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Mueller v. Trump: The Ultimate Lawsuit


Mueller v. Trump: The Ultimate Lawsuit

Steven Harper

Eventually, Trump is likely to fire special counsel Robert Mueller. Trump’s repeated statements about the Russia “hoax” — along with his apparent attempts to influence the FBI’s investigation — warrant a close look at the process by which he could do so. Equally important are the limited ways to stop him.


Every Patriot indeed! Every American is steadily losing faith in the rule of government, the rule of law and most importantly, in the integrity of both! The worst of all possible outcomes created by Trump's abuse of his position can be seen on the faces of our fellow citizens and in their attitudes towards what has been going on in this administration! Even Trump supporters show their regret and end up make excuses and rationalizations for Trump! Even those who are glad that the Republicans are in control are beginning to recognize that democracy in America is actually being threatened by oligarchic corruption and a non representative pseudo democracy that is nothing like our normal form of government. It is as if people are starting to remember that they liked actual democracy and not this gerrymandered based 'alternative fact' version of democracy promoted by cynical Republicans and Trump that uses the names but not the substance of true democracy. We all see Republicans hiding themselves behind closed doors to write legislation in secret that they know the public will not want and yet the Republicans pretend that democracy is served by a legal technicality. It is technically legal for them to do it and so they reject the very core of democracy itself and fight against those they are supposed to represent. Those in our government are simply doing what they want while making little attempt to represent what the people of this country might actually want.

The biggest problem is in how people see their government. Far too many people no longer believe in our government - in our democracy! They do not believe that we still possess a real functioning democracy! They see corruption and disdain for the law by the powerful and a deeper cynicism than they have ever seen before in our politicians. If politicians do not strive to make democracy work then where is democracy in America? More importantly, what has taken its place?

After WWII, Americans believed in their democracy. They might disagree on something you might say but they would fight for your right to say it! Government in America wasn't perfect but it was the best of the many that were out there! And so and so forth. Plus we taught Civics in school and expected our fellow Americans to understand how democracy works!

After Vietnam, we were left under a shadow and somewhat confused as to who we were. It all looked the same but it wasn't anything like the way it was for our parents' generation. Then Reagan came along and the fracture that had opened within the American body politic was ripped wide open and from then on an attempt was made by politicians to exploit the divides that separated us. No longer did we all pool resources together like in WWII and surge forward afterwards. Now Americans became the targets for other more powerful Americans and the all consuming juggernaut of greed tore into America and who and what we were as a country became plunder.

After Bush/Cheney it was hard not to notice that those in government acted like they hated ordinary Americans. They openly and willingly let our factories close here and encouraged them to be built elsewhere taking the good paying American jobs with them. They outsourced us and offshore their profits which was no benefit at all to America. They borrowed trillions to fight a war on a credit card and funded the rise of the megamanufacturer China while giving them technology and expertise that were created and funded by American taxpayers. That technology was our treasure and with it we could have competed and revamped our aging infrastructure but instead... American greed betrayed America. Two trillion in tax cuts for the rich during a war? Debt crushing our economy? Billionaires grew and jobs grew scarce? 17 trillion to bail out the banks while literally millions of homeowners were foreclosed on? Forever war an open wound draining our strength and destroying respect for us internally and externally. We spend immense amounts on a shock and awe type of military and 17 years later we try to avoid facing that that kind of 'big war' style military... has not succeeded ...has not won...has no legitimate reason for a banner saying 'Mission Accomplished'.

You almost get the sense that for all the protestations of loyalty to our country and its democracy that the politicians in Washington all believe that America is in decline and moreover that they personally dislike ordinary Americans in general! They want to make money not make things better for the average person. It is as if they think democracy is standing in the war of their plans!

When I was young, Vietnam and the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK and others ripped away the uniform trust and beliefs held by the older WWII generation towards government and left a permanent distrust of government to the younger generation - the baby boomers - to us! Now we are the oldest generation (more or less) and still that distrust of those in power can be seen in our perspectives and attitudes.

Someday this younger generation will remember what the Republicans are doing to the idea of democracy. The young will carry with them a sense of betrayal even worse than my generation experienced. These Republicans are acting like a criminal gang that has taken control of Washington by illegitimate means and are rampaging and pillaging while they can. What they will leave behind will be tainted simply by the way it was acquired through gerrymandering. Trump and minions should be kicked out of office because they do not adhere to the principles of representative democracy!

Even if America regains its senses and impeaches Trump, a great deal of damage will have been done!

But it will have been done mostly to the younger generation's faith in America.

That is not wise because it will stay with them all their lives just like our mistrust of government has stayed with us. However the young of today will face a very much different world than we ever did. What will their world be like in thirty years?

Republicans are betraying America.


This country definitely became divided beginning in the 1960s. The counter culture divided the country. More than anything the Vietnam War divided the country. There have been many efforts to heal these divisions but they haven't really worked. Actually, going back much further the Civil War divided the country and those divisions still persist to some extent. I think Trump basically has thrown all attempts to reunite the country out the window and instead has focused on dividing it even more. The country is now even divided on what are facts and what are lies. There is no chance for bringing people together if they disagree on the basic facts. There is no agreement on what is reality. Ultimately, unless trust can be restored in government it will not be possible to make progress in uniting the country. Restoring trust seems key.


News flash, it wasn't the counter culture that divided the country.


This is such a good article I hope more people have a chance to read it, it is not easy making sense of this administration.


If Rosenstein drops out, Rachel Brand takes the stage.

Too bad it's not Russel Brand: