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Mr. President, The Disgrace Is All Yours


Mr. President, The Disgrace Is All Yours

Eugene Robinson

President Trump called himself “instinctual” this week, but the word he must have been groping for was “untruthful.” He lies incessantly, shamelessly, perhaps even pathologically, and his lying corrodes and dishonors our democracy.


The little man-child who cried wolf :thinking:



These types of articles do not unveil anything we don't see clearly, or that we can't get from a few minutes of satire shows. Journalistic powers would be better spent uncovering things we don't see, or analyzing systemic issues that go beyond Trump.




True, but it is still nice to read a well-rounded opinion.


A part of me wonders if Trump isn't starting to get dementia and is hallucinating sometimes. His talk about being instinctual and being able to see things makes me think that.


The question that needs to be asked is why did so many Americans vote for someone who lies all the time and as Robinson says even lies about his lies. This lying is a hallmark of a fascist, not someone who supports Western liberal democracy. So, do tens of millions of Americans support fascism? Disturbing as it seems the number of Americans who support a fascist government does appear to be in the millions. Apparently democracy has not delivered the type of country they want to live in. Perhaps not enough law and order. Perhaps too many non-whites. Perhaps too much social change. Perhaps too much of a divide between government and religion. Perhaps too much globalization and rapid technological change.


Perhaps too much brainwashing.


All Presidents lie, but most have not been, since Nixon, pathological, mendacious, liars.


No Eugene, the disgrace is all America's!
Trump is just the result of what America has been covertly and surreptitiously in the past. From the fascist coverup of the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations to the murderous, slaughter of 55,000 American soldiers in Vietnam; the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to 9/11.


"perhaps pathologically"?


Maybe people were so tired of the same old lies from Clinton and the corrupt corporate establishment, they decided to try out some new ones, with the hope that they wouldn't all be lies. But now we know they were and are!


Trump IS the disgrace, and we need to do something to get him out!


I agree, but with the current elected terrorists we have in power I hold out little hope of anything actually getting done. Why are they going down the rabbit hole with this Russia cr@p when they should be concentrating on either the 25th Amendment, or the emoluments clause? See https://theintercept.com/2017/03/16/key-democratic-officials-now-warning-base-not-to-expect-evidence-of-trumprussia-collusion/
(It almost feels like they just want to keep us on-edge so we don't see when they pull the rug out from under us.)


This should help. New Impeachara. Safe and effective.


Even some MD commentators said that a few weeks ago.


Yes, and the Wall Street global financial meltdown that made millions lose their jobs. Do they think we all have AMNESIA? Perhaps that populism is another result of the anger that we felt about that, and that misguided voters used to vote for Dump. Plus the fact that the voting turnout is usually low especially in mid term elections.


"Do they think we all have amnesia?"

Either that.. are they they must think we are all very stupid, but even though that is an insult to many of us, the last election proved that point!


You cannot embarrass Trump. You waste time by ranting at him. It bounces off.
Mother Jones asked "is Trump Trying to Fail" I think yes, because he wants the GOP to do his agenda and is trashing the GOP's own agenda first.