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Mueller Charges 13 Russians for Interfering in the 2016 Presidential Election


Mueller Charges 13 Russians for Interfering in the 2016 Presidential Election

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office on Friday announced a federal indictment (pdf) against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities—including a state-supported "troll farm"—for conspiring to interfere "with the U.S. political and electoral processes, including the presidential election of 2016."


Wonderful, nearly a year after starting Mr. Mueller has demonstrated yet again that a prosecutor can indeed indict a ham sandwich, and even 13 ham sandwiches.

We have so much to be thankful for!


So can we now charge Obama, Clinton, Cameron and co for their interference in elections from Venezuela to the Ukraine?



Is there anything it can’t be used for?


Don’t forget the worst (actual) offender, Israel!


Was that sound in the backstory of this article, a couple of large thuds, Facebook and Google’s stock prices hitting the floor?


the problem the US, with the world ,face still is that a Clinton Administration would have been as bad or worse than Trump’s. Insofar as there can be an “alternative” in the US as set up by the current meta-politics, that was Sanders. Even he appears to bow down to the Israel lobby, a key factor in the disrepute which the Land Of The Brave has fallen into. It is hard to have confidence, incidentally, in any aspect of the US judicial system , a knowing or unwitting accomplice in the virtually total corporatist control of US public life .The rot set in long,long before Trump , as any honest observer knows (remember Dubya ? Nixon ? )


Mueller even indicted the Russian “troll farm” known as the Internet Research Agency. So are these trollers supposed to be tried in abstentia? I guess he couldn’t indict Putin although clearly he must be behind this massive cyber campaign to influence the politics of the US (as well as the countries of Western Europe). If we had a “real president” that president would be on top this situation but the present “faux president” is pretending there is a witch hunt instead of protecting the people of this country from Russian inference. If he is involved in this Russian stuff hopefully it will eventually be all brought to light.


The US interfered with no elections in Venezuela or the Ukraine. I know a recent Ukrainian immigrant, and President Yanukovych was corrupt and widely hated by almost all Ukranians aside from a minority in the Donbass.

And if they are meddling in elections in Venezuela, they sure are doing lousy job of getting their side into power.


From the few dozen accounts and handful of statements it is not at all clear this impact is what it is blown up to be.

Only Facebook can count how many people actually read those statements, overestimating say 10,000. Of that number only a small fraction would act solely on them and be in swing states, overestimating say 1%. I wouldn’t be surprised if that final number is therefore at most 100 votes affected.

That’s not in the margin of victory for any of the swing states.

This is all a major distraction from Kris Kobach who actually suppressed minority voting.


Also a major distraction from Israeli interference which is a million times more effective. Reports are that nobody in Congress can stand against anything Israel wants (e.g. the Greater Israel Project) even at the expense of American blood and treasure.


I find it laughable how the US left was so naïve and impressionable that they completely fell for all that Russian sock-puppet troll-planted: “Hillary-Shilalry-Killary! Trump won’t be so bad!” Psy Op - that was so widespread on the US-left blatherosphere - from Counterpunch to the Commondreams comment section.

Why, over the past few years, has the US-left, currently or in the recent past, allied themselves with:

  1. The billionaire gangster capitalist dictator-thug Putin

  2. The blood soaked dictator Assad, who especially enjoys torturing Syrian socialists.

  3. In the runup to his election, the murderous thug Duterte of the Philippines - who with his bounty on all “communists” is likely to be the region’s next Suharto.

  4. The quasi-fascist, racist British Nigel Farrage right-wing in the runup to the Brexit vote.

  5. And, in a tangential way through most of 2016, the billionaire capitalist psychopath Trump - ultimately leading to he electoral victory.


V*So what? HRC was still a candidate that lots of the country had 25 years to hate, deserved or not. Not willing to release transcripts of her paid speeches to Wall St, dissing the progressive faction of her own party- hell, she couldn’t even get gay marriage right, insisting on the sanctity of heterosexual marriage until very late in the game, an irony that never fails to make me laugh out loud.

home grown voter suppression is what we should be focusing on, not what appears to be a pretty small potatoes approach to “meddling” by our own meddling standards. We invade, bomb, kill, coup,and assassinate our way around the world.

And the patently undemocratic electoral college designed to consolidate power in white,male, property owners so even common white men were effectively disenfranchised.

And Citizens United…

HRC’s lackey Victoria Nuland was instrumental in staging the disaster that is Ukraine, bringing a democratically elected president, albeit corrupt, with a more corrupt facist regime bending over to the will of our empire. Crimea voted to attach to its “Mother Russia” again. Russia did not invade, bomb, and destroy Crimea.

She supported the Honduras coup, lock- stepped with the demonization of Hugo Chavez, destroyed Libya.v


Of the one’s Mueller gets in to court and each one that gives evidence is yet another verified link to someone else :slight_smile: The White House must be boiling over :slight_smile: Oh what fun :slight_smile:


They are way cool and hip to the latest CIA mind games in ways you don’t understand.


I still think that doesn’t discount why Hillary was so unpopular to many. She has had a bad history and for the DNC putting her up assuming she would easily win was a huge mistake. We have a huge systemic problem that won’t be going away once Trump leaves office. One of course is the electoral college, which despite it throwing the presidency to Trump I have not heard one criticism of it from the Democrats.


Never read any articles on “Trump won’t be so bad”. Can you produce any?

Read lots of articles about why Hillary is the most qualified presidential candidate in the history of presidential candidates. I believe those were Obama’s words or something to that effect.

There really isn’t a US left in the swing states. That’s mostly a west coastal phenomenon and an echo chamber at that. Bernie Sanders doesn’t speak like what you describe.

Voters in swing states can swing from voting Democrat to Republican (not Green!) because they are centrist or right-of-center and thought Trump won’t be “as bad as” Hillary regarding her positions (pro-abortion, LGBTQ marriage and equality, anti-guns, pro-immigration and minorities, pro-never-ending-wars, pro-NAFTA/GATT/WTO/TPP etc). Trump’s campaign promises were the opposite on these issues and more in line with the swing voters belief systems.

Trump’s popularity rating is approx. 36%, down from just shy of 50% at the time of the election because Trump voters (approx. 30%) learned a lesson that he is a pathological liar and has broken most of his campaign promises.


The U.S. is meddling in Venezuela. That has been going on for 2 decades, since Chavez came to power. And, Columbia is the tip of the spear, if there is an invasion. That’s been on the drawing board for a while too, imo. Oiligarchies like cheap oil and gas. And object lessons, as well.
As to Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election; well, it’s a long way from cup to mouth some times. It’s just an indictment at present.
Besides, how many little fish are in this particular net of Mueller’s, anyway? To be continued…So it goes.


Sorry, but it IS a witch hunt, set to distract us from what’s really going on. There is no way Russia influenced the election. Hillary LOST the election because the Dems ran the worst possible candidate after rigging the primary against the best possible candidate. Russiagate is a weapon of mass distraction.


And believe me, I HATE Trump with a passion, but I have to stick with the truth of the matter.


I think these 13 indictments pretty much guarantee Trump is in gargantuan trouble.