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Multimillion-Dollar Ad Campaigns Aim to Influence Congressional Votes


Multimillion-Dollar Ad Campaigns Aim to Influence Congressional Votes

Medea Benjamin

A nuclear deal with Iran could be a game changer for US foreign policy and for the Middle East.


It’s past time to put the wealth back into our home, from whence it came. Saber rattling just benefits the MIC and its owners. A softer, more sustainable path is the only way, unless armageddon is a fait de com plait. The politicians need bogeymen to stay in power; the planet needs peace to thrive.


The list is a “Who’s Who” of Washington sociopaths. I can’t believe that anyone takes any of these intellectually vacuous corporate stooges seriously, but that is the nature of corporatism.


Many of our elected officials have little regard for the will of their constituents. They take their marching orders from the BIG money special interest groups only. That is the sad reality we are confronted with.


fait de com plait.!!! Do you mean “fait accompli” (accomplished fact/act).


The mercenary class and it’s apparatus needs to be shrunk until it can be put into a bathtub and drowned


I can’t believe the American people don’t see where the money is coming from, “connect the dots” and vote down these candidates with big “war chests”. The question then will be are the votes counted correctly, or even allowed. The one election where money, that is ads, influenced me was in Wisconsin’s recall vote of Walker. The ads made the argument that once elected, politician should be allowed to complete their term. Remedy: don’t elect them. Vote. Stick.
And as for continuous war in the Middle East, no ads can persuade anyone anymore. Fear mongering be damned.


Thank you Medea Benjamin for this excellent oversight. It is a good overview, helpful to understand what is going on behind the scene; at least for those of us who do not live in the USA.

May the cruel power of these dark forces and their heaps of dirty money all come to nothing; and may the brilliant sunlight of peace shine over the Middle East and all its inhabitants; let all the small flowers bloom and blossom :sunflower: :sun_with_face: :sunflower: