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MSF: Forcible US Intrusion Into Hospital May Have Destroyed War Crimes Evidence

MSF: Forcible US Intrusion Into Hospital May Have Destroyed War Crimes Evidence

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said that the U.S. military's forcible intrusion into its hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan on Thursday potentially destroyed evidence of its war crime and underscores the need for a truly independent investigation into the U.S. bombing that killed 22 people.


Probably the same crew who cleaned up so quickly after 911. Why let anything as telling as ACTUAL evidence get in the way of a good story… good, that is, in terms of justifying, retaining, and propping up the Exceptional Empire (its very acts, above the laws held sacrosanct by modern nations).


You beat me to the punch, Souixrose. The evil of Murka knows no bounds, and they are now so emboldened as to no longer care what their “image” is in a reality based world because they “create their own reality” as some monster in the recent past said. I believe it was bush-cheney.


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NEWSFLASH! A cabbage farmer reported that his crop was being decimated and demanded protection from the cabbage thieves.

  • Nato sent a herd of goats to the patch to protect it.
  • The next morning, the cabbage field was bare. The goats reported that, when they inspected the field, there were no cabbages to be found. They suggested that the foxes must have eaten the cabbages after the hen house they were guarding was empty.
  • Nato thanked them and went on about its business.
  • IP; UP; WeP.

" This amounts to a premeditated massacre." Meinie Nicolai. President MSF.

That statement pretty much sums it up, but unfortunately, now that they have seemed to cover up the evidence of this US war crime, it looks like again that the most evil people of this premeditated massacre will never be held accountable!


Just to be clear here. After having changed its story multiple times the US now claims it bombed the hospital because it believed that among the hundreds of staff and patients there was a Taliban agent organizing attacks in the region.

What they are saying is if a hospital anywhere on this globe was suspected to have amongst its population a single member of what the USA deems a terrorist group all lives of others in that hospital are forfeit.

The Nazis used to randomly pick out villagers and shoot them up against a wall anytime the local resistance attacked a German patrol.

These were war crimes. The US government and it’s vaunted military are beneath contempt.


Somewhere (ZeroHedge?) I read speculation that the US military attack on MSF was retaliation for MSF’s strong opposition to the TTP. MSF has sponsored ads worldwide warning that if the TTP is passed the price of pharmaceuticals will skyrocket due to the radical extension of copyrights proposed, not only making the original product more expensive for longer periods but also delaying by decades the availability of generics.

When I first read that speculation I tended to think it was indeed a bit far fetched. But as the excuses for the attack have changed, and evidence of prior knowledge and approval by US forces to bomb the hospital have emerged (the AP story) this speculation seems less and less farfetched. After all, how many times have US forces bombed embassies by accident or mistakenly fired tank rounds into hotels occupied by journalists?


Far too many!


Murder Inc. strikes again!


No, sir! THAT is not my frame! The American people–first of all, are not ALL of a common thread. It takes many diverse strands to form the complex fabric of a nation populated by three hundred million persons.

So to make a singular concluding statement that supposedly defines “Murka” is itself, a fool’s errand.

And then there are the pro-Mars-rules covert attempts to continually conflate the citizenry (including those who are opposed to war and hardly see an Arab as an enemy, nor are they particularly keen on the Fake Narrative used to justify these foreign wars, a/k/a crimes against humanity) with the MIC/soldiers.

I may have beat you to the punch; but clearly, we are NOT saying the same thing.

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There are two striking possible explanations:

  1. They WANT to so thoroughly confuse the public–shades of an armed and very dangerous version of some kind of Keystone Cops chasing the “enemy” until they go around a bend and then like slapstick, the “enemy” is chasing them–that NO ONE knows WTF is going on…

  2. They don’t care what anyone thinks and make it up as they go. So long as shots are being fired, they fall back on the guns-protect us (NRA) National security (MIC) lines and rhetoric.

Orwell’s spirit at this time is under the impression that it’s having a bad LSD trip.

What galls me is when people like Tom Engelhardt, Ray McGovern, Robert Parry and others who SHOULD know better, repeat the Necessary Lie and build their often complex analyses from this deceptive foundation stone.

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Highly educated and well-read thinkers believe that “The Mob” (along with the CIA, primarily The Dulles Brothers) was behind the assassination of JFK.

Note the extents that Hollywood goes to “sex up” crime families, MAFIA, Cosa Nostra, et al.

And somewhere I read that it was organized crime in Italy that helped “the allies” to defeat Mussolini and his Nazi cohorts.

Between organized crime’s interest (and expertise) in the illegal drug trade, and CIA Black Ops’ requirement of covert funds to cover their myriad nefarious operations, a “marriage” between Organized Crime and U.S. “alphabet agencies” has been going on for some time.

That’s why business these days resembles the way that “The Don” shakes down every shop owner for his own “protection.” And crime DOES pay. Abundantly. And the “might makes right” ethos glamorized when Crime Family Hit Men just “take out” their rivals has fast become the law of the land.

This is the Italian version of “Mars rules” but it’s just as influential in the dissolution of all things Just, law-based, and fair… as the martial footprints laid (or should I stay stomping all over the globe) of the M.I.C.

Brothers in blood rites, both.

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We are not even trying to pretend we aren’t destroying evidence. Things are even worse than the most pessimistic Cassandras could ever have foreseen. And yet reality TV and bickering about the election, which means precisely zip to anything or anyone, goes on…


The truth of this war crime and who ordered it or approved it hopefully see the light of day! There may be too much scrutiny and outrage to allow the military liars to concoct a believable cover-up - in this case.
http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/10/14/kunduz-hospital-bombing-probable-cause-the-u-s-committed-a-war-crime/ Very good comprehensive read!

The voice recordings and video from the C-130 attack ship must be released now and undoctored! I heard a report that the crew reportedly asked their handlers on the ground on the attack tapes (leaked) “if they were supposed to attack the hospital and wouldn’t that be a war crime”!

Those tapes and video of the attack from the C-130 are “classified” but the world must demand their release!


Just when you thought that U S actions could not get any worse, THEY DID! No conscience, no concern, no compassion…all have been replaced by impunity, malevolence, and imperialism/hegemony rife with arrogance. Moral compass? H_ _ _ no! Their compass is stuck on due South metaphorically speaking (if one believes in it… Haedes).

This cover-up is not unlike the 2004 killing of Pat Tillman (ex-pro FB player) in Afghanistan by “friendly fire.” The U S Army has yet to provide any information to his family. Jon Krakauer wrote a book about the killing and cover up: “Where Men Win Glory” and Mary Tillman, Pat’s mother wrote: “Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman.” Both are excellent reading and provide insight into the secrecy and cover ups practiced by the military when they know they have effed up. And please don’t get me started on the abominable drone warfare.


“We are not even trying to pretend we are not removing evidence.”

Nor is the US gov any longer giving rationales for why we’re in endless wars regardless of consequences, why at war here rather than there, why war rather than alternatives, what precise objectives are here and this time?

Why should we support “the troops” abstractly? Why is [blank] our current enemy? What gives US the right to invade sovereign nations?

Why are reporters, “the troops,” concerned citizens, the budget conscious, etc. no longer asking why?

Why are certain peoples’ lives too cheap to spare, to acknowledge, to bother to count?

Aren’t the sensitive children amongst us sometimes asking: why are the choices only but to do or die?


@ Souixrose11 - When I say Murka, I mean its federal government. We both know good and well that this government only works for itself and its masters. How you got anything else out of my post is incredulous to me.

It’s practically defamatory.


Lucky Luciano kept the docks from being tied up in a strike and went to Italy during the war on behalf of the US Government as a liaison between the Italian Mob and the American mob.

Lucky Luciano introduced the heroin trade into organized crime as a replacement for bootlegging. He was like Columbus introducing slavery.

The OSS and then later the CIA created permanent links with the mob which were forged in later years after the assassination in the rapid saturation market of heroin coming in from the Burmese triangle through Vietnam. That is when heroin swamped the USA in the druggie post 60s era of the 70s and 80s. The heroin epidemic!

Funny how ton after ton could keep entering America all these years and people like Hoover denied the Mafia even existed.

It wasn’t just Paperclip… it was also the Syndicate becoming… better organized …crime i.e. with government protection.

Ever wonder how with all this surveillance and anti-terrorism security that they can’t catch the mobsters and drug importers? Lol.


Your post corroborates and confirms what I have been posting ever since Dark Alliance and the assassination of its author Gary Webb.

There never has been a war on drugs, only a war on who controls the drugs.