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MSF Excoriates US, Russia, UK Over Complicity in Hospital Bombings


MSF Excoriates US, Russia, UK Over Complicity in Hospital Bombings

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

On the heels of a World Health Organization report documenting pervasive—and often deliberate—attacks on medical facilities in conflicts, a humanitarian specialist with Doctors Without Borders is stressing that the world's major powers are themselves complicit in such attacks.


The UN Security Council is not there to try to lessen war and conflict. The permanent members are the Worlds largest arms dealers.

They are there to create market share for their own arms dealers and to ensure no rival countries or block of countries can threaten the power of the five permanent members or their proxies.

Consequently the rules made that forbid bombing hospitals do not apply equally to all. They are directed towards third world nations deemed a threat to the established powers.


It is one sorry world when hospitals are bombed and the groups who we believed were there to protect civilization are not what they pretend to be.

GO MSF. Thank goodness for the morality in humanity that still exists.


Despite millennia of claiming otherwise, killing civilians has always been a major part of organized warfare. It eliminates them from becoming "enemy" soldiers, and it really demoralizes the civilian population. From the genocide of indigenous people in the "Americas" to the carpet bombing of the past few generations, the number of civilians killed by the US military is staggering...