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MSF Condemns 'Deliberate' Attack After Two Hospitals Bombed in Syria



I wonder who might be brokering the information on MSF's locations. Evil forces might omit or falsify coordinates in order to blacken the images of Assad and Putin. That wouldn't surprise me in the least.


As always... Who benefits? Certainly not Syria. Certainly not Russia. Keep asking.


I'd like to see at least one Dem or Repub or any widely-known "progressive" U.S. prez contender take a stand unequivocally supporting MSF's call for universal respect for human rights and international law regarding war. A lot of talk on the Democratic side about health care, with Sanders' stand for Medicare-for-all being simply yet wonderfully rational and practical and humane--yet what about when the U.S. knowingly bombs a hospital, in cold blood, for unbelievably morally upside-down reasons, as happened in Kunduz, Afghanistan, claiming the lives of at least 31 patients and staff, smack in the midst of this presidential campaign season, through the entirety of which so far, a pitiless U.S. war rages on in that land, sowing destruction and despair?

Boldly supporting MSF would be just a start, but possibly a fruitful way to open up a discussion of the need to make supporting universal human rights a top priority and inviolable rule in U.S. foreign policy, just as a living wage, the right to debt-free education, a woman's right to choose, and equal rights for LGBTQ folks represent some civil/human right domestic baselines.


Agreed. You'd think that Sanders wouldn't be afraid of stepping on those combat boots and make that appeal.

Are you aware of the atrocities committed by the US military in its first assault on Fallujah, Iraq?

Not in the least dismissing or downplaying Russian or Syrian guilt for this crime, but it should be evident by now how disastrous it was for the US in the personage of GW Bush to take a giant smelly dump on international law. The hounds of hell have been unleashed and are dragging us back to our brutal and unenlightened past.


Watch the documentary, "JFK to 911, Everything is a Rich Man's Trick." Draw your own conclusions.


What Will End War: "The question for governments then is not simply how much military power you can have or how much wealth you can accumulate or how you can maintain a lifestyle that cannot be sustained into the future. The question is, "How will you take care of your people? How will you provide what they will need?. For only this will maintain stability & order, & only this will keep humanity from falling into chaos & destruction."-- From the Revelation.. "What Will End War."-- Summers. The New Message from God.


Great documentary! Amerika has been run by a crime syndicate for a long time clear back to the second world war when Prescott Bush and Standard Oil supported Hitler. But the final nail in the coffin was hammered in, in Dallas, on 11/22/63. The Fourth Reich has been covertly hidden from the American people for far too long..


Cui Bono? Enough said!


This is terribly disheartening and, if true, a potentially mortal misstep by either Assad or Putin's command structure.
I trust MSF's honesty, and Terzian's comments are disturbing to say the least, although it's also true that neither Russia nor Syria gain a thing from such an act.
I'll wait for Putin's reply before making my personal decision, but if this happened this way, Washington finally got the flimsy excuse it's been clamoring for to do a ground force invasion.

If this came from anyone else other than MSF, I'd assume it was just another stupid frame up attempt. But if we're going to trust them about the attacks in Afghanistan, we need to trust them a bit here, too.

But the timing of this totally sucks, with Turkey and the Saudis practically getting ready to march in.


Beat me to the punch. That so called "Human rights group" is a farce and should never be cited as a source.

In the past when it claimed that Russia had bombed Hospitals no evidence or proof ever offered. In fact Russia provided images of a hospital claimed to have been bombed showing no damage. In another instance Russia gave evidence that the only air strikes carried out in that region on that day were by US forces.

Given that track record, until I see more evidence from reliable sources I have to take this article with a grain of salt. If it indeed Russia or Syria than they certainly have to answer to it.



This is from the official MSF website. There is NO allegation made in any statement as to which nation bombed the Hospitals.

That "Human Rights group" in England and the Gaurdian newspaper are the only sources that suggested this airstrike was Russian or Syrian and neither provide evidence. The Guardian implies that because Russians are making airstrikes in the region, this was a Russian attack even though the US and the British make Airstrikes in the same region. Indeed groups on the ground in Idlib claim civilans killed in US airstikes on the same.

Better sources are required.


Just great...attack the injured and prevent innocents from finding medical care...women and children included. Is there no conscience, compassion, or sensibility left in a world embroiled in perpetual war? Apparently not.

1864 Geneva Convention and the formation of the International Committee of the Red Cross:

"What is protected? The law gives comprehensive and detailed protection
to all civilian and military hospitals, medical units, medical transports
and medical material. Religious centres and items used for religious
worship are also protected. They must be respected at all times and must
never be attacked. Military and civilian medical facilities and transport
are usually marked with the red cross or red crescent (or red lion and
sun) although for tactical reasons this may not be the case (see below).
Civilian hospitals and equipment should always be marked with the
distinctive emblem."

There is also an exculpatory paragraph that follows that could be used as rationale to bomb hospitals suspected of purportedly misrepresenting themselves while acting as enemy combatants but MSF clinics and hospitals do not fall into that category. Guess the attackers all took to heart the guidance of John Yoo and/or Alberto Gonzales while advising GWB on torture, war crimes, etc. That and they have no sense of history nor compassion.


From Reuters, quoted by MSF.

"There were at least seven deaths among the personnel and the patients, and at least eight MSF personnel have disappeared, and we don't know if they are alive," Mego Terzian told Reuters.

"The author of the strike is clearly ... either the government or Russia," he said, adding that it was not the first time MSF facilities in Syria had been attacked.

I await the usual "proof?" from Glenn Greenwald, the bombing/missal
attacks were all a false flag action carried out by the Pentagon. Maybe
Mego Terzian is just lying to protect the US? Or one would think so
considering the comments today.


This might seem off topic but it isn't. Crosstalk, even though it is broadcast from the evil Russian Bear (growl) is one of the better programs because it tends to be serious and intelligent. This one may be important. It takes a while to get to the things I want readers here to view but give it a chance.


I gotta say I am enjoying the comments more then the article ! It does not matter how much proof is there to put Putin in Hague , the blame is still on USofA


Your hate of USofA impedes your judgement.

Suggesting Putin is better then the Congres is quite ... Emotional


Suggesting that Putin is better than Congress is pretty lame. Just about anything is. In which country to you live?


Absolutely! I find it funny and irrational!


U.K. How about you?