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Multiple People Dead and Wounded in Munich Shooting Spree


Multiple People Dead and Wounded in Munich Shooting Spree

Nika Knight, staff writer

At least three people were shot and killed, with multiple others wounded, in a mass shooting at a shopping mall in Munich, Germany, late Friday afternoon. Police are reportedly in pursuit of perpetrators, and the situation is ongoing.


Cui bono?


Just to point out: Cui bono is a question, not an answer. People in these threads often treat "cui bono" as if it provides an answer, but it is a question.

It's an important question. Answering cui bono gives important information for consideration. But on its own it does not answer "Who dunnit?"

To give an obvious example: The fact that i benefit by receiving an insurance settlement, does not mean that i committed arson or murder. My house may have burned down for other reasons, my spouse may have died for other reasons. (i have neither house nor spouse...)

In cases of acts of terror: The fact that state actors take advantage of every act of terror, does not mean that state actors commit (or LIHOP) every act of terror.


I asked the question because I don't know the answer.


We don't understand.

Biological constitutions of consciousness constructs that have given us the ability to manipulate the weather while denying our impact on the planet.

Some of us graduated beyond the survival of the fittest. The majority of us cannot come to communal agreement of informed and mutually beneficial actions. The servitude to a few divisive ideologies that celebrate the destruction of life continues.

Arendt's "The Human Condition" is 58 years old, but Edward Bernays and Friedrich Hayek grip the imagination of the dominant few. Instead of being confined to the pockets of few hundred people, it is accepted by a majority, because it is sold to them the powerful. The masses are aware of an alternative possibility .

Mutual Objectification based on such material distinctions have gone far enough. A warehouse of helpless and/or thoughtless hatred will shorten the lives of many more beings in human form before a cultural wisdom sets in. I sure hope I am around to see that happen.


The center doesn't hold...

The psychological effects of our modern life are causing people to snap. Whether school shootings, terrorist attacks on innocent crowds or lone nut mass murderers, they all reflect a disintegration of the center (in psychological terms) which manifests itself in the outliers and fringe elements flipping out.

A new phenomenon has become enshrined in modern life. Suicide mass murder. People expecting to be killed but wanting to take others with them.

Sadly this event may foreshadow a new element. The hit and run mass murderer who avoids the suicidal ending as long as possible and continues their rampage in multiple incidents over a long period of time.

Do things like denial of climate change, suppression, austerity programs for workers along with tax cuts for the rich, draconian surveillance states and keeping the thumb down on the little guys yet easing the control by oligarchy etc bear an evil fruit in the frustration of unstable personalities?

Do we make mega billionaires and random mass murderers at the same time? Letting the powerful get 'away with murder' (so to speak rhetorically) may end up pushing some unstable maniac over the edge!

We may create the climate that spawns these maniacs. That is the 'social' element (numbers of victims) in these murders. The outside world as represented by crowds of people.


So close to my post, Wereflea- the words you used are slightly different.


Why are you saying it was killing migrants? Why are you insulting Americans too? Plus you make it racist without cause? You are spreading falsehoods that fit what you want to believe. You should be ashamed to reveal yourself so nakedly.


Very different words. I am not sure what you are talking about either. My post is not about class distinctions.


Surely, that as well.


Your language is too ornate and non specific. Flowery but not descriptive. I can guess at what you mean but why should I need to? Sorry but I think you need to say what you mean clearly enough for people to understand it easily.

I can only guess literally guess at what you mean here.

Say what? Do you have a point?

I am guessing that you think the term 'Mutual Objectification' conveys some specific meaning? However it is a subjective not a quantitative term and so fails to express what you meant to convey.

Is this line where you think we shared a commonality of thought? Sigh. I see a rare individual out on the psychological fringe who becomes increasing susceptible to pent up frustrations because the world outside is beyond their comprehension. A rare individual not a warehouse full based on class distinctions.

Your last line as written is offensive and questionable morally but I don't think you intended it to come across that way. I assume you meant to say that you wanted to see a time of cultural wisdom set in but you wrote stating you wanted to be around as the cause and effect process of hatred created it.


Enemy of War is engaging in manipulation for reasons of his own. That is a pitfall when people rely on the veracity of other commenters for details and news. No mention of migrants but some discuss it as if there had been. These shootings may be related sociologically and share similar psychological traits but they are not related to the mass shootings elsewhere except perhaps as copycat manifestations. Lets all hope that this is not a more organized and therefore more cold blooded type of thing.


You wrote that. Your words. Also that stuff about

If that isn't manipulation then what is?

Your continuing drama in action and your denial as usual. No matter.


You however did not write that the link says. You wrote the words. Stop weaseling.


Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy...sigh. lol


And your point is? Are you saying we should believe the US corporate media? LMAO.


Thanks Wereflea


My apologies but the heat is getting to me and I keep listening to what Trump says and it makes me grouchy. I think you should rely on saying your thoughts clearly rather than put such concentrated effort on choosing descriptive language. After rereading what you wrote I began to see what you meant and I see your point about our writing similar thoughts but I had to make assumptions which you should have clarified instead.

Mutual objectification is a term that needs clarification although as an ex hippie I think I know what you meant. However the "Biological constitutions of consciousness constructs..." sentence is what originally blocked my understanding and made me grouchy. My apologies as I am not your editor. Even now I keep asking what the hell does that mean?

The essence of teaching is not to show that the teacher understands what is being taught but in the understanding of those being taught. You may know what you mean but it is the reader who needs to know.

Besides I am old and grouchier than I thought. Mea culpa.


No apology required sir.
My phenomenological reduction and propensity for concentrated language can be dense.

I am happy if it generates any thought or discussion, It almost did not.


There an obsession in modern society with being noticed. The names of mass killers are always reported on in the press and remain part of a history while peoples that live normal peaceable lives tend to be remembered only by immediate families. The names of these past mass killers are also linked to a kill count as if a score being kept in some game.

The very fact this teen consumed articles and accounts of mass killers suggests to me a fascination with the fact the society remembers them even if in infamy.