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Mueller Says Paul Manafort's Plea Deal Void Because Former Trump Campaign Manager 'Told Multiple Discernible Lies'


Been out of town. We are lining up the good ones (songs). I expect Don Caron to be putting out one a week pretty soon, and that would be great.


They have always worked toward getting the most stuff, whereas the more liberal of us tend to try to see that things work out. Like equality, family, community.


How about this one G?


Me thinks extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. LIKE Cat Stevens sang on “Miles From Nowhere.” You can make your own rules.


G, check out this Italian band…


Cool, he still does original.


Well engineered studio album.This is what I would call 1971 acid, or tripping music. Could have tone down the (fuzz bass) for my taste, at least on a few songs. Me the critic?Thanks for that turn on, they are great.


A true musical genius. And who can put on a performance like Freddie?


"What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening,”
— said the orange man who has the highest IQ in the world, according to himself.

“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” --George Orwell. 1984

Had to post that to him today on twitterville.


Perhaps I am reading the fat one’s actions wrongly, but to me, I see the fat one pardoning his crew, then blanket pardoning himself and family for anything they may have done or will do in the future, sort of like the Pope. Already, there seem to be legal eagles saying he may have that power.
*If the pressure starts to build, there is always a declaration of martial law.
Once that is in place, if you read some of the stack of executive orders on the subject, you’ll find that the Congress and Senate can go home, they are out of business for at least six months. Meanwhile, the executive and FEMA are in charge and set the rules. Guess where that will go?
*Here’s one signed by Obama. There are more in the queue, but this will set the tone, if you read it carefully.



Still doesn’t undo elections or presidential term limits.

So the most you could get is a dictator for a while, not for life.


How often do you see temporary emergency powers relinquished?
America’s constitution is still “temporarily” suspended under the cog/ndaa on account of 9/11.
In any event America’s real dictators are not elected, and they are always in power.

I’ve often wondered what use conservatives have in the natural world. Could their function be like predators in the wild, keeping populations in check?

No, I don’t think that’s their purpose, especially when it comes to human population control. Remember, these are the same folks who claim to be pro-life…at least until birth. They block all efforts to abortion, birth control, sex education other than abstinence, and follow the Bible’s advice to “go forth and multiply”. Of course once birth has occurred your point appears valid. They are of course pro-death penalty, pro-War, pro-fossil fuel, anti-food assistance, anti-financial assistance, anti-education/science, and pro-poverty. I dunno Nature, about the only use I see for conservatives is to prove to the rest of us that true evil as well as insanity really does exist.


I wish we the people could do like the CIA does and rendition current and or past elected officials. I have a list as long as Obama’s drone hit list that I would love to see wake up in the dock at The Hague. John Bolton of course would be the first. I can see him now explaining to the court as he stands before them how they have no authority over him.


Pony they kick ass! I guess I’m stuck in the sixties-early seventies for eternity. That’s cool as long as I’ve got an eternal ice chest full of cold beer and an eternal fatty to share with my eternal friends while we jam for eternity😁!!!


That’s because they need new cannon fodder once the old ones become “unproductive”.



Speechless. Awesome.


Burn one Dawg. Drink responsibly.


Your last sentence is the real deal and why elections and presidential term limits won’t be done away; it is unnecessary and would at the same time remove the fake veneer of “government of the people, by the people, for the people” that keeps the populace controlled.

This is why I so oppose Trump derangement. You see when people think Trump is the problem instead of just a symptom, then they are actually insuring that once the Empire can get a new “kinder, gentler,” “decent,” urbane cool face again leading things that the inverted totalitarian dictatorship of the Empire will go on its merry way sowing death and chaos around the world, transferring more and more wealth from the masses to the elite of the elite of the elite, marginalizing the oppressed, spying on us, and enforcing a police state where they shoot us in the streets.

Resist the real problem; Resist the Empire.