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Mueller Has Reportedly Obtained Phones and Computer of War Profiteer Erik Prince


Mueller Has Reportedly Obtained Phones and Computer of War Profiteer Erik Prince

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As part of his probe of possible collusion between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the Russian government, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has obtained and is currently examining the phones and computer of notorious war profiteer and Blackwater founder Erik Prince, ABC News reported on Monday.


Erik Prince and his sister BetSeed Devoid are two of the most evil, devilish rich people on this planet.
Prince and his Blackwater mercenary army are contractor war criminals; he should have been tried in The Hague for war crimes (except that the USA refuses to recognize the World Court).
It’s astounding that the wickedest people are running our government.
Erik is in bed with Trump, and is running black ops for him.
I sure hope Mueller has the courage and intelligence to put the Trump Mob in prison.


I do also- it can’t happen soon enough!


When you step back and realize that this guy, according to the Intercept link, has described himself as below:

“As we reported last year, “Prince — who portrays himself as a mix between Indiana Jones, Rambo, Captain America, and Pope Benedict — is now working with the Chinese government through his latest ‘private security’ firm.” The Trump presidency could result in Prince working for both Beijing and the White House.”

This is an excellent example of Christo-Fascism - which is proving to generate inverted totalitarianism directly along the lines of its inversion of Christ’s teachings - as has been the practice of empires since Constantine. He toys with reality in terms not unlike the prince of darkness, very much in the biblical sense. These folks come across as adolescents playing a game of occultism in some LALA land and are taking a long walk on a short pier.

And then there is this:
"The Blackwater founder has also endorsed some of Trump’s overtures to Russia, saying: “Think about it: If FDR, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, can deal with Stalin to defeat German fascism in World War II, certainly the United States of America could work with Putin to defeat Islamic fascism. We don’t have to agree with the Russians on everything, or even on a lot, but we can at least agree that crushing ISIS in the Middle East is a very good idea.” Prince described Democrats as “anti-Catholic, anti-Evangelical,” saying the DNC hacks and leaks revealed “the disregard, the disdain they have for the average American voter and citizen.”

ISIS was seeded by the US, as has now become apparent, to serve as a convenient third rail to call up like a howitzer whenever manipulations become sticky. This guy really needs to extract his head from the darkness of that end. He has proven to have more in common with the Democrats he scorns. Golly, he must adore his mirror - the details run straight down the line from A to Z.


Hmmm. Three comic-book characters and the earthly representative of a mythological, omnipotent sky man. All of whom are best known, apparently, for extracting maximum public treasury dollars for their own personal benefit.

Good to have role models, I suppose.

Speaking of which, I wonder if The Dick Cheney still gets a cut of the vig from this asshat.


I’d “lean” on this guy, hard.

And Manafort, harder.

They deserve no less.


I hope La Costa Nostra stitches up the Mafia real good. And vice versa.
Prince would be a good takedown for sure.


More Democrat witch-hunting! Neo-McCarthyism!


Read this first. Scroll to under this heading…

“Rep. Jan Schakowsky on Erik Prince’s Alleged Role in the Trump Era and Explains Why She Had Her House Swept for Surveillance When She Was Investigating Him”

I don’t see anything terribly outlandish about setting up a back channel, but what’s outlandish is letting Prince represent. And, of course, this particular mission. To get Russia to go against Iran we would go easy on sanctions (conjectured as Prince’s Seychelles mission). But why sanctions on Russia in the first place?? They meddled in the US. We meddled in Ukraine. The crime is…please, Russia, stand aside while we do another quagmire…in Iran. And what also seems outlandish to me is that the Seychelles meeting took place nine days before inauguration…BEFORE THE MIC HAD A CHANCE TO WORK ON TRUMP WHEN HE WAS IN OFFICE. Trump’s talk against quagmires had been nothing but pushing a hot button [the “talk,” though, proves a point re some of “the base” must have agreed with it]. He was even a bigger poser than any of us had thought he was.

There are weird political twists of fate I will call…"Nixonian Fluke Factor"s (harking back to Nixon’s totally unanticipated overtures to China). If this was Prince’s mission, it was diabolical. It didn’t work, but Trump is still fairer with Russia than the Maddow crowd would be. Not because he’s a fair person, but due to other fluky factors. Even though the US and Russia were sometimes bombing the same enemy in Syria…the thing nobody sees is that with Hillary, Nuland, and Kagan we could have ended up with a much, much hotter cold war with Russia. Fluky.

We all apparently were in some kind of dreamland prior to these events, distracted from a waking interest in things nuclear.

“Seeded” seems ambiguous, oldgoat. For me, looks like inadvertent monster creation. Similar to Chalmers Johnson’s account of things in Afghanistan, right?