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Mueller Assembles Grand Jury, a Sign Trump Probe Becoming 'Very Serious'


Mueller Assembles Grand Jury, a Sign Trump Probe Becoming 'Very Serious'

Common Dreams staff

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The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller—who is investigating possible collusion between the Trump administration and Russia—has assembled a grand jury in Washington, a move many interpreted as an sign that his probe is progressing and becoming "very serious."


Ooooh. Subpeonas. When are we going to hear about plea bargains?



I hate to say it, but your cynicism and sarcasm are warranted.


I wonder if Ty Cobb is as big a POS as his namesake?


Let’s hope that this starts sending little Donny off the deep end even sooner. May be why he has suddenly decided to take a 3 week vacation out of easy or cheap reach. Still trying his best to shaft the taxpayers and take out every dime he can steal from the treasury under any pretense. If we had any ethical r/tp/con congress crooks we would have never had to reach the total disgrace of America in front of the entire civilized world.


GO Mueller! - Subpoena “tiny hands” tax returns in addition to other docs, etc - there will be more than one smoking gun found - foreign bank conflicts, blatant conflicts between trump and foreign governments and business/corporate ties lies about net worth and charitable contributions! This goes FAR beyond alleged Russian gov/Putin ties - its the Russian oligarchs and mob…


I want to see jail time for these thugs and self-righteous goons! Off with their heads!!!


Investigate to see if there was collusion by the Trump campaign to do what exactly? What is Russia accused of doing and what collusion is Trump accused of exactly?


The most coherent reason I understand from the alleged Russian meddling is that they leaked Hillary’s emails as some sort of deal to help Trump win.


Would be nice to see some real facts.

I am confident that Mr Mueller x-CIA head barnacle of the 2011 anthrax investigation in which people actually died will do equally as well investigating this pile of whooey.


You should get out more. It might change your understanding of things.


As usual, the cover-up rather than an actual crime is what Mueller is investigating, i.e. Obstruction.

Not exactly a rock solid case from what I see. Lying isn’t nice, but it’s not illegal either.


I think it’s notable that no less a hard right conservative than Thom Tillis is pushing to call for the reinstatement of Mueller if Trump fires him without reason. He approached Chris Coons to support a bill to do just that. That doesn’t happen if you think this is all a witch hunt by the MIC or deep state.


The main issue that appears to be terrifying Trump, leading to his inquiries about his legal options regarding pardons, is his financial dealings. He is a key player in a system of money laundering out of the old soviet union. The guy is in thick with the Russian mafia, as he was with the older NY/NJ Sicilian mafia before the 90’s.


Accusations against Russia came from the DNC three days before the democratic convention when Wikileaks released the first tranche of leaked emails from HRC’s basement intell center and Podesta’s emails. The left have kept the story running as their excuse for losing the election. (It had nothing to do with HRC, of course.)

If there is a proper investigation and judgement a lot of people in high places would good to jail.

I am looking around and when the banks shovel it up every bodies stuff the two to go to jail were private people of sorts. Martha Stewart is now known as principal bad guy in the housing crisis. Maddoff was just a thief. Who is going to fall for the Clinton foundation and pay to play? I am thinking Bernie. They already screwed him once.

Please understand we are talking about Washington DC and “exactly” is not a word used there. Like Donald Rumsfeld answer to where those darn WMD were… “We know where they are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat.”


“Three days before the convention” would have been well after Don jr, Jared K. and Manafort met the Russian Committee to Beat Hillary. No, Clinton did not lose the election because of those efforts. She lost it. You are beating a dead horse and ignoring the live skunks in the WH.


Yes. Yes. And Yes again.


Lying isn’t illegal? Depends when, to whom, and under what conditions you lie.
It can be a felony.

Mueller is reportedly nvestigating the possible financial ties of the Trumps to criminal activities. That would not be just a cover up.


You mean get out of this site more?


The biggest power a grand jury has is to recommend indictments. And if Mueller thinks he has sufficient evidence, he’ll present it to a grand jury. Since this one is just down the block in Washington DC, it makes for quick turn-around for multiple presentations.

Time to cue the gallows music for Trump’s perp walk