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Mueller Report Does Not Disprove that Trump Is a Crook

Mueller Report Does Not Disprove that Trump Is a Crook

Ruth Conniff

he report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which does not establish that Donald Trump or his campaign actively took part in a conspiracy with Russia to subvert the 2016 presidential election, is a major blow to Trump’s political opponents.

What’s important is finding out what they’re lacing the Kool-Aid with, over at The Progressive.

We still have nothing but the word of spooks (usually not regarded as sacrosanct in some quarters) that there was any Russian meddling at all. Mueller indicted a couple dozen Rooskies and a ham sandwich. I guess Coniff finds that convincing.

Russiagate was definitely not a nothing burger. It vastly improved the position of the fascists in this country by making fools out of people like Coniff who think the Dems and their spook friends are on our side.


Of course the Mueller report does not disprove that Trump is a crook.

Had the investigation ever been about electoral corruption or malfeasance, it would have investigated the abundant corruption and malfeasance that had openly revealed itself through the entire 2016 nomination and election process instead of charges that were known to be bogus from the beginning.

It is not an exoneration of Donald Trump. It is a de facto condemnation of the people and organizations running and pitching the investigation and promoting one falsified story after another, with or without mumbling, half-hidden eventual retractions.

It really ought to be the death of any respect for many “news” sources as purveyors of information.


The Mueller report was not about whether Trump was a crook. It was about whether Trump and the Russian government “colluded” to put Trump in the WH. Liberals are now saying that Justice should go after him for obstruction of justice. As Aaron Mate noted, you can’t obstruct justice for a crime you didn’t commit. The “collusion” conspiracy theory is just that. This was concocted out of whole cloth by the DNC and HRC team. If the Dems and Liberal MSM, wanted to take votes away from Trump in 2020, they just handed him a big gift.

Neither Justice, the Democrats nor corporate media will go after Trump in any meaningful way on corruption for a simple reason: they themselves are corrupt too.

I would argue that the only way the Dems can take back the presidency, is to nominate a genuine progressive as their candidate. Given that the ruling class would prefer fascism to any kind progress for the vast majority of Americans, the chances are slim to none.


The irony is that much of the “Collusion with the Russians to win the election” was based upon the Steele dossier wherein Mr Steele was hired to dig up dirt on Trump so as to try and help the Democrats to win the election. Mr Steele , in his own words, cited “Officials in the Russian Government” as his sources.


Aaron Mate has discussed this many times. There’s nothing credible about Steele.

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There is actual evidence that Russian troll farms posted on Facebook, organized right wing events, and promoted actual American right wing posts.

That said, Coniff is one of those who needs to defend the Hillary camp from actually taking responsibility for losing to a game show host, and long-term conman. Because that would force them to reckon with the bankruptcy of their policy stances, their fealty to their corporate overlordss, and their utter contempt for the left.

Russia, Bernie Bros, Jill Stein. That’s who Coniff blames for Hillary’s loss. Just like Hillary herself.

Look for a repeat in the d-party defeat in 2020. Those damn hippies did it to us again!


Logically one cannot “prove” a negative

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This is where the theme of Matt Taibbi’s Hate Inc is relevant. Taibbi’s basic intention here is to relate what he knows about the specific mechanisms involved in the lies the media tells us.

Sure, there were some posts, say a couple of thousand or so – out of, what, 987 gazillion? Leave out the context – grotesquely distort the scale, and a fact can become a lie.



The report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller has only been seen by William Barr, and other DOJ officials.

The conclusion you make in your first paragraph cannot be confirmed until others, Congress and the American people can see Robert Muellers report for themselves.

The complete “un-altered” report.


The proof will be in the pudding.

If SDNY decides to drop all investigations into Trump’s 50+ years of business criminality, we’ll know then, the billionaires have bought the complete Department of Justice.


Yep, it’s easy for some to turn ‘Russia interfered’ into ‘Russia swung the election.’

That said, my point in reference to your earlier comment was that if it’s wrong to say the above, it’s also wrong to say that Russia had ‘no’ involvement. Actual Russian troll farm employees have admitted they trolled Hillary. Facebook admitted it was very easy for Russian bots to set up fake accounts.

Above all, your assertion on the position of fascists being improved is absolutely correct.

I would say Russia had no involvement worth mentioning, compared to the open, unabashed meddling of Israel – to embarassingly public extremes. In the historical view “Russia meddled in USA’s 2016 election” is so utterly ridiculous that it’s tantamount to false. Stop splitting hairs on this. Why split hairs on this?

I can think of a good reason not to endorse this lie: because it advances the hands on that old doomsday clock.

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I ‘split hairs’ in an effort to hold my fellow liberals to the same standard of truth that I hold Trump to.

I agree with you. Russia’s interference was minor. Minor in money spent. Minor in comparison to Israel’s. Minor in terms of election results. Yet Russian interference did exist and we just had a 26-month investigation into how much it MIGHT HAVE MATTERED, in which case, it’s turns out it mattered a lot after all by being blown out of proportion and backfiring on the desperate. See how that works?

We’re on the same side, but facts matter. I’m unapologetic about that.

I still maintain that I have not seen convincing evidence of this. My standard is to withhold judgement until I see reliable evidence. The evidence I have seen is manifestly unreliable for many reasons, ranging from unreliable sources and uncorroborated assertions to scant acknowledgment of the microscopic extent of the putative evidence.

When someone like Coniff just has to perch on that thin a reed and say it’s so, my impression is: they’re lying to me. Why not stick with the truth?

(By the way, you can hold me if you like, but not as a “fellow liberal”.)

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According to trump, the Mueller report completely clears him of doing anything wrong. If that’s the case, you would think he would order the entire report released to the public to prove it.
As usual, what are the republicans afraid of by refusing to release it?

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The Mueller Investigation turned up lots of other things; " high crimes and misdemeanors " are, in fact, egregious political charges written into the Constitution and, for which Trump’s associated dealings are thoroughly entangled in. And, for which, he and his family, etc. have no good answers for. Unless you believe in coincidence and unicorns, of course.
Exposing what Trump & Co. have been up to for 28 months as POTUS, Inc. ( not putting aside pre-POTUS crimes ) by releasing the unredacted report will be a death sentence for the GOP. Why? Because it shows what they were willing to do ( go along with to get along ) to advance policy and law, catering to a small and reactionary constituency. They’re ruling and holding onto power with only about 18% of the adult population of the U.S. Pretty shakey ground, that. But, don’t take my word for that, ask Barry Goldwater what 36% feels like when a blue wave turns into a sneaker wave.
Republicans want to see the unredacted Mueller Report like Trump wants to pay taxes or show his tax returns.


There’s no effn proof! Liberals have already moved the goalposts. Meuller’s job wasn’t to find out if Trump or his team were crooked, but rather if they conspired with the Russian government! I have no doubt that Trump is a crook - all the super rich are - just as the Clintons are. Balzac said behind every great family fortune is a crime, that was in the 19th century, nothing’s changed.

If you are concerned about crookedness, you might think about Rachel Maddow who has been highest paid propagandist in the country peddling lies for 2 + years.


Thank you PonyBoy. Good to hear a comment born of reason. I agree with your observation.

Mueller was not assigned the duty, I don’t think, to investigate the possible trade of Russian cooperation for lifting sanctions, the one thing I’ve been interested since the beginning. The rest of the administration, campaign irregularities, and crimes in general are the cheese over the casserole.

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Not only afraid to release the report, but anything else. What we do get has to be dragged out of them. And what are all the republicans openly lying for? Willing to chance long term jail time for? There is a large snake in the weeds and we need to drive it out into the open.