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'Mr. Coal' and a Climate Change Skeptic Given Key Energy Posts in Aussie Cabinet


'Mr. Coal' and a Climate Change Skeptic Given Key Energy Posts in Aussie Cabinet

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Australia's post-election Cabinet reshuffle is great news for the fossil fuels sector but portends doom for the environment, according to green groups who are raising alarm about the government's newly appointed ministers dealing with climate change and resources.


Clean coal? Tell that to the people of Morwell, who are still trying to clean up the mess after the coal seam fire of 2014. To make matters worse, this is brown coal, which is even dirtier than anthracite.


Trumps promise to "end the Democrats war on coal" is the biggest sorce of wild excitement about Trump in the US's Appalacian region. I don't even want to think about who he is going to appoint to the EPA, Interior/OSMRE and Labor/MSHA.


Friends of ours live in Morwell and noticed a great improvement in their health visiting us in
Edmonton, Alberta. Edmonton is noted for its crappy air quality, which gives you some idea how polluted Morwell is.


Around the world the right wing is making a play for control. They focus on the most profitable of all industries - fossil fuels. Whether in Australia or Canada or Britain or Trump the climate change denier in America, powerful vested interests are using political surrogates to fight action on climate change. Whether it is investors in electricity providers (utilities ) in Nevada collapsing the once rapidily expanding home solar and wind alternative energy development by getting legislators to crush net metering or the governor of Florida ordering the terms climate change and global warming not be used by state officials, the right wing seeks to prolong the use of fossil fuels despite all the evidence of what damage such a course will make.

They know and they don't care. They merely want to pretend that they have doubts about the science but that is part of the game and the truth is that they simply don't care!

They all know.


The former CEO of Gloldman Sachs (Australia), former Minister for the Environment and now Australian PM appoints an Environmental Minister who favours coal.Good to see that business is going on as usual.


The Solar dimension is entering whether these beings know it or not. The people have spoken.