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Mr. Impeached Pretend President, What the Fuck Is Wrong With You?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/04/06/mr-impeached-pretend-president-what-fuck-wrong-you


Less people died when the planes were crashed into the Trade Towers on 9/11. The gov’t responded much more quickly and forcefully. In fact, the response is continuing. Clearly, republicans only care if you die from specific causes like if some brown skin guy shoots you or an abortion. However, if you die from a disease, industrial pollution, or dangerous workplace conditions that could have been prevented by gov’t action, the republicans are more than happy to let you die. There’s always more cheap labor to replace you. Once you are born, your life doesn’t matter to them unless you died by something that republicans can use to politically or economically benefit themselves. Sure, their thoughts and prayers will be with you. However, I don’t want to know what they are thinking and I sure hope they don’t get what they are praying for- profit from your death.


The title to this article is quite, quite appropriate, so, what’s the answer? More than any of us could answer is wrong with that son-of-a-bitch! Starting with the fact that IT exists! Used to be that wondering what might come next was a sort of harmless amusement, with a wee bit of trepidition, now, doing the same wondering has become a scary and frightening thing with genuinely deadly surprises.


Mr. Impeached Pretend President, What the Fuck Is Wrong With You?

We the People of the United States of America all know what the fuck is wrong with you. Millions of people will be mourning for the rest of their lives because of what is wrong with you. If you were just another Joe Doakes in Anytown USA, you would be removed to a secure prison for the criminally insane, given a rubber room to play or rage in, and lots of soft toys to play with or tear up. That would be the end of your story, and We the People, after a short celebration, would get to work repairing the damage you have done.
**Unfortunately, like most dictators, you have surrounded yourself with a greedy, criminal, element whose profits depend on you, so they protect and nurture you. We the People may have to take stronger methods to get you and your gang out of the picture. It will be well worth the effort! The United States of America can become a member of the civilized nations of the world again. It just requires cleaning up the garbage as a first step, then a lot of hard work rebuilding the planet. A job We the People of the World would love to do.


From the article:

“…at Monday’s lunatic spectacle, Trump lost it…”

Okay, scribes and pundits, it’s on you. Keep on asking those questions, and don’t let up. Since his Nuremburg-style hatefests are locked down for now, his only opportunities for basking in the spotlight are those daily “press briefings.” So give him plenty of reasons to lose it every day—good and hard.


Every Day


He is the result of 250 years of a Sociopath Nation. He’s as dangerous as a Y Pestis infected flea on a rat in a crowded slum. He has no conscience, no empathy, no compassion. He always wins, no matter how many are harmed or killed. Only a global effort to put him away in a secluded maximum security prison(I’m thinking MIB3 facility on the Moon; he’s be a cell mate to Boris the Animal. His orange symbiote will mate with Boris’s clawed one). And the US will be taught a lasting lesson that it is NOT a master of the world, but needs to play well with others.


There is an up side to the increasingly indicated collapse of the predatory model cum “pride” based propaghanda that refuses to recognize the dignity of We The People. The alienation will slowly be revealed (and maybe fast-ly by the bigly twit) to be the genocidal usurpation coup it has been for the past forty years. Identity politics replaced governing for the purpose of pitting as many “self-” (read propagandized coercion) identified sub- (major concept there not to be ignored) groupings against each other to erode any and all bases for unified respect. Divide and conquer has won. But history shows that once that happens in the wash, (whitewash) rinse (cleansing) repeat cycle, the vacuous self-consuming uber-vampire mindset goes slack-jawed and all too often violent. They will try harder than you can imagine to pump the violent rhetoric and gin up “enemies”. Don’t fall for it, stay out of their way, learn to duck rather than quack up, and let them attack each other.

Nothing says “failed state” like an impeached putz doing the twofaced twostep.


Example: “Excuse me, Mr. President, but I’d rather hear from someone who actually knows something.”

Shorter: “Sources, please?”


I remain convinced that the Petri dish called the United States of America wherein acquiring more money rules over anything else and where people who do not have money deemed losers and lazy is one where the Sociopath not only prospers but helps devolve the entire nation into Sociopathy.

I often read articles by those supporting “The right to bear arms” wherein they continuously claim that good people with guns prevent more mass killings in the USA than “bad people with guns” kill in their mass shootings. If we are to take these claims at face value it would mean hundreds of thousands killed each year were it not for those guns in peoples homes.

This suggests there a whole pile of people in the USA just itching to kill someone . This does not speak well to those oft trumpeted “American Values”


What the fuck is wrong with him?

Well, he has the body of a 73 year old housing the mind of a "spoiled bully 4 year old."

Enuff said.


You are an excellent example of what we speak about here when we refer to the mindless and the ignorant who believe the Flintstones was a documentary. Thanks for helping make that point with your showing here.


A word from a MAGAT


Surely that’s satire, right?

You can’t even write correctly, much less think correctly.
You tuned in to the wrong channel, bud/bot.
No one here has any use for you or your kind.
You don’t even get to make us mad.
You just confirm what we already know about you—that you’re one of the poorly educated people (sic) that Dump just loves. Feb 23, 2016.


Wrong, Buster. Wrong. Don’t push it.

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Well the fact is that the establishment has been running a racket RECO opp on the world. It’s called racketeering. So the people that get voted into the high office of the Federal Gov are just doing thier jobs for the same people they always serve.2 parties one master MONEY CENTRAL BANKS AND THIER OWNERS They will never be the answer to our common problems, We are the answers we have been lookinf for. But we only have common stock and common money. So go ahead and dream common dreams. Or you can dream uncommon dreams and help.

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The president is afflicted by malignant narcissism, another name for a combination of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Anti-Social Personality Disorder, formerly called a psychopath or sociopath. In fact, the entire Republican party is infected by it, and the US empire.


Malignant Narcissism 4 m video

Another (unofficial) name for it is Wetiko Disease
Paul Levy on Wetiko:
PART 1 ~http://realitysandwich.com/75652/greatest_epidemic/
PART 2 ~http://realitysandwich.com/80488/vampire_squid_economics_wetiko_disease/

“nobody’s seen anything like this” ~https://youtu.be/OozvkPVI7LI?t=236
“1917 the greatest” ~https://youtu.be/OozvkPVI7LI
“i hope they use the hydrochlor…” ~https://youtu.be/OozvkPVI7LI?t=709
“hospitals, states can test/ st. corners” ~https://youtu.be/T1nlr2wEKj4?t=123
“god bless the united shtlets” ~https://youtu.be/T1nlr2wEKj4?t=739

Democrats shouldn’t get smug; there are almost as many videos of the 2nd rapist being demented.


Every real media outlet should be screaming the title of this article----Trump could be sitting at 70% if he knew what he was doing------no president who invites foreign powers into our affairs should be sitting in office----he has just become so corrupt since being impeached------He is a FUCKING TRAITOR! He is a rich spoiled brat and the CORPORATE OVERLORDS love him.


In plain English, Tweetle-Dumb is F***ING NUTS — so much so that when brought to trial to be hanged for Treason
he can claim “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity”. That might also work for GiuliLoony, but not for Bannon, Barr, DeJoy, DeVos, Haspel, McConnell, Pence, Pompeo, Prince, et al and so forth — they are purely malignant with no excuses (and no redeeming qualities) whatsoever.