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MSNBC Panel Trolls Sanders With 'Scurrilous, Illogical' Assault on Medicare for All

MSNBC Panel Trolls Sanders With 'Scurrilous, Illogical' Assault on Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

When Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced his Medicare for All legislation last week, he anticipated a massive right-wing reaction—on cue, he got it.


Feeling queasy on finding I agree w/Trump re “Morning Joe”—intellectual and moral sludge. So sad!


Pitiful, disgusting, and all out attack of the future being better for ordinary people of USA.
They are all in for status quo and realize next will be their slimy corporate jobs of not informing the public as it will hurt their bottom lines. Where is the attention to Bernie’s foreign policy speech. Only seem it here. It was excellent, hopeful and game changing.
The neo cons and neo liberals don’t want change, don’t want their money train to go away.

Disgusting but they will fight to the end to preserve status quo and more corporate take over of we the people, I mean serfs or collateral damage.


This attack seems unjustified. Of course Sanders, like all politicians, should not be above criticism. The public needs to be critical of politicians. If Medicare for All or any single-payer plan ever gets enough support to reach the point of possibly being passed it should undergo committee hearings, and not be treated like these TrumpCare bills where there Republicans are trying to ram them through without any hearings. It should be pointed out the Politico poll found that 60% of Americans support the public option with the ACA. That might be something that should be reconsidered in the future along with Medicare for All.


Does anyone still doubt that the job of the MSM is to portray all the crap (well, ok, maybe not ALL) that the gov shoves down our throats as for our own good?


What would one expect from corporate controlled media? Any mention of a plan that eliminates profits form the corporate vampires and advocates a socialist approach will he vilified with no mercy, especially on corporate controlled media. So a plan that helps all Americans to have healthcare without having to be bled dry by the corporate vultures of the insurance, hospital and big pharma industries won’t go anywhere because it makes so much sense, They can afford to bomb countless nations to rubble, subsidize the ultra rich energy industries, the agricultural giants but not give Americans the healthcare they deserve. Something is so very wrong with this picture and not many even see it. Bankruptcies due to unbelievable medical bills are so common these days that they lead the statistics charts. People face losing their life savings, homes, livelihoods to avoid the astronomical most expensive medical system on the planet. We can do better and must demand it, now. Write or call your representative and senators demanding action that helps you and not the bottom line of the exploitation junkies of the healthcare industry; after all it amounts to at least 1/6 of the American economy.


Right on! i mean, if this “moronic idea” actually worked, then almost every industrialized country in the world would have better health outcomes, and spend far less money, than in the USA, by adopting some form of universal coverage…


Since Bernie Sanders represents so much of a threat to entrenched interests he is considered “enemy” and not only “ostensibly liberal” media (that’s a freakin laugh!) sellouts - but “ostensibly self-proclaimed leftish” trolls and divisive shills infest the internet including Common Dreams. Those trolls and the usual-subject DINO DLC establishment/corporate-whore Dems, corporate pirates, banker/wall street financial thieves, insurance parasites, fossil-fuel industry polluters, environmental rapists, Big Pharma, and of course all greed-driven 1% pigs et al are threatened by the kind and increasing volume of resistance and demands for real 'change they can believe in" championed by Bernie Sanders!

Cue Bernie-Basher trolls and myopic idiots in 3-2-1…


You do know, eh, that every other industrialized country in the world does this. And their medical costs are, at most, 60% of what the USA’s costs are. The OECD average is a little more than a third of what Americans pay.

And what do you get for that? Fewer doctors, fewer hospital beds, poorer outcomes.

Quoting from U.S. Health Care from a Global Perspective by the Commonwealth Fund
Health care spending in the U.S. far exceeds that in other countries, despite a global slowdown in spending growth in recent years. At 17.1 percent of GDP, the U.S. devotes at least 50 percent more of its economy to health care than do other countries. Even public spending on health care, on a per capita basis, is higher in the U.S. than in most other countries with universal public coverage. [emphasis mine]

Let me repeat that last sentence: You’re already paying enough to cover what universal medicare would cost.

What would happen, if only people would stop electing moronic, self-serving and corporate-butt-licking politicians who are beholden to the insurance companies, you’d stop paying insurance premiums to private companies. Is that too difficult to understand? Bonus: your still-under-patent prescription medicines’ prices might drop by half, matching what most OECD countries pay.

Continuing from the report:
High health care spending has far-reaching consequences in the U.S. economy, contributing to wage stagnation, personal bankruptcy, and budget deficits, and creating a competitive disadvantage relative to other nations.

Is it that Canadians, Europeans, Australians and the Japanese figured out how provide cheaper, universal medicare which provides better outcomes than the American system because, uh, they’re a different species?

/ Maybe this explains non-Americans’ ability to speak more than one language and to understand the metric system?


error…my bad

Really Webster? Please read FTP’s comment again…

My reply is sarcastic and ironic.


Sorry web, I am too literal I guess…not to mention my head exploding several times a day…apologies. I knew in my heart you wouldn’t be saying that - I often miss the sarcasm.

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Jo goes where the money flows and he has been hard-core conservabot GOP before he saw the writing on the wall with the election of DJT…and his stripes changed when he realized he was on the bandwagon to Haedes (even though he asserts that he voted for HC). We all know that conservabots pull out that dreaded word, “socialism” at any given opportunity and this bashing of Senator Sanders and Medicare for All is a dog whistle for bashing anything that they deem to be “socialist.” Perhaps MJS would like to forego his $400 haircut and go to a regular barber for $15 and give the $385 to his local Planned Parenthood to pay for three women’s birth control for a year…


Dear Senator Graham Gopher/Staffer: You have been paid to spread the lies sugarcoated with fictitious “facts” that Graham (or Cassidy) suborned you to spew on social media.

Sit down and STFU.

Enough said.


Like Single Payer Healthcare is some NEW idea about total care. Like every industrial nation does not have some form of Single Payer that costs half of our FOR PROFIT insurance system. Like we are not a society that takes care of our citizens but are a nation of individuals fighting for a slice of the pie. We are a ME country not a WE country and we are going to collapse under the hate and stupidity. Just look at our beneficent psychopathic dear leader and his pose of Congressional dwarfs.


Well said! Thank you.


MSNBC reflects establishment Democrat Party thinking on health care, etc. Better to keep insurance companies in business than cover everyone. One of many reasons the Democrat Party couldn’t beat Trump.


Since we ditched the dish, I haven’t missed MSNBC at all.


This link you offer is on supposedly what is spent on Medicare as it is now. Improved Medicare For All is obviously, logically going to change the affordability for the better when everyone pays into the system–a much larger pool of money will be available and no profit motive, no advertising, lobbying budget for private health insurers. Is the rest of the industrialized world wrong? True, they do not come close to the insane military budget of the USA and tax breaks for their wealthy people. You might try addressing these issues instead of disregarding the fact that you and all of us live in a society. In a society, human decency is required otherwise we are relegated to the continued struggle of trying to live under a capitalist company town.