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Mueller Must Be Called to Testify

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/04/mueller-must-be-called-testify

"…long after President Trump is gone.""

I’ll drink to that being sooner rather than later.

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“If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

The evidence supports impeachment proceedings.

"One, Russia engaged in a massive, systematic effort to help Donald Trump get elected in 2016 — "

Well, no, that has been debunked. For example, the social media effort of the Internet Research Group (IRA) in Russia was unfocused–only a fraction of their ad buys on Facebook even concerned the election, and over half those ads appeared after the election–and the size of the effort was a tiny fraction of the amount spent by the candidates own campaigns on social media. We are talking about $100,000 versus a couple of Billion dollars. Then there are the claims that there were Russian attacks on the databases of State Boards of Elections. Those same Boards of Elections say they were not attacked, and no vote totals were compromised. This same pattern repeats whenever you look at claims–whether in Mueller’s report, or by mainstream news media–that Russia attacked the U.S. 2016 elections. Upon examination, the claims simply do not hold up. This constant reiteration of unproven claims as if they were facts needs to stop.


Bill Press is right alright, but not for the reasons he gives in this piece. There is no evidence of this massive Russian interference. Mueller reveals himself as the toady for the establishment that he is. Fortunately there are those out there who take the time to parse the deliberately obfuscatory language used by professional toady bureaucrats like Mueller. Listen to Aaron Mate and Jimmy Dore for the antidote for this toxicity.


It wasn’t long ago People like Press were willing to take to the street to defend the sainted Robert Mueller, now it seem the tide has turned, in any event, Robert Mueller is who he is. See:


Hey General question -

The Bill Press show disappeared this week on WCPT in Chicago. He’s been replaced with a local and extremely boring show.
WCPT calls itself “Progressive Talk Radio” but has a history of kicking real progressives off the air. They’ve killed at least 3 shows. Progressives seem to be replaced with 3rd Way types (so far) .

Anyone have info on what really happened to Press in Chicago?

Some people call it pussy-footing around, others meddling, and still others an attack.
The info is there to read if one cares to. Then I guess we have our own interpretations.
Mueller shared his reluctance to testify, I think, because he did not want to appear partisan. I think he would love to testify, if the republicans can resist being childish in their questioning.
After all, they are famous for making a farce out of a committee hearing.

Mueller dosen’t get to make any conditions. Drag him in and put him under oath

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Gandolf… What you can call ‘pussyfooting around’ is that Mueller did not investigate Trump’s collusion with the Russians. That’s what all we thought he was supposed to do. It actually became clear that Mueller’s real job was to bring about the impeachment of Trump. Robert Mueller has such a despicable record and has always been an agent of the Deep State. Other posts here give links that you detail Mueller’s wickedness. During Russiagate Mueller steered the investigation to incriminate Trump and not to discover if Russia was involved in our election. Robert Mueller did not interview key witnesses who had direct knowledge of the charges. Julian Assange is intricate to Mueller’s charge on how Russia got the DNC emails. Assange volunteered to testify. Mueller did not reach out to him. Kim Dot Com was another actor who claimed he had solid evidence about this. Mueller didn’t see it in his interest to interview Kim. Gandolf, believe it or not, Mueller somehow forgot to interview Christopher Steele of the infamous Steele dossier that was the basis of much of the investigation.
When Mueller gets before a Senate committee, I hope that some Senators brings these points up. It’s a bit sad that there will be no Democratic Senators asking these questions. Mueller is going to get diced, sliced and creamed should he testify. His investigation was riddled with partisanship. Mueller didn’t appear to be partisan, Robert was partisan.
When the hard truth comes out, and it will, the Democrats will continue with this BS impeachment and they will lose, again. The Democrats have wasted the last 3 years chasing a false charge instead of fighting Trump on real issues. Tragically, they deserve to lose, and they will.


If the democrats don’t impeach with all of the articles they have at hand already they will be as guilty as the republicans of obstruction.
As far as Mueller goes I have already emphasized my concern of his loyalties along with the whole republican investigation, lopsided investigation. Republicans, Comey, Sessions, Rosenstein, Barr, senate, House until 2018, and a back-up of placed SCOTUS trumpites, to add to republican Robert Mueller. Somebody has to start doing their jobs.

MUller ahwed a lot fo Russian interference to try to elp Trump, I wonder why people like you are so reluctant to face that. He detailed Trump campaign officials meeting with Russians, getting paid for giving talks in Moscow, sharing polling results… It is explained how this relates to Trump hoping to build a tower in Moscow, even when he was campaigning, and he and his team lied about all that. Even Facebook admits they let Russian fake accounts on their site, and Russia used Wikileaks to help undermine Clinton. If you are OK with Russia helping inflict Trump on us (and all that imples for the environment, civil rights, reproductive freedom, immigrants, tax policy etc) then there seems to be something smelling about your political aspirations.

Recall the recent story that Mueller was not willing to testify in an open hearing. It’s quite possible that he fears the kind of people that will do DT’s bidding.

Same thing happened in the Bay Area. Norm Goldman replaced by Rick Unger.

Also same swap in Chicago Goldman for Unger. Unger seems ‘centrist’ to me but still not sure.
Goldman said he wasn’t making any money at it. Dunno if that was an excuse but Goldman did spend a lot of time blaming Bernie and his people for Trump etc. Do you still have the Bill Press show?

We never had it. We get Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Clark Howard and Unger.