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MSF: Forcible US Intrusion Into Hospital May Have Destroyed War Crimes Evidence

I am not familiar with that book but as far as the war on drugs it was a war on the users, a war of contempt. It was justified by an elitism that sold drugs but frowned on the taking of drugs, as if selling drugs was superior and using drugs inferior.

This fiction was maintained for many years. The old racist image depicted in the Godfather was true in part at least in the early days with heroin (and later with crack) but then even the mafia’s kids soon smoked pot and coke became high class and fashionable. The prisons were filled with users and street dealers. The importers were rarely taken down. It happened, the Pizza Connection - but things always go back to normal except that the Mexican and Columbian drug trade were considered hard to manage compared to the Mafia. The Mafia was in effect the establishment and the Mex-Columbian cartels were not so respectful of authority. Coke went north and heroin went west.

There it stands with intelligence agency connections rationalizing that they are patriots while poisoning the young of their own countries.

The drug trade fears one thing… legalizing pot. The use of hard drugs like heroin will diminish and coke will be the high class recreational illegal and meth the low class but most people will get by with just pot and booze and live to an old age. Someday they may be smart enough to legalize a mild version of coke as a stimulant that isn’t so addicting and live and let live. The drug war, the anti-gay, the anti-abortion and other forms of societal control by a governing elite are all fascistic at root. The war on drugs was a control measure, a way of justifying control. The fact remains drug crime was real and people needed protection from addicts but then the drugs could have been stopped as they came in. They were let in and then the police were used to protect etc.

Who says someone else can control other people’s behavior and tell people what they can and can’t do. Only violence needs to be controlled to protect the victim. A victimless non-violent type of behavior like smoking pot or something is nobody’s business but that person’s.

But people like to control others. When a group does it or a government is is always fascistic. Once being gay was a crime. In places in the world adultery is a crime. In other places dissent is a crime. All a ruling group trying to control others behavior… fascism is at the top of that pyramid.


I have commented often on the corrosive influence of Israeli racist policies toward Palestinians infecting US policies and methods both in war and on US police toward citizens, mostly people of color, increasingly deadly and racist.

The US attack on the MSF hospital is just one of many examples of US policies falling off the edge of norms of International Human Rights Law. Israel has a long record of attacking hospitals, first responders and ambulances, journalists, unarmed demonstrators and civilians generally, civilian infrastructure such as water, electric, sewage and other, along with UN compounds and personnel.

An old saying is “when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas” this demeans our canine children/friends but makes a point. Our close “relationship” with Israeli racism and crimes against humanity and “training” provided to our military and police by Israeli “advisers” infects the US with the same racism and contempt for the lives of others Israelis have inflicted on Palestinians and others for decades. The US must end Israeli influence or our ability to see right from wrong will be forever lost.

Even politicians who seem moral people are infected/corrupted by Israeli propaganda and endlessly repeated lies on their “victimhood” and “just defending ourselves” as when Elizabeth Warren defended Israeli attacks on Palestinian hospitals and schools as “self-defense”.
"Israel, she recently explained, has the right to shell Gazan hospitals and schools. Why? “Self defense.”
“Warren has helped to perpetuate the Israeli Defense Forces talking point which states that Hamas stores rocket launchers next to active hospitals and schools, something which both BBC reporters and the UN have refuted time and time again.”


Yes, and they were not only let in and the police used to protect, but also the CIA was involved in the drug protection racket. That is what Gary Webb exposed in his book Dark Alliance…

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Poor George! Can’t help imagining him, Kafka, Huxley and Bradbury sitting around in the afterlife like Python’s Four Yorkshiremen in reverse - talking about how much worse it is down here now than they ever thought it would be :open_mouth:


Actually, Wereflea et al, adultry, though rarely prosecuted remains a crime in the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) a misnomer if ever one existed.

But reading the somewhat paronoid comments about the death and destruction of the hospital in Kunduz, I remember no outrage about two other hospitals also bombed, but by others than the US belonging to Doctors Without Borders when I info posted on an earlier thread on the issue. Maybe though so few compared to the number in the population serve in the military,
with all too many making the choice the result of a lack of jobs during a
major economic recession, some continue to damn them as killers because
they made that choice.

Unfortunately and sadly, the great “murkan” people for the most part don’t give a damn about the death and destruction in a far away location in Afghanistan. Unless they or a family member has served, been wounded or died their most haven’t a clue where it is even after 14 years of “conflict” there.

From the information that has come forward re: the crew who did the bombing, in the end I strongly suspect “they” will be the only ones ever
held responsible.

The plane had to be given the ‘go ahead’ and was dispatched to ‘service the target’ (in bizarro speak). Some one gave the plane the okay to bomb. It looks like us and nobody else to blame so we stonewall.

The US is not that evil, it’s government is, it’s main stream media is, it’s major corporations are but the majority of Americans are not, they have just lost control of their country and are currently fighting to regain control. The is a great deal of evil in those who oppose good Americans, and although they have great power, they are a minority and that power is largely an illusion.
The axis of evil in America is main stream media, the military industrial complex and multi-national corporations. You can ignore the first and by virtue of it’s nature, it means it will go away. Start protesting and demand cuts in funding to the military industrial complex and it will go away. Multi-national corporations are a different beast, a global problem and they need to be tackled by the whole planet at the same time, to break them up and end their reign of war and terror.

It’s reflexive with SR. She can’t help it - up on the astral plane she resides on she knows exactly what you are thinking whether you know it or not…

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There is an interesting 2010 book suggesting that exiled Mob Boss Lucky Luciano during 1946-1962 was really just a pawn of the CIA, etc . But just who was playing whom? The CIA needed Luciano and his ability to organize the underworld to use narco-politics as a counter to commu-nism. He himself was bitter towards a country “that he loved” that had exiled him and reportedly made some statement like “Fuck em. Fuck em all” looking back at New York City on his way to exile. Luciano was an unusual criminal in that he looked beyond himself into the future; exiled from all the other rackets the organization of a massive international heroin trade became “his baby”, his legacy", He was well known for being willing to work with whomever necessary to achieve his goals; he needed the CIAs cooperation in building the heroin trade far beyond what any unassisted criminal organization could achieve. So yes, he will play “flunky” to the CIA BUT HE GOT WHAT HE WANTED. In view of the impending heroin epidemic, just who was playing who???