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Mulvaney’s In, Bankers Win, and Trump Shafts Americans Again


Mulvaney’s In, Bankers Win, and Trump Shafts Americans Again

Richard Eskow

The political extremist who once said he would like to get rid of the CFPB is now its Acting Director.

Donald Trump was hostile to the CFPB from the start, and he said this as he shoehorned Mulvaney into the director’s chair (in a tweet, naturally)


A Litany of Lies.

Working within the system to expel these liars is time prohibitive.

I’m for a full frontal assault, just as they are doing to us.


The “concerns” for expanding the deficit and protecting jobs are just lip service to justify policies that favor the billionaire class and hurt the working class.

This is known as the class struggle (now a class war). Knowledge of the class struggle is known as class consciousness, and it lets you see through the lies and misrepresentations to understand what these billionaire-class shills are doing and why.

Unfortunately our 1%-controlled media outlets and 1%-controlled educational system both stamp out any mention of the class struggle happening right in front of us. Most citizens are totally ignorant of the class struggle, and believe the transparent lies of these politicians.

People need to wake up to the fact that we’re under attack by the 1%.


Another fox to guard the henhouse – only in the case of Tweetle-Dumb’s administration it’s a whole pack of wolves ravaging The Commons.

But as you just pointed out, it’s not easy to wake up when you’re being sung to sleep by the media and bored to death by our (mostly) terrible public schools.  In addition to Mulvaney, Ajit Pai and Betsy DeVos were appointed to keep it that way, and Jeff Sessions and his cronies in “Justice” are there to ensure than any unrest is quickly stamped out.


Too many typos in an otherwise informative article, just saying…
Twitler is hell bent on ratfcking any and all efforts made by those who call him out, with the predictable loony tea-pee republiCons riding along in the wake of hate.


Mickey is straight out of the central casting mold of twerp villain (not to mention Don’s fraternal twin mentality).


Fester: Thanks for reminding us that the Cabinet cretins were selected “for their ability to deconstruct the administrative state” (per Bannon at CPAC in Feb.).
Disappointing that so many are reacting to stories about these seditionists, when it was clearly announced that this is Don’s intent.


Richard, please proofread your work before submitting it.

Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, and the Logan Act

What do you mean by a full frontal assault? Define and flesh out that idea for us, please.


I know it’s just an expression, but words have meaning and power. Any pack of wolves I’ve ever heard or read about has more integrity, civility, and concern about the pack’s safety than any one of the protoplasm blobs in the WH, Cabinet, or other government offices.

Please don’t malign wolves like this…


They are noble creatures. Being attacked by the protoplasm blob in chief.


Thousands, Tens of Thousands, Hell, Hundreds of Thousands or Millions of men, women, and children marching up the steps of the Capitol Building, and every statehouse, courthouse, all across America with one common message:


As complicit as the media has been in this coup, this assembly of citizens will not go unreported.


Thanks for the post and helping educate our CD group. I belong to several animal conservation orgs—that issue is my passion… these people who would murder our wild animals and worse, exterminate them drive me into a flaming rage.


PB, I hear ya… dunno what it’ll take to mobilize folks to do that…


AMEN!   And that goes for many of us who post here as well.

You are both quite right – even jackals and hyenas are more noble than Tweetle-Dumb and his evil minions.   My sincere apologies to wolves (and coyotes) everywhere. — Fester


Awesome! Thanks!