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Mueller Has Subpoenaed Trump Adviser Roger Stone's Social Media Consultant: Report


Mueller Has Subpoenaed Trump Adviser Roger Stone's Social Media Consultant: Report

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has issued two grand jury subpoenas for a social media consultant hired by Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to President Donald Trump, before the 2016 election, Reuters revealed Wednesday.


The Mueller Probe is what two time losing presidential election candidates receive as parting gifts from their disappointed donors who dropped two billion dollars for a big fat nothing-burger.
And to think all that money could have paid teacher salaries, fixed bridges, subsidized low income housing, clothed needy children, trained and paid inner city youth income they desperately need for college tuition, textbooks, room and board, or their first cars for commuting, or even the bus fare to get to classes.
Two billion dollars to help the homeless find shelter, food, care and comfort from the elements.
Two billion dollars wasted, and so many people to blame for that failure, except herself, sadly…
Well, the Mueller Team should keep on probing then; maybe by chance probing they’ll dig up twenty-one trillion dollars to pay off the US federal deficit, help James Comey answer the unanswerable questions, and co-produce the blockbuster Hollywood epic, “The Mueller Probe, Part Deux.”


The Mueller Investigation is long overdue, who could have imagined just how corrupt and convoluted some of these longtime players have been in our political economy. If you have been following this, it is staggering where it leads when you follow the money. In this case, the dirty money.