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Mueller Report Makes It Official: Trump a Morally Despicable Human Being

I can see and hear Ronald Reagan saying after Trump’s many lies in a debate, “there you again.”

This story of Reich’s is a non-story. He wrote this article solely so he could keep planting the Russia-Gate delusion with this, ““wink-wink” cooperation with Russia still looms”.

Mr. Reich is basically useless because he works for the U.S. Empire.


You’re not denny riley, are you?

no not me

Reich needs to clean his own house. Americans were flooded with TV ads before the '16 election detailing Trump’s character. This went on for months, 24/7. Everyone has heard how disgusting is Trump. Reich’s ad hominem attacks does not inform anyone. The Democrats do not have a message and cling to the fact that they are not Trump. They are losers who would prefer to lose to corporate Republican than let the base choose a progressive.

The Clinton-Trump people and parties are the same people at the undercoat. It’s all just misdirection from their Goldman Sachs - Israel backers. The revision of thousands of years of religion (‘American’) as the interpretation that it is a Judeo-Christian theology that can wield the great resources and might of America against any so called challenger to their beliefs, with the constant modus of propaganda and a bogie man.
Many Americans believe the color of his skin represents them, while his agenda comes from the slew at the ground of filthy, murderous ideologues and foreign corruption finances in the pursuit of fanatical religious hegemony and greed.
Russia may have learned how to play propaganda tactics around our election, but the real corruption of our country and Democracy is clearly the aforementioned group that has manipulated our government to their own ends beginning after WWII.