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Multiple Fatalities, Two Suspects Detained in Shooting at Texas High School


Multiple Fatalities, Two Suspects Detained in Shooting at Texas High School

Julia Conley, staff writer

This report may be updated.

At least nine people were killed in a shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas on Friday morning, 35 miles southeast of Houston. At least three people were being treated for injuries. Law enforcement officials said the number of casualties could rise.

Two suspects have been taken into custody in connection with the shooting.


I am… just… in shock! Again! What will it take?


Another victory for the neo-liberal U.S. politicians. Their agenda: to let our kids die either in these kinds of incidents or in the overseas wars they seem to love.


I am not in shock. This was expected and predicted. If the country keeps doing the same thing (not regulating gun ownership) it will keep getting the same result (more school and other mass shootings).


I think the US Fourth Reich has become a sickness similar to the disease that struck the Third Reich. Both governments had “leaders” who were able to reach into the hearts of humans and bring out the hatreds and frustrations that are buried deep in most people. They have and had the ability to drag these things into the light, the praise and reinforce them. These things were injected into the government, and into the common man. Cruelty, arrogance and viciousness become the model, and those who don’t subscribe to them become victims, some of violence, some of bigotry and hate.
*Children are killed (Apparently this is the 100th mass killing in this year and we’re not halfway through the year), made homeless, caged away from their parents who are also caged like animals.
*Twitler and his Nazi crew take great joy and pride into destroying everything built in the past three centuries except for wealth and absolute power. They export this cruelty around the world and say they are making America the Fourth Reich great again.
*And We the People are left to mourn the tragedy of another school massacre, more beatings and incarceration for speaking out. More of our national treasures eliminated for the profit of the very, very rich while children go hungry and live in fear.
It is time for We the People to wake up, read our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and work together to end this madness.


I was expecting this. This is the tragic, but inevitable result of decades of militarism and glorification of violence; of too many voices preaching hate and intolerance; of a culture of
fear, greed, and selfishness; of a society drunk on materialism, racism, and war; a society of
alienation and atomization; of mythologies extolling individualism, while teaching a disdain for
community and collectivism.

This is America 2018, a society in rapid decline and disintegration.


I’m anti-gun; however, I think these shootings may be being set up to prepare us for a police state after they take away people’s guns. There are ways to make unstable people ‘lose it’ and get them to act like this…I just don’t trust anything I see anymore in this country because it’s being run by pure evil.


…And too many guns floating around making these kinds of slaughters extremely easy to pull off. Many nations have the characteristics that you describe so well, but only one has 100 mass shootings so far this year, and 300 million or so (nobody knows) guns -including semi-automatic and automatic handguns and military style rifles and “street-sweeper” shotguns.


The police state has been here for some time - especially if you’re non-white, poor, an immigrant or a political dissident. I mean J. Edgar Hoover hung around for decades and oversaw police state horrors with impunity. During all that time, it was easy for civilians to get guns in the U.S. – though not nearly as easily as now. Yet there have been few armed uprisings against the U.S. police state and ZERO successful ones. Your last line is absolutely spot on. Evil Pure and Simple


Yes, to Trump is the evidence that millions missed somehow during the Reagan years. Both of them sold a return to some fuzzy past, while the raped the treasury and killed millions
We will never return to anything like we were this time. Those who have the ability and desire to leave are well advised to do so. Our fantasy set that we are God’s chosen country will pretty much collapse under it’s own weight. We are a big militarized gilded slum.


Pay close attention to what happens. They’ll call out guns then make no gun laws but instead take NON gun rights away.

In the parkland shooting the one gunlaw that was affected was Trump undid the law so the mentally ill can HAVE guns now.

The shooting resulted in a mental health law where half of Americans can be locked up and disappeared. It covers anyone who’s ever taken an anti-depressant.


The rifle allegedly used to assassinate JFK was allegedly ordered and shipped by mail. That’s no longer possible, so “not as easily as now” needs qualification.

I’d argue that it’s harder now than then for a law-abiding citizen—in certain states, of course, not all—to purchase firearms. Criminals, by definition not law-abiding, will always be able to get whatever they want, wherever they may be.


‪Children being shot in #Texas, #Palestine (#Gaza), #Yemen… Santa Fe High School‬ just another day in the #USA or in nations with USA backed killings


Why? I have asked some very wise people this question and many tell me that until we eliminate the war mongering, violence and torture of our current US Fascism in America and America becomes a true peace loving nation, nothing will change and it will probably just get worse in the future. And while I would hope they are wrong I would not bet against it!



These shootings are giving MORE protections to GUNS and the NRA is thrilled.

It’s NON-GUN rights that get taken away as they blame “crazy people.”


Yes. When the only national solution to a perceived problem is sending in the military, and when that military is glorified throughout the culture, it should surprise no one that military tactics, military weapons and camo outfits are latched on to by those who want a little of that glorification for themselves.


Correction they passed a gun law in Florida:

"The bill, which passed this week with bipartisan support, raises the minimum age for purchasing firearms from 18 to 21 and imposes a three-day waiting period for most purchases of long guns.

The measure also allows certain trained school employees to carry concealed handguns on school campuses and creates new mental health programs for schools. "

They can easily get the age 21 law repealed since 18 is an adult - and they’re working on the repeal.

What will stand is the NRA friendly concealed carry law and the new mental health program.


Another fake “taking our guns away” bullshit argument.

Go eat your gun.


I challenged Common Dreams readers once before, with little feedback, I must admit. So I know this comment will be a wasted effort on my part. But, what the hell, I’m retired. Here it goes, again:

In the 1960s and early 1970s women burned their bras and young men burned their draft cards. Both actions met with positive results. WHEN are the more than 4,500,000 NRA members going to organise nationwide public membership cards burning events? You have the power to deprive the NRA of $30,000,000 or more year after year when you give up your membership. What are you waiting for?

Two weekends of high profile membership card burnings can be an effective start to cutting the legs from under the NRA, especially when well-known people participate. I’m thinking of people like Michael Moore, the very public rebel who professes to be against gun violence and still maintains membership in the criminal NRA. I’m sure there are thousands of others like him.

I’m not a gun owner and I do not hunt. However, I do understand the attraction of both. A new nationwide gun safety club to replace the awful NRA might be a good idea.

NOTE: How many of you know that the NRA is hard at work on behalf of convicted felons to obtain “relief” from the “disability” of not being able to buy and possess guns? The NRA allocates multiple millions yearly to this “worthwhile” project. So in the US a felon is not allowed to vote, but owning a gun after having obtained “relief” with the help of the NRA is ok. Dear, oh dear, that makes perfect sense, but only in the US of A!


It won’t be long, Paul Ryan will be having another news conference where he will call for a moment of silence and offer his prayers to the families. Then say he has a meeting in a few minuets with the NRA where he will accept another donation.