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MSNBC Pundit Who Accused Those Who Prefer Sanders to Warren of 'Sexism' Sparks Viral Outcry From #WomenforBernie

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/28/msnbc-pundit-who-accused-those-who-prefer-sanders-warren-sexism-sparks-viral-outcry


Her name escapes me at the moment but another pundit regularly appearing on MSDNC ( an Elaine Farkas maybe… dunno) said Sanders gave her the creeps or some such ridiculous smear.
Clearly there are talking points given to guests and a non-negotiable one is you are required to say negative things about Sanders and/or his supporters. Since no rational person can seriously critique most of his policy positions they attack him or his supporters personally. I think the DNC and their media arm MSDMC are going to get surprised when the left doesn’t fall in line come November 2020. I am willing to blow up the world to prove to the Dems that the future is in the truly Progressive left not the mush mouth corporate whore middle. If that means a second term for the orange criminal well that is the price…


Thank you ladies everywhere who are awake and feel this way!!!

I seriously doubt it will make much difference given the power of the corporate media to “create facts” but thank you anyway!!!


Seems there are entirely too many un-rational people out there thanks to propaganda and apathy and laziness at researching for TRUTH!


And I make the charge that voters who prefer Warren over rival Sanders are inherently sexist.


I am a retired Caucasian woman who supports Bernie because he has been in the forefront of social issues that are finally gaining traction. He has the strongest climate platform, wrote the bill on Medicare for All, and supports unions, family farms, affordable housing, affordable college, and much much more.

I want someone who will fight against the establishment, and Bernie has done more to prove this than any other candidate in the race.


I say it’s time to boycott msnbc and their sponsors for the anti progressive bs they peddle. I almost can’t stand to watch it anymore but I sure as hell ain’t watching faux news.


Imma gonna go with Dr Martin Luther King; content of character is what counts. Race, gender, etc, kinda moot for this old gal


Ă–h yeah. I forgot to say Bernie 2020 !!!


Read a book or watch the World Series.

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The only thing wrong with Bernie is that he looks too much like Dick Cheney. Other than that…

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Agreed, Shelby. It is called “identity politics” and it is ingrained into the u.s. voters because they are too damned lazy to THINK and to RESEARCH and to DECIDE based on FACTS then who will *BEST SERVE “We the People”.


Are you SURE you want to vote for that sexist?! (Snark)

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Considering the length of time that Bernie has maintained his platform of bettering the lives of the average American it is hard to believe he would do otherwise once elected.Since most Americans fall into the category of being average, for Heaven’s sake and also for your own, please get Bernie into that top chair.


Oh for the love of god. Are we going to go through this again?! Let’s be clear once again. Warren wants to change the rules. Bernie wants to change the system.


Than you for the clip. Love me some Tim Black!


MSDNC going to bat for Warren should be a red flag for anyone.


They’re all Corporate Capitalists.


Bernie is a once in a lifetime candidate. I am 65 and have waited all my life for the possibility of having a president who is honest, trustworthy and compassionate; a president who will fight for the working people. I have waited to hear a candidate talk about the rights of all human beings including the poorest among us. I have waited to hear a candidate talk about the disgrace of the 1% and how we need to disempower this group of people. WE have to do all that we can to help elect him. Thank you to all the women who are speaking out against the ridiculous ideas spoken on MSNBC.