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MSNBC’s Anti-Sanders Bias Makes It Forget How to Do Math

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/27/msnbcs-anti-sanders-bias-makes-it-forget-how-do-math


MSNBC is the propaganda arm of the Clintonite borg and others. It will never, ever, stop being so.


The Democratic poll which polls registered Democrats showed that Sanders has twice as many votes as his nearest rival. Keep in mind that Biden is Comcast’s choice and therefore all networks are biased towards Sanders. because Sanders represents the 99% (or at least most of them!), you can only expect more based coverage as time passes. Universal healthcare, reducing the size of the military, free college tuition and other popular programs that Sanders supports, makes him enemy number one to corporate America.
The good news is that the media has lost any credibility as the election of Trump showed. This means that the more that Sanders is demonized, the more his popularity will grow. Trump found a huge following when he railed against corporate media (for all the wrong reasons, but that doesn’t matter) and discovered that the average American distrusts whats on the news.
Though the popularity of Sanders will continue to grow, we still have to be on the look out with regards to the Democratic party. Pelosi has been paid a lot of money from rich corporations who will stop at nothing to prevent Sanders from being elected. Other rich and evil billionaires in the Party like HRC are also willing to sacrifice the country for the sake of enriching themselves while appeasing powerful corporations who despise the 99%.
It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out, but unfortunately I think that big money will triumph (as usual!) and some run-of-the-mill corporate lackey like Biden will be nominated. Unless Bernie can win the nomination, expect another four years of Trump.


The irony being that that the financialization of life has hit the quicksand stage, which means a reasonable person would reverse positive assessments on money by something like 370%. Wish I had a better mind for numerics. But I DO KNOW Mnuchin has had his head in places the sun doesn’t shine - maybe an off-shore mail box or something like that.

Currency is a social agreement. No one needs the fed except those who are dependent on predatory extraction

Feel the Bern


I turn to the internet and to you-tube for my news sources and this is why. Corporate media including NPR constantly lie and push their own crooked agenda. That has been proven time and time again to the point that it is simply stomach turning disgusting to even listen to them and their constantly dropping ratings show many others feel the same. They are their own worst enemy and are doing terrible damage to this country.


Good one on you. Remember: " figures lie and liars figure " and you’ll understand MSNBC’s true motivation regarding Sen. Sanders’ campaign.


“MSNBC’s Anti-Sanders Bias Makes It Forget How to Do Math”

Now, now, Katie, all these seeming biases can be explained.

In the first, the graph makers applied an inventive boy-girl-boy-girl format.

In the second, the underlying system was the gender grouping following frontrunner system - frontrunner/girl-girl/boy-boy.

In the third, MSNBC was using the ‘reverse-second-slot-candidate-from-positive-to-negative’ analytical system.

And last, the Rachel Maddow error is easily explained as due to her being an unscrupulous lying scumbag.


1 capitalist party + 1 capitalist party = duopoly.


You know I’ve been noticing the same kind of things for quite a while. Jesus, even Fox is more generous to Sanders than “liberal” MSGOP.


The one hope I have that Sanders won’t get fucked again is that as some of these morons drop out, their support has to go somewhere and I believe that a good portion will go to Sanders. By May of next year there will be AT MOST 4 people left in the Primary probably less. And, Sanders supporters are as rabidly devoted to him as Trump “followers” are to him.


Faux News wouldn’t give Ron Paul a chance.
Lil Marco can’t beat Bernie!


As Texan progressive Jim Hightower says, “The only thing in the middle of the road is yellow stripes, dead armadillos, and effin Joe Biden.”


Bernie Sanders represents an entirely new direction for the way our officials are elected and whom they are elected to serve. His campaign is not financed by Comcast, or Wall Street, or by the oil industry, but by the people of this country. We believe we can have an economy that serves all of us, not the most wealthy few. This is not the way the game is played, as Steny Hoyer said to AOC at one point. No, it’s the way the game should be played. We can expect a great deal of conflict as billionaires, corporations, and Wall Street struggle to keep their stranglehold on our government and those who govern us. This is a fight that will not be fairly refereed by MSNBC or any corporate-owned news outlet. It is the only fight worth having now.


I cannot believe how much I use to watch MSNBC.

Their love for “Corporate Candidates” is so blatantly clear that I find that I cannot continue to watch the attacks on the more progressive candidates.

If it wasn’t for Lawrence O’Donnel, I would most likely never tune in the station.


1 capitalist party + 1 capitalist party = "Uniparty For The 1% & The MIC."

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Kill Corporate Media.

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The Third Way would rather run Biden or Harris and lose, than a progressive and win.
If that hasn’t become apparent to all democratic voters by now then maybe we deserve another four years of Trump, or worse.


Most of the primaries are over by then so I hope more people drop out a lot faster than that. I vote on super Tuesday (Mar 3) and I don’t expect my current first choice (Gabbard) to last that long.

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The Russians made them do it.


please be careful with NBC’s Pete Williams.
he is one of the top ten reasons Hilary lost, of the 26 reasons I can identify.
The Friday Comey letter about the 5,000 hilary emails found in Anthony Weiner’s laptop that had been confiscated for sex crime October 3rd.
The congressman who leaked Comey letter apologized on live TV within 3 hours.
About 5 hours after that, Newsweek reported that these were duplicates and had been already searched for any ‘secret’ or confidential messages. there never were any, period. there were words similar to other words, but not the same. - kinda lame.
so, good ole Pete is on the TV screen, on radio, on blogs. for the next EIGHT days spouting the emails. a one man band, destroyer of truth.
Comey may have been had by his NY FBI manager. they had the info for three weeks before springing it public. NYC police were involved and likely the nearby federal prosecutor (republican). there ya go folks!!!

this episode cost Hillary 1% loss as of the next day, Saturday, per poll from 1600 democrats via internet only. {best poll work I have ever reviewed}

suggest citizens be watchful for a repeat of these types of antics during 2020 campaign.

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