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Mueller's Testimony Exposes Trump for What He Really Is

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/25/muellers-testimony-exposes-trump-what-he-really

I heard somewhere that the Russia thing was a hoax. Guess not.

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Why would you think that?
If you read the article you would have noticed that the only thing Mueller claims he is guilty of is obstruction of justice, which of course he is. Not that Mueller has any credibility what so ever.
The “extensive” Russian interference he vaguely alludes to amounted to a handful of face book ads, several of which were not even shown until after the election.


Media Mauls Mueller

Through all of the noise about Mueller’s testimony, we here nothing about the questions that weren’t asked by either side.

  1. Why didn’t you interview Julian Assange?
  2. Why didn’t you interview Craig Murray?
    It’s understandable why the dems didn’t, but very interesting the gop didn’t. Further proof we have 1 party with 2 names.
    But those of you who support this, you’re system remains intact, just as I predicted when Mueller was appointed.

Too bad some of my fellow progressives/leftists seem unable to think with NUANCE: Hillary Clinton was an AWFUL candidate–& Russia did HELP Trump–their PREFERRED candidate. Hillary ran a “Coronation” campaign & Trump ran a RACIST one. Hillary was backed by Wall St. & Trump by Fox & the Russians. Hillary DID win 3 MILLION MORE votes–but, the LONG-outdated slave-holders advantage Electoral College gave the election to Trump (as they did to GW Bush). And NO I did NOT vote for Hillary Clinton–voted Green Party’s Jill Stein in MN–in part due to Hillary’s WAR-record as Sec of state. But, Trump is NOT making the world safer from war either–as he ratchets up FURTHER U.S. support n every level for Israel & Saudi Arabia. Robert Mueller & his 2 year investigation did NOT come close to fully exposing Trump: for that,we’d need Democrats with BACKBONE who are willing to get every damn subpoena served on his to expose his DECADES of FRAUD, CORRUPTION & (likely) MONEY-LAUNDERING.

All these energy … including the writing of these articles that has gone to prove that Trump is unfit and that somehow he stole the election. It has always been obvious as sunlight that TheDonald is TheDonald - as corrupt and unfit as it can get to the ones with a few brain cells.

But imagine for one second if all this energy that went to prove the obvious, went instead into addressing the wider reasons why he was elected…and why he has a 40-45% approval rate.

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For the other political junkies on this thread, I recommend that you read “The Political Brain” by Dew Westin. He posits that 85 per cent of voters make their choices for emotional reasons, the basis of which was laid down when they were young people, just becoming politically aware. That means that we received not only DNA from our parents, but also some political baggage. If a politician’s position on an issue conflicts with the emotions, the emotions win every time. He identified abortions, hand guns and same sex marriages as the prevailing emotional issues. He was remiss in not including race. When George Herbert Walker Bush was debating with Michael Dukakis, Bush invoked Willie Horton, an Af Am who had committed a heinous crime. That was dog whistling for race. Also, Ronald Reagan invoked “Cadillac Welfare Queens”, who drove their Cads to pick up their food stamps. That was race. Westin also says that Repuglicans are experts at using emotions; Dems don’t get it.

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If you follow Greg Palast’s reporting at all, HRC likely won by 5-6 million votes, nationally. Just extrapolatin’ from the raw #s based on voter intent.
However, using the same methodology in regards to the Dimocratic Primary, Sen. Sanders more than likely carried 4-5 states he was denied by DNC shenanigans and, most certainly, overt machinations. Also, without a doubt, Sen. Sanders won the California primary. See Palast interview on this on Pacifica Radio, June 2016.
Highway robberies usually take place at the point of a gun, not at the point of a nuance.
" Turnabout being fairplay " ( especially in electioneering ) the brittle and unconscious HRC & Co. got exactly what they had coming to them.
Russians, or no Russians. Nuance/Pooance!
I, too, voted for Stein. But, being on the West Coast, my vote didn’t count.
I support Sen. Sanders and fully expect to hear, once again, " Let the games begin. "

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He did not claim Trump is guilty of obstruction.

His report recount that Trump wanted it stopped. But the investigation was not stopped. Trump’s adm cooperated.


Another dead ender. Every element of the conspiracy was debunked. Mueller indicted no one for. acting with or at the behest of Russia. Nadler is a running joke. Open up more hearings and be further embarrassed. Interesting, no one asked Mueller if any one in the Trump camp actually met with officials of the Russian government.