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Multiple Pedestrians Killed After Truck Plows Down New York City Bike Path


Multiple Pedestrians Killed After Truck Plows Down New York City Bike Path

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The incident is being investigated as a possible terrorist attack


How about just a plain, old attack?


Ban trucks or stop the war profiteering?

Direct Democracy


And all that fear-mongering rhetoric about WMD’s… Next up, re-instatement of the red, orange danger" notifications ala Rummy. Sowing discord, ramping up the fear rhetoric, dismantling social safety nets exacerbating ever-increasing levels of poverty, etc. undermines our democracy, destabilizes an already precarious society, and pushes people to do extraordinary things that they would otherwise never even think of doing…they have nothing to lose.


What about the people who die everyday from opiates, accidents, cancer, etc.? Why are rare deaths from terrorism given so much attention?


I advocate both.


So the government can use the situation to eradicate even more of our civil liberties by promoting their “solutions” to “our” fear.


Although I have absolutely no proof whatsoever, would it surprise anyone if this was found to be another false flag? Seems to be a lot these disasters lately, conveniently spread out around the most densely populated areas of the country. Houston, South Florida, northern California, Las Vegas, New York. How long before we just give up and let the government “protect” us, because we’re too paralyzed by fear to move?


Because deaths from terrorism make the MIC a lot of money.


Exactly. One thing I have learned recently is that elements inside the U.S. government are willing to have Americans die to achieve goals that you stated. I am thinking more fear equals more removal of liberties, and more raping, and pillaging of the U.S. Treasury, more incarceration equals more money for Wall Street, and so on…


My educated guess would be: To keep the fear in the general population alive. Fear has since time immemorial been a formidable tool to oppress people…


The Mueller investigation is ongoing. I expected a “bigger event” to happen…


The government is “protecting” us. Full force./ Courtesy of the Patriot Act and the NDAA, both designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution…


Tragically, another of our chickens coming home to roost.


Soon enough and sure enough it will. Wait and see.


Diverts people’s attention from the thousands dying from the opioid epidemic, while living the “American Dream”.


For the same reason the extremely rare deaths from someone using scary black “assault rifles” are hammered at every opportunity: It’s to push a political agenda that has nothing to do with health and safety.


Too true, unfortunately.


You guys in damage control mode already?


Notice the operative phrase “no proof whatsoever”