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MSF-USA Director Lashes Out at Obama: 'Perpetrators Can't Be Judges'


MSF-USA Director Lashes Out at Obama: 'Perpetrators Can't Be Judges'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Wearing white lab coats, workers with the international humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders and their supporters on Wednesday delivered boxes and boxes of petitions to the White House gates bearing the signatures of more than half a million people who are reiterating the call: "Even war has rules."


Typical of the military. SNAFU is its motto for a reason.


This bombing of the Hospital, killing innocent people and physicians, nurses, together with the arrogance of our Government taking the role of investigating itself and judging itself - makes me ashamed of my Government. And as a citizen of the U.S. I wish to apologize for that arrogance of the White House and Congress.


Ever since November 22nd 1963, just look at the record. Every party, leader, nation, or group, that has disagreed with the policies of the US now Fourth Reich has been attacked, or assassinated. Since 2001, anyone who disagrees with or fights back against the endless, ever-spreading war is called a terrorist or insurgent. He/she is then subject to torture, to death, by drone or ground fire or even poison. Any person who picks up a weapon to defend his family, his home, his village, is automatically deemed a terrorist.
* Every leader who objects to the policies of the Reich, who attempts to set his national policies against invasion and or control by the Reich is then a candidate for "regime change" or assassination.
* Groups such as Doctors Without Borders, the American Friends Service Committee, and quite a few more, are harassed, funding is cut, laws and legislation are passed to minimize their effectiveness. They are investigated by the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, and always found to be suspicious.
* Helping injured people as injured humans needing help and treatment is often punished if some of the injured victims may be "enemies." Not only from the Reich, but from some of its allies such as the UAE and the Saudis.
* Yemen is one of the poorest nations in the world, but because they have not kowtowed to the Reich, billions are being spent to destroy them. Much of those billions come from the resources of the Fourth Reich.
* Face it, the US Fourth Reich is the world's biggest terrorist organization. It has the most powerful Wehrmacht the world has ever seen and it is regularly unleashed on any nation or group that does not subordinate itself to the Reich. It fully supplies the members of its Axis of Evil, chief of which is the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and any other group that will join.
* Look at very recent history. The Reich has set its sights on China. After WW-II, Japan was given a new constitution which banned Japan from ever developing a war machine or involving itself in war. The Reich, having apparently purchased a controlling share in the Diet, and wanting a front runner in the runup to war in Asia, has apparently gotten the Diet to remove the anti-war constitution in favor of building an offensive military, largely subsidized by the Reich. This over the objections of hundreds of thousands of the Japanese People who want no war. Peace has been very profitable, with little or no death toll. Their history of the '40s gives them ample remembrance of the horror of war and they want no part of it. Apparently they have lost that choice because the Fourth Reich wants a new military force in Asia.
* The only way to eliminate or minimize world terrorism is to remove the biggest and most ruthless terror organization in the world. Regime Change is needed in the Fourth Reich. We the People need to remove the merchants of greed and death, and their sock puppets in the government, and return us to the Constitutional Republic that served us so well for the better part of two centuries. It was not perfect, but it was way ahead of the illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed Patriot Act, which is just an expansion of Hitler's Enabling Acts which removed the constitutional rights from the German People. Return our Constitution and Bill of Rights to the Halls of Government to become the rule and guide of this nation once again. Try the war criminals who have profited by all of this, reduce the Wehrmacht to a true Defense Force that cannot rule the world by fear, and most of the problems we now face will evaporate. The billion$ or trillion$ recovered would go well toward repairing the harm done to the People of the World and to the earth itself.


Would not the best rule of war be to make warmaking and all its preparations illegal?


Obama-Emanual; cover ups on top of cover ups. Didn't these two used to work in the same building.


Don't ever expect Washington to apologize because it never will. It has murdered so many peoples and destroyed so many nations that it is ridiculous to expect apologies. The US would be apologizing every moment of every day if it started!


along with no good deed goes unpunished


The US should have court marshaled all that were responsible. If all this stuff has been reported wrong other heads should roll. We are so excited about an American radicalized that killed people. This is worse - a delibrate attack on a hospital. That is essentially an act of war by our organized military.


As a past financial supporter of doctors without borders, I would ask all that can to please support this humanitarian organization. They are a force for good.


But making it illegal is not enough as who would the enforcers of this law likely be? Something of a conundrum.


Yes, both in their day-to-day work and also in this very brave determined speaking out about U.S. war crimes. As soon as one looks carefully at what happened, it is an indictment of U.S. military morality from the top to the bottom. The U.S. military whistleblowers, like the 4 drone pilots who so wonderfully and amazingly have spoken out and stepped up to tell the truth and try to set right the scales of justice, are our true leaders, our true military heroes, the ones who show they actually care that force is indeed only used as a last resort to stop far greater harm--and never on the weak in order to prop up a killing status quo. The whistleblowers pull the curtains back on the base facts of the matter: U.S. empire, which benefits no one, not even its perpetrators (in the long run). Yes, MSF deserves our full support, monetarily, spiritually, rhetorically (I personally do as much as I can). They'll never run for president (although every "progressive" U.S. presidential candidate absolutely should sing their praises), but they'll keep saving many lives when no other force in the world will.


War may have rules but greed does not.


The U.S. and its allies make the rules, but do not follow them. It's called imperialism.


Wonder how many or when a petition will be filed in Riyadh?


Maybe another petition to Damascus?

Why is MSF refusing funds from the US to make reparations to the families of those killed and wounded as well as rebuild the Kunduz hospital?


Quite typical CD doesn't provide the whole story.


I appreciate your kind reply. Namaste.


Looking at this "myinforms" website headlines, I find it full of football news, Hillary support, and bunk politically slanted pseudo-news.