich want it.


Right on! Retired after 37 years in the classroom – elementary. The past 15 years have been a true bust, thanks to Bill Gates. End of story. Tulsa,OK


And regarding the siphoning of student personal data? Was there ever a class action lawsuit against that action by Gates? Or is he untouchable?


The only crisis in public education; (and it started with Reagan); is that people who know absolutely Nothing about pedagogy are making all the policy and financial decisions about it. Even though the charter schools cherry-pick their students; viz. they don’t take: kids with disabilities; English learners; students behavior issues, they still produce miserable results and scores.
The Common Core was/ is an imbecile’s attempt to provide “rigor” in academics without having any knowledge of child development and capabilities. Most assessments are geared to ask questions students can’t possibly answer ensuring failure. (Ask 7th graders to read an excerpt from Shaw’s play Pygmalion and explain how a Cockney accent is a sign of lower class “breeding” by using the excerpted dialogue). Common Core was nothing more than a scam by “curriculum” publishers to make money and continue to push the failed public education system narrative; i.e. “Buy our books and your students will do better even though the assessment are geared fro failure.” (I’m talking to you Pearson, Littell, et.al).
It’s very high time to get all these half-wits out of the education field and give it to the people who know what they’re doing and were educated in pedagogy.


And then we have the people in education who treat this guy like he’s some kind of hero. Disgusting. If he really wants to do some good tell him to get the Rethugs & Corporate Dems to STOP defunding our PUBLIC schools. They pull all the money from them then deceitfully say how bad they are so they can close them & open up their Charter Schools so they can make more and more and more money off of our kids’ degraded education.
They’re not heroes. Especially not Bill Gates. He’s intelligent enough to see what he’s already done but too ARROGANT to stop and support our Public School educators who DO know what they’re doing. Despicable!


Yeah. They only have billions & billions of dollars while the vast majority of people are barely eeking out a living. And why should your average Joe’s kids be able to get a decent education in the freaking richest country the world has ever known? The billionaires & corporations need to keep all their corrupt “earnings” (I love that word!) offshore in tax shelters. They “need” to pay off politicians & buy more mansions while raising regular people’s rents into the stratosphere. Just 'cause your average Joe is the only one paying taxes any more. That’s not a goood reason is it? Oh and yeah, The Rethugs are going cut taxes on the super wealthy AGAIN. * AND WHY ARE WE TOLERATING THIS??**


Yes! It started with Reagan & trickle down everything. Oh & by the way IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO WORK. IT WAS ALWAYS A SCAM. AND IT STILL IS.


Thank you for all you’ve done for our kids. So sorry they’ve been vilifying you and so many of your fellow educators. You all deserve our gratitude & respect.


Also, people like Gates, DeVos and most Republican office-holders, absolutely despise Public School Teachers for having the audacity to belong to unions. Just as others in their class have waged sustained sabotage against unions for decades. This is another motive at work in “Education Reform”.


And they intend to have it, sans unions of course!