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MSNBC's Chris Matthews Epitomizes Corporate Democrats' Bernie Derangement Syndrome

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/24/msnbcs-chris-matthews-epitomizes-corporate-democrats-bernie-derangement-syndrome

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As big a mouth as Chris Matthews has, he, too, has only one vote and MSNBC has none. News flash, corporate tools: the machine has blown up. Chris Matthews, Chris Wallace, Kris Kringle…whoever. Save your breath. We’ll inform ourselves, thank you very much. While you continue to speak for your big money donors and their interests, we will change America NOW. Without you, but WITH Bernie Sanders. Bernie 2020.

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Matthews doesn’t deserve $5/hr., let alone $5 Million/yr.

Time to Boycott MSNBC.


A small nit-pick. CM actually said, “If Castro and the reds had won the cold war…”. I don’t know what that means, actually. But was he saying that he thought or thinks that Fidel and Che etc. were planning to invade Central Park??

I continue to insist that he needs an MRI to determine whether he has a brain tumor. I’m convinced he does.

Back to this ballyhooed tax increases introduced by the Clinton Administration which some that frequent these boards suggested marked him as some sort of progressive.

Clinton increased taxes on the top 1 percent owners by something like 2 percent on the top marginal rate. He followed that up a few years later by CUTTING takes on Capital gains by more then half. The difference in tax rates on Capital Gains when compared to the rate on the top rate was only a few percentage points pre-Clinton. After he was done it was in the double digits. It was then that the one percent decided they wanted to be paid with Stock options rather then salary and they made a killing here. Clinton was a fraud.


WOW… he was just choking on that “crow” he was forced to eat.


I guess you missed tonight’s intro.

I mean I agree with you. But our message was heard. And he was forced to apologize.

Yes, Pony Boy, I have to agree. We dropped cable news, including MSNBC, many years ago, and I haven’t seen a Chris Matthews segment in over 10 years.

It’s funny that I remember a Matthews segment from 2003, with him shouting at then-candidate Representative Dennis Kucinich. Matthews was obnoxious, and he reminded me of the 2 minutes I once listened to Rush Limbaugh.

Juan Cole’s hammer just struck true on the nail that is Chris Matthews head. " Set and sunk ".
Thanks for that, Juan.

It is high time for Chris Mathews to retire. His mind lives in the past someplace with Tip O neil. It is painful to watch his foolishness and ridiculous assertions about communists and Nazi’s and his fear of being murdered in Central Park because Bernie Sanders wants everyone to have health care. Oh the horror of it all. Chris, Get the f… out of the way and go home. Bernie 2020 !!

By the way, I decided yesterday I refuse to watch MSNBC anymore. I am hoping others will follow.

Instead tune into Krystal Ball and Saagar. the HumanistReport, Jimmy Dore, Rational National, TYT, and a new young guy doing a great job is Christo Availis. Also Nomikki Konst. It is so refreshing to see these young people so passionate and articulate. Krystal Ball and Anna from TYT are knocking the cover off the ball. I love what both have to say and their passion gives me hope. No more MSNBC baloney for me. Bernie 2020 !!

Yes Mathews should be fired for that comment ----on that night-----he was not doing his show when he made these comments----and many non-listeners-----low info voters could have heard these comments–it was a special segment—

People should not want to get into a habit of just watching things you agree with------and there are defenders of Bernie on MSNBC-----but if you want Bernie to win you need to understand all the issues going on.

And no one cares that Bernie has a romantic idea around Castro-----the real message is that Bernie is against the Military Industrial Complex-------This is the real reason the power structure----CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE------will be all out to stop him.



If so, it’s the only part of him that’s NOT malignant. In his service to the donor class, he reminds me of the pissboys from Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part 1, doing his best to keep the party going.

well, Mika let one out of the bag - Oops!

MSNBC Anchor: “Our Job” Is To "Control Exactly What People Think"


He’ll wash it down will Bourbon

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Apparently not. I wrote my email to the network after the stupid Central Park comment and then the idiotic Sanders is like Germany invading France comment was apparantly the last straw - no more Chris Matthews - yay!

At some point money talks - and MSNBC went too far. Pro Sanders people have money and buy stuff too. Now they just need to hire a contemporary version of Phil Donohue and I’ll figure out what channel they are on my TV.

Hey all. Mathews retired tonight ! He was over due. He lived in the past and recently has been stammering misspeaking and insulting. Go home Chris your opinion is no longer relevant.