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Multi-State Suit Targets Trump's "Reckless Assault" on Healthcare as Anger Flows


Multi-State Suit Targets Trump's "Reckless Assault" on Healthcare as Anger Flows

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"This is sabotage, plain and simple," said California AG Becerra of the White House's decision to stop funding Obamacare's cost-sharing subsidies.


Bernie: " We have a president that who is trying to destroy the American healthcare system."

Not only the American healthcare system but Trump is trying to destroy America…period!


oh how sadly true…i wish it weren’t so…i fight back as best i can with postings here and there and emails to congress but i feel it’s for naught…gotta keep fighting back this is OUR country…


Let’s remind ourselves that, though Trump is a nutjob, he hasn’t “assaulted” healthcare. He has assaulted Obama’s corporate gift to the insurance industry. Insurance, and the ACA overall, has little or nothing to do with healthcare. It’s about funneling money into corporate coffers. Healthcare is about taking care of people’s health. Paying for it is about making money for people.


Instead of emails, try phone calls, but what they do not tell you is if you do not give name/address then they simply discard your comments.


If Congresscritters gave a rip about what the 99% want, Congress’ approval ratings would not be hovering just above single digits for the past several years. Perverse how the media makes Trump’s 30 to 40% approval ratings look bad when they are three times better than Congress’ approval ratings.

We don’t have a Trump problem, we have a systemic problem enabled by Trump’s five predecessors and Congress. Trump is just a symptom of a sick system and you can safely bet your last nickle that whoever succeeds Trump (via Trump being impeached or serving out his term) will be handling ever greater rewards to the 1% at ever greater cost to CD readers and the rest of the 99%.


I’m calling Bullshit here. Tell that to the millions of people that will lose access to health care. Politics eliminated the 10.4 million people that are eligible for health care assistance but prevented from getting it and that would have lowered cost while other provisions cannot be met. Can you explain how these subsidies for working poor and those for medicaid work. Please include the amount of funding.


I’m disabled and dirt poor, my wifi is free and they know full well who I am. They know where I live and have my phone number too.



Cannot understand why all the state’s are not on board with this suit.


Do you live in the US? Are you in fact an earthling?


Trump is a nut job…But!



You live just to make fun of others, right?

Is that rewarding to you?


Is it me, are we seeing a new resurgence of the “leftists for Trump” here?

Next… Las Vegas was an inside job - Hillary did it. (I’m not making this up!)


The picture says it all: The Dotart is isolated from reality by a cocoon of sycophants, who probably know better than passing on any of the opinions cruising the web and media of all stripes lest the messenger gets the punishment


A major fake president surrounded by ass wipes.


Since you "are not making this up, tell us, where it comes from.


Las Vegas conspiracy theories are a rampant epidemic right now on the fascist right and the allied red-brown left and, of course, the ever-popular “sane progressive” kook-ess who is so popular on the “never Hillary-Trump is not so bad”-left… Go here… the rest of the way down the tin-foil-hat rabbit-hole will be obvious from there…


Fighting back is not for naught if millions join in!


As much as I despise Obamacare’s origin and many flaws, what counts at this point is that Trump’s move will force many families to dump what little insurance they have to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. That’s now the reality while they wait for relief as Congress muddles through another healthcare debacle. Trump’s move is callous, vicious attack on the poor aimed at satisfying his fascist social conservative base, pure and simple.