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Mueller Just Invited Congress To Do Its Job: Impeach Trump

Mueller Just Invited Congress To Do Its Job: Impeach Trump

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I get it.

Mueller doesn’t want to be the Republican that testifies to the fact that Trump is a raging felon.

Mueller has done the job he was assigned.

It’s now Congress who must step up and do their’s.


Like Republicans would ever do their job by risking their jobs to save American democracy. They are all about saving their own rear ends.

The best we could hope for is that the impeachment process would embarrass trump. Congress needs to proceed, but as many of us expect, this will bounce from one judge to another until election day 2020.
Nothing much is to be gained except waking a few people up to trump’s lawlessness.
Congress will simply put one foot in front of the other because it’s their duty to do so.
There are some people who were born under a certain star that holds them above choppy waters. Trump is one of those. It’s not teflon, it’s that he is bullet proof.

Jerry I agree about saving their butts, but lets not miss the opportunity. As I read comments from around the net, the people are pissed, and they are craving the truth about this subject, and know they’re not getting it from MSM. This doesn’t include Trumps base, buts that’s only about 30% of voters, he has to have independents to win. These are the people who are pissed, they now know they were conned for their vote in 2016. The impeachment process will lay bare (if it’s done correctly) much of the corruption this gang has done since taking office, and because of the facts, Trumps challenger will have a much easer time at the ballot box.

What we have here is a lying piece of trash.

It shouldn’t surprise us though, since he lied through his teeth that the Bush administration had evidence of WMD in Iraq.

His lie?

That the Constitution forbids a sitting president from being indicted.
He knows that is a load of garbage. He knows that what there is about that subject are two Justice Department memos from the Nixon era and the Clinton era asserting a sitting president can’t be indicted. But I’m sure he also knows, since little ole me, just an aging boomer nobody sitting at her computer, knows it and it makes no sense he wouldn’t also, that there are also two countering Justice Department memos saying the opposite. He also has to know that there is legal discussion about it that even if the Justice Department couldn’t normally do it that a Special Prosecutor could.

He also knows that prosecutors don’t exonerate. Why even courts don’t exonerate. The job of a court isn’t to say, “We find absolute proof that the accused did not commit a crime,” even when that may happen- like someone else being proved to have done it. What courts actually do is either convict as guilty or fail to convict. Courts don’t say “Proved Innocent!” They instead say “Proved Guilty” or “Not Proved Guilty.” (Not “Proved Not Guilty”, thus Mueller saying “Not established there was evidence.”)

Proseutors do even less. All they do is find enough evidence to accuse a crime. If they don’t find the evidence they don’t accuse- they don’t charge, they don’t indict. That’s it.

This piece of >bleeping< >bleep< knows that. So his stupid statement is his cowardly way of saying “I wanted to indict but there wasn’t evidence to indict and I wish there was evidence to indict but there wasn’t evidence to indict and don’t you know I couldn’t indict anyway, right?”

As Tim Black said in his video, “If he couldn’t indict then why did we just go through this two and a half year show if he never could indict?”

Why does Mueller not want to testify? Ah, maybe because he doesn’t want to get asked questions about stuff like what I just posted?

But he’s done what he wanted to do. He’s added fuel to the fire so all these House Democrats are under more pressure to impeach Trump for an obstruction of an investigation into a crime that never happened, said obstruction not having any impact on the investigation. But, hey, Trump is a ‘bad guy’ and we’ve got to get rid of him. Plus Impeachment is more a political reality than a legal one, as Michael Tracey points out, and the politics of the moment require it- even though the idea that 2/3s of the Senate will convict is more laughable than the Marx Brothers, Abbott and Costello, Laugh-In, Hee Haw, the original cast of SNL, Seinfeld, and every comedian ever on HBO, the Tonight Show and Late Night being combined with laughing gas.

So get ready for a year and a half more of DC chasing its tail and nightly hysteria on the prime time Cable News shows on CNN and MSDNC about the latest revelations.

A bunch of unthinking idiots on the Democratic side of the aisle in Congress really are thinking that this sideshow will stop once Trump is out of the White House and a Democrat is inside? What person supposedly smart enough to walk themselves from their office to the Senate or House floor could actually believe that?

No, folks. We’re now into constant impeachment. Why if Bernie or Warren or Tulsi gets elected they’ll immediately start investigations- and I don’t mean the GOP. Meanwhile if Biden or Buttigieg or Harris or O’Rourke gets elected the GOP will immediately start investigations.

They’ll be shouting and horror and inuendo and smears from before the inauguration and then dossiers and then a need to investigate and then a witch hunt that will investigate and investigate until something comes up and then impeachment and then…

…and on and on it will go, getting worse and crazier with each new president.

Yes, Congress should do its job. Pass laws.

They could start with the Off Fossil Fuels Act. Move on to Election Integrity and Stop Arming Terrorists. End the Authorization to Use Military Force. Defund Guantanimo. Establish real oversight of the CIA and NSA and the FISA Court and all the rest of the out of control permanent Security State establishment.

I know personally people so frustrated with the way things are going they are literally getting sick, physically sick, and suffering from severe mental health impairment.

But hold on! Let the Circus Begin! Send in the Clowns.

(They’re already here.)


As part of the process overwhelming numbers of members of Congress, judges at every level, and tens of millions of citizens must demand that Trump be evaluated by a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist–better, a panel of the most foremost experts in the world–so they can judge his mental health.

I agree that Mueller, for all his attempts to appear dispassionate and objective, is still a partisan Republican and loathe to make any outright recommendations. To be sure, the Pontius Pilate routine is getting old, but given the political worm that he is, I doubt he can be goaded into taking making any recommendation.

And then you still have to get by Pelosi …