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Mueller Report Makes It Official: Trump a Morally Despicable Human Being

Mueller Report Makes It Official: Trump a Morally Despicable Human Being

Robert Reich

Democrats in Congress and talking heads on television will be consumed in the coming weeks by whether the evidence in the Mueller report, especially of obstruction of justice, merits impeachment.

I spent the last hour reviewing the “Miracle on the Hudson” moment of Captain Sullenberger and others’ heroic response to the bird strike on US Airways Flight 1549 back in January 2009*. Everyday people rising to the challenge (probably) of their lives. All souls were saved. Not one of the responders demonstrated “Trumpism”. No, they demonstrated humanity. We are better than Trump. Let’s move forward.



It seems like Robert would have learned by now that the real way to defeat Trump and other repugnant, dangerous freaks who will come behind him is to have candidates who will actually represent the will of the people, instead of ones who fight with all their might to defend the disgusting, immoral system that vomits out these monsters-capitalism.

But what else can be expected when the system is rigged for one of the two capitalist parties to win every time? And how long will people keep voting for a capitalist party, and against their own, and the planet’s, best interests?


Trump a Morally Despicable Human Being

Graciously put in power by the hapless and corrupt Democratic Party. And the same party which will most likely get him re-elected in 2020.


Trump has had a long history as a morally despicable human being, but he still got elected. Nothing says more about a political system in terminal decline.


We all have a choice to make. We can’t have it both ways. Donald Trump and the people who support him are a present and very real danger to our democracy. And we must now choose to either let them continue to take our nation down a rabbit hole of corruption and dictatorship or fight to put an end to their attempted coup and recover our constitutional republic for ourselves and posterity.

There is no other way around it. Our country is too divided and those on the Trump side apparently lack the moral compass and intellectual acuity necessary to see that what they’re doing is wrong. They seem to lack the insight necessary to see the importance of adhering to the political traditions and values that our founding fathers hammered out and left to us. In their ignorance, mendacity, and self-interest they seem to think that they and the world have outgrown the need for a brace of honorable men and women who understand the importance of the rule of law and good, honest governance on both a local and national level. Power, money, and dominance, combined with xenophobia, misogyny, and racial and religious intolerance appear to be both their overarching and underlying motivations.

Perhaps the choice that we’re now facing was inevitable. Perhaps, as a democratic society progresses, its inevitable that those who were once in the majority will start to feel threatened when a new paradigm presents to them a world where they will no longer be in the majority; where they will no longer dominate; and where the things that they identify with, such as their race, religion, and gender relationships are no longer looked upon as the only right way things should be. And when this happens, perhaps there are always those men and women who, motivated by their own selfish, twisted, and mercenary desires, will take advantage of the fear that comes to those who feel threatened by changes that they feel leave them and their old ways behind.

But change is the way of life, and in a democracy, change is how we attempt to mold our nation into a “more perfect union.” However, none of us can know exactly what a more perfect union will ultimately look like. Because, in fact, there is no final perfect union, there is only the ongoing perfecting of the union through the natural process of change, guided by the wisdom that our imperfect founding fathers were somehow able to embed in our constitution. Those of us who understand this, welcome change and the new possibilities for perfecting our union that comes with it. Those of us who don’t, resist change and try to retard or even reverse it, causing division within our nation.

Donald Trump doesn’t know or understand history, nor does he understand how our political system works. He doesn’t understand how change can be a positive thing in a healthy democracy. He doesn’t understand how bringing people together instead of manipulating their fears is the truly democratic way. All Donald Trump knows is how to scam his way through life and the underworld of dirty money. And all Donald Trump cares about are those things that enhance, not just his wealth, but his own ego, which is the only way he knows how to achieve self-worth. His father taught him that winning was the only thing worth doing in life, and in order to win one has to be a “killer.” So now Donald Trump has brought this ethic, if one can call it that, to the White House. And since all he’s known, both in the business world and in the political world, are corrupt business people and corrupt politicians, he thinks that his behavior in the White House is perfectly appropriate. And he also thinks that if he puts like-minded people in positions of power he should be able to do whatever he wants.
We must now choose to either let Donald Trump and his cohorts continue to get away with what they’re doing or let them know that they can’t get away with doing whatever they want, especially if what they want amounts to the potential destruction of our republic. We must now choose to either let Trump and his cohorts continue to drag our democracy down or let them know that there are still honorable men and women in America who believe in and are willing to fight for our constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our democratic form of government. We must now choose to either let Vladimir Putin manipulate our president and our electoral system to suit his own ends or let him know that he cannot fool us the way he has fooled his own people. We must now choose to either give up our freedom or let the world know that we will never give up our freedom to a domestic interloper or foreign power.

So now we have a choice, and the choice is clear, either we choose Donald Trump and his cohorts or we choose our democracy. I think most of us know what the choice must be. And I think that most of us also know that we must do whatever it takes to enact our choice. I think most of us know that we will do whatever it takes. We’ve taken back the House, and if the Mueller report doesn’t take Trump out, then we will vote him out in 2020.


The only problem there are too many liberals who are under informed and only know what lamestreet media tell them on 6 o’clock news. They are more curious of the latest styles, latest gadgets, latest movie star or sport stars.

They vote for status quo, they don’t understand that our government have socialized profits and to pay for it the safety nets in all forms have to be defunded. They still believe the demonizing of socialism for the people and don’t realize the 5% our stealing from all the rest of us.

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… in service to [the plutocrats of] this country.

Mr. Reich, do you have any tears to shed for the people who were being bombed even as they never attacked the USA?



Is he really human?

I really did not need a Mueller report to know that Trump a despicable person. That was evident years ago.


“Reveal his moral loathsomeness.”

I would have thought an economist could come up with something more solid than this, which everyone already knows.


Perhaps it would have been appropriate that Mueller had been assigned to something so obvious. But then, how would he have possibly deflected investigations of other corruption for so long?

Not even most of the forty-some percent of voters who will likely vote for him again really approve of Donald Trump. He is still the clown to whom Hillary Clinton diverted funds to help nominate, still a softball candidate, still the softball of softballs.

In the face of this, the vacuity of most of the criticism and the lack of a legitimate challenge keeps him afloat.

The trouble is that that vacuity and illegitimacy are held in place by quite a concentration of power. Until a third party can place a candidate under public scrutiny or the Democrats can elect rather than appoint a candidate, Trump’s corruption stands like a splash of muddy water in a stormy sea.

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California did it. All States should do it:

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Mr. Reich is on to something . . . I might add a different angle on the moral case as well.

Trump is merely a t.v. personality. The immoral and unethical people that need to be exposed are his handlers and financiers. Bolton, Pompeo, Abrams, Munchen, Kushner, Netanyahu. . . the list of murderers, liars, war-mongers, crooks, profiteers is not Democracy. Why have the worst crimes perpetrated against Americans never been prosecuted, as they were done by conspiracies in our own government.

These are many of the same people from the time of Reagan and Bush Sr. who overthrew many Democracies and terrorized innocent people, even creating and utilized terrorist organizations (Al Queida) which continued to be utilized in wars over the next decades (former Yugoslavia-Bosnia-Serbia). Why do Americans not know that their taxes, bank accounts, sons and daughters are being devastated by these people over and over again? Drugs are back. Sound familiar?

Is it simply that many Americans view the duality of Democrats as an unacceptable alternative? The Trump Neo-Con-Israeli machine are the worst exploiters of all Americans, especially those that wave the flag or pray to a manipulated, commercialized religion when really being led by fanatics, who incidentally have the interests of other countries, and particular companies as their priority, not the American people as a whole.

While their propaganda arms blame Russia, Iran, Syria, China, etc. etc., the American people forget to prosecute these charlatans who steal their money, make them addicts, maim their children and lie to them about who or what the enemy really is. Simple slight of hand/misdirection.

America could hardly be a real Democracy when the same charlatans are still the government after 40 years. The Democrat political machine can’t make that point? I suppose not when it is corrupted by the same type. Were these same cabinet people elected? No.

They have gutted anyone in the government who might be an obstacle to the NeoCon Israeli agenda, as it is obvious there is no push back when Netanyahu telegraphs Trumps moves. Trump only appears to be a new president who was, and then the Trojan horse of criminals comes in with him. You are not voting for Trump, America. You’re voting for lies and the corruption of your own society. Does Trump et al. know anything more than fraud? No.

depends on what your definition of ‘human’ is…

A despicable human being is one who plys their insidious wares in a private capacity. Once the realm of government is entered and those practices are forced as the norm rather than governance, I believe the term then becomes ‘despot’.

I may get tired of saying this…

The delusion is strong with this one.

Mr. Reich? I understand you are 72 almost 73. I also understand just from your time as Secr. of Labor you make over $200,000 a year.

So, why don’t you make both of us happy and ESharping RETIRE???

I’m sick and tired of your establishment Clintonista apparatchik career. What is it you like? Fishing? Sailing? Bingo? Collecting stamps? Why don’t you do it full time and stop trying to sheep dog progressives, you poser.

(If you don’t know, I despise this phony.)


JRB offers us a description of the left and right. In this vain left and right are at odds.
Much of the community here insists on the other hand that the parties are same-same.

I would more closely identify with the former. They are at odds enough to assert that they are not twins in the political market place.

You don’t sound very knowledgeable about Russia. Your generalisation that Putin and Russia manipulated Trump and the election sound like something from an article in a junior high newsletter. People in the real world understand this as an attempted criminal coup designed and manipulated by British IC, FBI, CIA and others to take Trump down before and then after his “surprise” election. All Americans wether you like Trump or not should be very concerned about this. But from your childish romantic ramblings it seems you’re not. This coup plot has been in plain sight for all to see for over two years now. Failure to look at this honestly is common on this site and across the Democrat party including the MSM. The dangerous thing is that the perpetrators, including your darling Hillary and her part in it, may very likely get away with all of it.

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Reich manages to not mention that everything he sites as morally despicable in Trump was known prior to the Mueller investigation. Not one damn revelation from Mueller after 22 months, yet Reich makes it sound like something new has been revealed.

Yeah, you’re right, he should hang up his spurs.

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