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Mugger Mick Mulvaney—Trump’s Sadist-in-Chief


Mugger Mick Mulvaney—Trump’s Sadist-in-Chief

Ralph Nader

Mr. Mulvaney’s title seems uninterestingly bureaucratic—director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). But as Trump’s chief hatchet man extraordinaire, Mugger Mick Mulvaney is easily one of the cruelest, most vicious presidential henchman in modern American history. From his powerful perch next door to the White House, he is carving a bloody trail against tens of millions of Americans who are poor, disabled, frail, and elderly. He has gone after defenseless children and injured or sick patients with little or no access to health care.


NO Ralph, Trump is not restraining Mugger from going after Social Security and Medicare.

Mugger, Paul Ryan and the other GOP hit men will wait until after the November elections before they pounce on Social Security and Medicare. They know that lots of older Murkions vote in midterm elections. They may even wait until January when Paul Ryan has moved on to his lucrative K Street gig.


You are correct. The Right is finally realizing every wet dream they have ever had - the evisceration of environmental and workplace protections and regulations are proceeding at a furious pace; our water and air and ground is becoming toxic, just as they have planned. The destruction and even criminalizing of unions is proceeding right on track. They have their multi-trillion $$ tax cuts for the rich and corporations rammed through, and are now looking at even more of them. This, in turn, is driving the deficit into the stratosphere, as planned, so they can (as you said, after the November electons) then wipe out SS and Medicare, something they have wanted to do for almost a century. Medicaid is being slashed, CHIP is being slashed, as well as countless other areas of the safety net. The military budget - already insanely bloated - is being increased at a staggering rate every year. And with the upcoming ultra-right-wing appointment to the Supreme Court that Trump will be getting later this year, the Right can finally achieve its other supreme goal - the overturning of Roe vs. Wade.

Stick a fork in the U.S. - it’s done. Just a waiting game now.


WOW!! Ralph, I take back everything I said about you in 2 thousand 2, and ask again like I did on mike in the 90’s, Will you take on GM again? Restrain car-dependency/monopoly? Oil Wars? Luxury Air Travel? RVs? Suburban cultural exile? Neon plastic poisonous CO2?


Note he heralds from the South: There is the distinct possibility that the South, having “lost” the Civil War, is on the mission to actually ravage, destroy the entire Union and are being aided by their white bigot compatriots in both the North and South along with a spineless opposition (both parties) and it also does not help to have a representational government, the Electoral College and the Gerrymandering of districts to keep minority party actually in power.


Yes November is coming fast, and the Dem party still has no plan or agenda other than keep it’s corp. donors happy.
Ralph always speaks the truth.


“Mulvaney wants to use the deficit to persuade Trump eventually to butcher these two pillars [Social Security and Medicare] of our society’s foresight and compassion for seniors.”

Mugger Mick is indeed a mass murderer, but Social Security has had nothing whatsoever to do with “compassion” since the system began: It is OUR MONEY, and WE ARE ENTITLED TO IT.

Social Security is the ONLY program in the federal budget that is and always has been one hundred percent supported by a dedicated tax, the surplus from which (resulting from the recommendations of the Greenspan Commission (sic) of 1983), can only be invested in a special non-marketable class of US Treasury bonds. US Treasuries are considered to be the benchmark zero-risk security by global financial markets because the US government is one of a very few that has never (yet) defaulted on a debt.

If Ryan and The Turtle and their lackeys try to steal it from us, it is our moral and constitutional right and duty to assure that they fail to do so.


Those who threaten our lives by stealing what belongs to us, our assets, do so knowing we have the right to retaliate with prejudice.


Thank you, Ralph Nader, for telling the truth and working to help America for six decades.
Mulvaney is just one of many evil people working hard to destroy what little there is of helpful government.
As others have said here, the Trump era is worse than the robber baron era.
Trump and his criminal gang are destroying air, land, water, unions, women’s reproductive rights, relations between countries, the rule of law, journalistic freedom, and so much more.
Unless general strikes and other mass actions move Trump and the GOP out of government, and especially if Trump places another Gorsuch on SCOTUS, it will be time to leave America, just like anyone had the good fortune to leave Germany as Hitler rose to power.


I’m not convinced that they do, but even if that is the case it’s time we gave them a well-organized reminder. They only call it class warfare when we fight back, and right now no one is calling for us to pipe down except for patsies like Schumer and Company.


I wouldn’t disagree with any of that, but a case can also be made for staying and fighting if we can come up with some new strategies.


I agree we need to fight first, but especially if the government starts actually killing or seriously injuring non-violent protesters, or disappearing or assassinating activists (which has been done in America before), then I’d have to fall back on self-preservation and get off the Titanic before it sinks completely.
Believe me, it’s sad to even contemplate it. But after a certain point, if a cause is a lost cause, how much pain can you handle?
And because the Trump cult are many of my fellow Americans, I see there’d need to be another Civil War, to eradicate them, but the Trump culters are the ones who are armed and trained to kill (many of them are hunters who were raised to enjoy killing), so I doubt progressives could win an actual war against the evil ones.
We really are in a bad situation.


Although Cult 45 includes hunters, it includes way more heavily armed Murkins who have never even contemplated hunting and who are more likely to shoot a human than any game animal.


I don’t have any more knowledge than anyone on CD. I do know that Bannon made the following statement at CPAC in Feb. 2017:
“The third, broadly, line of work is deconstruction of the administrative state. … If you look at these cabinet appointees, they were selected for a reason and that is the deconstruction. The way the progressive left runs, is if they can’t get it passed, they’re just going to put in some sort of regulation in an agency. That’s all going to be deconstructed and I think that that’s why this regulatory thing is so important.”
This admission, with its predictable media complicity, did not get much attention. So the collective we continues to chase its tail, writing about henchmen like Mulvaney and Pruitt, and wringing our hands while were told, over a year ago, that this would happen.


How do you see that right manifest?


More than you will ever do.


That is certainly your right, and also a reasonable response to a rapidly deteriorating situation. Just make sure to make your move before the vandals shut down emigration as well! :slight_smile:

There will be a wide spectrum of responses. I’m 72 years old, set in my ways and in as good a situation as anyone (house owned free and clear, big garden space), in a locale about as progressive as they get (Durham, NC), There are a number of coops in the area (besides the many credit unions) with more forming, and a chapter of the Transition Towns movement (Transition US) that I can reconnect with.

I also have a friend who is a second-level expert on the history of the cooperative movement and helping to get one off the ground in a food desert in Raleigh next door, a practicing Buddhist with considerable experience training people for non-violence in protest actions, who lives in an intentional community in a rural area, but who is well armed and will not be taken alive if it comes to that.

I also have a friend who is a Teapotter and something of a “prepper.”

The old Chinese curse of being born in “interesting” times.


Indeed. Pestilent Trump is but the tippy top of an iceberg so huge he is unable even to comprehend its extent. They only call it class warfare when we fight back, and so far neither is happening. If humankind makes it through this bottleneck without becoming part of the Sixth Extinction (now in progress), it will not likely be through either force of arms or peaceful demonstrations. But in the complex system new strategies may emerge.


So, the erecting of the guillotines hasn’t commenced yet? WTF!!


If you knew me, you might think of me as a peer of Ralph, working in the same field on related issues with my own respectable record of accomplishment. I hope to set higher standards in ways you might understand, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for signs of intelligence from you.