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Multiple Fatalities in Shooting at Capital Gazette Newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland


Multiple Fatalities in Shooting at Capital Gazette Newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland

Julia Conley, staff writer

Journalists at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland reported on a shooting that took place in their office, immediately after the attack occurred on Thursday.

Phil Davis, a crime reporter at the Baltimore Sun-owned newspaper, tweeted about the shooting while waiting to be interviewed by the police.


195th mass shooting this year?! Wow. That’s more than one a day. Way to go USA. No doubt about it, the USA is such an exceptional nation. And the way things are heading, this will be the good ole days.


I just read that Milo had called for the gunning down of journalists. Any connection? Time will tell. But Trump is always making his feeling heard about the press. What a sick fucking country we are becoming.


It depends how loosely you define mass shooting. In this case it’s minimum of 4 victims, regardless of injury. Looks like mostly gang bangers.


“We can’t allow this”? Sorry, but you already have allowed it and have continued to elect legislators, who not only allow it but support it! Unless you can create a grass roots action to prohibit rapid fire guns in the hands of everyone, no matter how unstable, then you will continue to live in a dysfunctional, dystopian wasteland!


The USA is steeped in the culture of violence. We are perpetually at war somewhere usually on multiple fronts. There is gang violence in the streets of some(most?) major cities. There are well over 300 million guns in the hands of citizens. Who knows how many weapons are in the hands of various law enforcement agencies? A bunch I presume. Then we celebrate military destruction in obscene displays of parades and air power flyovers at many sporting events. There’s a perverse display of violent acts 24/7 on news channels. Children aren’t taught gun saftey in schools. There are more bodies dropped on TV shows and movies in American shows and video games than elsewhere. Capitalism and the competition encouraged makes for more violent outcomes. There is an appalling lack of mental health available for most people. Is it any wonder that people erupt in violence? There is little if any, education in school on non violent conflict resolution. Many think that a gun is the solution to a problem. So ask what is the USA doing wrong? How can we get away from this pervasive culture of violence? Ridding the guns might help but it won’t stop this culture from thriving. Besides taking guns away from law abiding gun owners won’t be easy at all.


I get incensed at the thought of the NRA calling itself the “oldest civil rights group in America”. While they HAVE been around slightly longer than the NAD (National Association for the Deaf) and the NAACP, both of whom actually started as civil rights organizations, the NRA got their start when the Civil War exposed the abysmal lack of firearm knowledge and poor shooting skills on both sides. So they undertook the task to “‘promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis". The fact is, for most of its existence the NRA has worked in the name of gun control. They were instrumental in legislation aimed in reigning the mob in the 30’s and helping Reagan disarm the Black Panthers in the 60’s.

And all that blather about our founders and the second amendment? A 1792 federal law mandated every eligible man to purchase a military-style gun and ammunition for his service in the citizen militia. Such men had to report for frequent musters—where their guns would be inspected and, yes, registered on public rolls.

Time to call out the modern NRA for who they are: shills for the arms industry spreading death and destruction around the world in the name of profit. Just one more oligarch manufactured “right” and “cause” to get enough of the electorate to do its bidding to line their coffers at the citizens’ cost.


Guns don’t kill people blah blah blah, but it sure as hell makes it fast and easy!


Oh yes, you mean the gangs created by the US government via the War on Drugs which is fueled by the lust for power, the love of perpetual wars on words,wars upon people and countries of all sorts, a war mentality of existence ( War on Terror derived from War on Drugs) and racism.

Those gangs?


Yep, exactly those gangs. The ones the government created.


Lets bury this story on the back pages------Trump has encouraged violence against the media—why when it comes to real issues why do the media refuse to report in real detail. Trump calls for violence against those who oppose him—Trump calls for violence against the media----and yet the right is going ballistic over comments by Rep Waters calling for non-violent protest. WHEN WILL ANY MEDIA TRULY HOLD TRUMP ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALL THE BS HE STATES.


The media is all about the travel ban----but there is one problem----the only terrorism happening in this country has been by right wing gun nuts.