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MSNBC’S Creepy Comcast Commercial Is Sinclair Lite


MSNBC’S Creepy Comcast Commercial Is Sinclair Lite

Adam Johnson

After the justified uproar over pro-Trump Sinclair Broadcast Group forcing its scores of affiliates to humiliate themselves by reading an on-air script condemning “misleading” news, one would think other media outlets would be a little more careful not to mimic such behavior.


but, but, but, it’s always okay when the (neo)liberals do it. waaaa.

Since Rachel went off the deep-end and “Russiagate,” I rarely, if ever, watch MSNBC. I thought Rachel was great when she first began, then she drank her own kool-aid. Chris Hayes was worth watching too, but now MSNBC is just the antidote to Fox&Friends – neoliberal cheerleaders and Clinton diehards.


MSDNC is a joke network serving corporate tomToolery with D-Party lapdog sauce.


To sweeten it, there’s Nicole Wallace, of the Bush Jr. White House. She may have been Comcast’s last choice; not likely Maddow or Hayes would’ve done it. Blech.


It’s hardly “the deep-end.” Not remotely is it that. The preznit and his son-in-law (just to name the most obvious suspects) appear to be very deeply in debt to Russian banks (mainly because they can’t get the tens of millions they “need” from U.S. banks). We’ve learned that Putin is behind the election interference. Did you enjoy seeing Kislyak and Lavrov in the Oval Office?


Considering Mandela’s role in the creation of the current corrupt corporate control of South Africa’s gummint

Perhaps the good reverend has a point.


I never found her to make very well arguments. I always felt she was dumbing down to fox’s level. Olberman had some good coverage and resistance to Iraq and that patriot act stuff. He was sometimes a little more animated, not that I blamed him at the time the stuff angered me as well. But he kind of went off the deep end a little since then too.

But yeah, that Russia gate crap… smh. And so many fell for it. Jimmy Dore is about the only guy I can think of that didn’t jump on that train.


I did enjoy seeing Kislyak and Lavrov in the Oval Office. I was hoping for the restoration of normal relations with Russia. Unfortunately, the Democrats wouldn’t allow it to happen.


It was the Democrats’ fault. Right.


I agree. I liked Olberman and Donahue too. Yes, they were animated, because it was heartfelt. They weren’t actors, hosts, like the current crop. Olberman, Donahue and especially Dylan Ratigan – loved that guy, they were all (quietly) shoved out the back door, why? Because they spoke the truth, can’t have that on corporate owned, fake news, hosted shows.