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Mueller Compiling List of Trump's Actions, Including Possible Obstruction of Justice: Report

Mueller Compiling List of Trump's Actions, Including Possible Obstruction of Justice: Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With President Donald Trump's legal team "in shambles" following resignations and amid an ongoing stuggle to find replacements, the Washington Post

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My sincere hope is that Don the Con ultimately perishes only after achieving full cognizance that his game is completely over and realizes that in the end, he cannot eat money–even borrowed, embezzled or extorted money. Before that I also hope to see an orange frock and a shaved dome. May many piss on his grave and preserve the video evidence.


I was busted for obstructing justice when I was 15 for lying to the cops about my age. I had to pick up litter along the train tracks for a Saturday morning. Sounds like Trump is in a world of shit.




His children will be able to charge admission and make a fortune from that, as millions will line up to have a chance to piss on the grave of the “Worst So-called President of All Time.”

People from all over the world will come to relieve themselves on his grave.

His name will become synonymous with Golden Showers.




I think his kids will be in prison with him.


If l was under investigation for obstruction of justice I would be scared sh!teless – the fact that he ‘appears’ to think he’s safe speaks volumes about his utter lack of any intelligence … shows me he is going down – HARD!


From your mouth/pen to the Goddess’ ears Wolfess! And may it be very hard and FAST!


NO ONE can be allowed to be above the law, especially one who demonstrates such hostility and open contempt for the law - donald j trump! Especially one that took an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution” - a document that embodies law rather than dictatorship by any one man, family, group or interest!

"Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it." – John Adams

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Probably, and even if he doesn’t go scott free, the next president will pardon him anyway.

If the next President pardoned the Orange Ogre it would like signing your own Death Warrant.

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“…Citing anonymous officials familiar with the ongoing probe into possible collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian government,…”

Collusion is not a crime, even if it did happen. The Washington Post?

For a more objective analysis see Jonathan Turley:

Next President presumably being Pence -or if Mueller nails him too, next in line would be Paul Ryan?

Thank you! I have seriously been working on it … my crow family has been back over the last few weeks, and they have brought some serious friends with them – up until 2 weeks ago l had never seen a raven in my neck of the woods but we had an entire murder of them fly over our house just 2 weeks ago!!! And for Goddess-knows-what-reason, we have also had a flock of seagulls HERE … in Nebrasky! … in the last few weeks! And then there’s the FAMILY of (5) raccoons that come here every night for whatever surprise I give them (last night it was leftover corned beef with cabbage and apples)! Her creatures show me 2 things – our planet is in serious danger; and She takes care of me b/c I take care of them!

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OMG! I can’t stand to look at that little “yes man.” And I’m being polite.

OOps my mIstake. Readers, my posts are the only posts on this page in which a like heart is not present, can someone explain this to me.

Look HisStory, you might be on to something. Come back and give me your thoughts. It’s probably not something; it’s probably nothing (a glitch). But three days ago all comments disappeared from my fb newsfeed and from under the shares on my page. My share box disappeared. The Like and Comment icons disappeared. How’s them apples? I picture a lone hacker reading comments with real rigid answers to everything. But it’s probably a glitch.

He might have been out of the Russian loop, but how much did the Russians do? IMO not much. Sinclair and Kobach maybe more. The investigation could tell us a whole lot, though, if it meandered over into otherlings “buying foreign policy” from Americans in positions of authority. Too much vacillation on Syria. He says we’re pulling out of Syria, then he chooses Bolton. He says we’re pulling out, but read that article on failed Syria policy linked at eastwestaccord.com That kind of flipping & flopping should come under The 25th Amendment. And if he goes along with the Assad regime changers, he’s the pied piper of Black Hole.

I very much enjoyed your stories of communion and care with/for our wild cousins; there is no doubt our spirits are greatly enlarged by such interactions. I care for the usual suspects also, and whenever I see special needs I act as I can. As you say, we are cared for because we care. The value we derive from caring cannot be measured by what the world we live-in mostly values, but we feel the priceless gift Gaia shares with us in our daily lives. Peace to you Ann and all of yours. Vic

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You are so right Vic – caring for the Goddess’ wild creatures does make us better humans and enlarge our spirit!
This ‘voyage’ started many years ago with the discovery of a few garter snakes in our yard … the lawn service that we had for one summer almost obliterated them, so the next summer I started doing my own mowing and when I would see a garter in the yard I would stop the mower and pick her up and put her down in the garage where they lived. The Fall b4 our house burned down l went out to the livingroom and the dogs were very curious about something behind the desk … come to find out it was Beelzebel! I took her outside unharmed and she scurried off. I read not too long after that snakes mean rebirth in Wiccan lore; she was in our house in early October … and our house burned down in late January. Although it was certainly a traumatic experience we all got out safely, and the heating company who had sent the tech out that morning to check the furnace built our new house. We now have our dream house and it was built on the foundation of the old house … it’s a phoenix that rose from the ashes – a true rebirth!

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beantime, thanks for replying. I don’t like to draw conclusions when I don’t have all the facts. Suffice it to say, I’ve had posts, that included links to audios by Prof. Stephen Cohen addressing Russian issues, simply disappear. I hope these are glitches because I don’t want to even think about a possibility that Common Dreams staff would be involved in censorship of any sort. The American Committee for East West Accord is a valuable resource I link to often. As you know, Prof. Cohen is a founder of that site. Russia-gate is over a year old and there still is no evidence that Trump colluded with Russia, let alone Trump as Manchurian Candidate puppet of Putin.

It goes without saying, Trump is a disaster and deserves heaps of criticism. but to buy into what appears to be a concocted narrative, the consequences of which, has led to a New Cold War that is getting too close to a hot war with another nuclear power is insane.

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Zuckerberg is blaming “malicious actors.” Well, selling the info on most of 2 billion seems like something a little risky…I mean even if you let CA come in with their trip. What I read about the prof suing fb (democracynow.org I think) was that CA uploaded voting information [don’t ask me how they got it…mailing lists?] INTO facebook. Seems complicated, and all that I can theorize about it is that CA turned facebook into a big library of raw material they could come back and examine/manipulate…get directions from…etc. That they did this rather than copy everything-on-Americans facebook had was because…it’s a lot of data and who has that kind of space? [that’s a double question] As large an amount of data as it was [what CA had synthesized for their convenience], it still wasn’t as much as the data on “most” of 2 billion users. So, maybe it was m-actors. Figure’n someone’s gonna say, “Russians.”

I listen to Cohen whenever I can remember on Wednesdays…most of’em.

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