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Mueller Investigation Expands Focus to Probe Flynn's Finances


Mueller Investigation Expands Focus to Probe Flynn's Finances

Julia Conley, staff writer

Financial entanglements of former national security advisor became the focus of the ongoing investigation into possible collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election on Friday night.


Flynn to Trump: “I beg your pardon.”


Seymour Hersh on the current show. The colorful language is quite funny.



Bad times for the man from Queens who somehow wound up in the White House.


The Info Wars- Who killed Seth Rich? Really?
Next up: Who, what, when, how and where did Cock Robin meet his ultimate demise? Just wonderin’.
Hummm… What does any of this have to do with Flynn? Does Flynn do the flip or the flop? Will the Flynn Flip or the Flynn Flop be the headline???

Flynn was a top dog, then nada. His son was a rising star on the alt-right, then nada. $530K is real money. And, that was just the beginning, possibly. His ship had finally come in, the next Kissinger.
Now he’ll be in federal prison watching Fargo.


It must be remembered that the full title of “Flynn” is retired United States Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, one of the first of now several military men in the trump regime - nowhere mentioned in this piece. Flynn was called “right-wing nutty” by Colin Powell


Trump to Flynn: “I never promised you a rose garden.”


Comey to Mueller (Myoo-Lehr):  “Follow the Money!”

(Kushner, Junior & Flynn buried it in the Rose Garden.)


Who dug the hole? Two of those three never touched a shovel in their lives. And, Flynn would be frisked by Trump’s personal bodyguard, before ever setting foot on the WH grounds. Seeing if he was wired up, of course.


For those too young to remember:


Flynn probably dug the hole while still “employed” a few months ago, at 04:00 while Tweetle-Dumb was busy composing his daily diatribe.  Kushner & Junior were the lookouts & bag-men.


Flynn will be found to be filthy, covered in dross, and dripping with sewage. And to think that the diabolical dimwit chose him to be head of the NSA. Criminal!


Flynn may get a pardon too, let’s not forget that. Trump already tweeted for him to stay strong–Flynn likely knows what that means.

Can anyone imagine what cable news would be like if Obama’s, let HRC’s, NSC Director was an unregistered foreign lobbiest taking undisclosed payments from Russia? Does anyone really think impeachment resolutions wouldn’t have passed the House by now? If anything, it just shows the power of right wing media we are still playing hyper-skeptic about some of this stuff.