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MSNBC Ignores Catastrophic US-Backed War in Yemen

MSNBC Ignores Catastrophic US-Backed War in Yemen

Ben Norton

Finds Russia 5000% more newsworthy.

"In all of 2017, MSNBC only aired one broadcast on the US-backed Saudi airstrikes that have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians." (Photo:Screenshot)
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Oceana has always been at war with Eastasia, and for at least 60 years, the liberal corporate media has always loved a good US imperialist war on a down-trodden nation.

Children dying of cholera and blown to bits with US-made bombs? Down the memory hole with that Ms. token-rich yuppie-lesbian!


If you don’t make the connection among the Big Triangle in the ongoing Yemen/S.A. war: ( Phil in da’ Blanks –

) you’re missing the big picture. Pres. Carter declared in 1977 that Saudi Arabia and the GCC were " vital national interests of the U.S. " and Israel is the proxy protecting that Oil, er…interest. The rest of the MENA reflects that policy.
The U.S. actions for 7 decades shows it has never been an honest broker in this region. Israel gets what it wants and the rest is kabuki with an agitprop salad on the side, for color and eye appeal.
The MSNBC folks know this full well. Their siding with Israel, AIPAC and the Democratic/ Republicans of the UNIPARTY for Zionism; and backing of the House of Saud ( $$$ ) etc., should surprise no one.
It certainly isn’t lost on Iran or other followers of Shia. This overt favoritism, backed by the MIC and Jewish front groups, causes the least headaches and returns the biggest bang for the buck to all the MSM.
In other words, they’re all bought off.


MSGOP IS NOT a liberal network folks. Rachael Maddow is a top cheerleader for the US military and Tweety is a blowhard who it seems is becoming senile too.


Thing is, for MSNBC to acknowledge the carnage in Yemen, they’d have to own up to supporting the Obama/Clinton participation in it.


Yes. But my point was that this all goes back way before there was an “MSNBC”. The liberal corporate media loved the US interventions in Korea, Vietnam, and on from there. They loved and fawned over MLK and the civil rights movement, until he did his “A time to Break Silence” (Vietnam) speech - then he was savagely attacked by the liberal media (WaPo, Time, NYT etc.) as a “friend of the communists in Hanoi” and the like…


Well, the media isn’t really “liberal” now, is it? Just go back and read On Bended Knee for an account of the liberal media in the Reagan era. Filled with sycophants of the unitary executive.


Well, it is liberal in the classical European sense - a belief in freewheeling capitalism and in civilising (British spelling deliberate) the “darker races”, “with a Krag”, (as the progressive Teddy Roosevelt’s boys said as they were mowing down Philippinos).


If you think MSNBC’s silent on Yemen

You ain’t heard nothin’ yet (and won’t) on His Travesty’s collusion with Israel.

Biparty Mideast malevolence means “Our lips are sealed.”


That point was answered by KC2669. I have never believed in the MSM meme that they’re liberal or progressive. Hell, 15-20% work for The Alphabets, or did at one point.
Besides, most of the news division heads, etc. are millionaires or handlers of millionaire talking heads. They’re paid to make $$$, not controversial news that rocks the boat of the seekers of advantages, or elite privileges. Being elites themselves, of course.