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Murder, Again

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/05/26/murder-again


He even had his hand in his pocket to show off how effortless it was.


I know I shouldn’t cross-post, but …

Perhaps people from across the country should flood the email of the Police Conduct Oversight Commission

Maybe we should start doing this with every documented case - in compliance with CHAPTER 172. - POLICE CONDUCT OVERSIGHT …

Section 172.30. - Complaint filing, preliminary review and investigation.

(a) Complaint filing. A ny person who has personal knowledge of alleged misconduct on the part of a Minneapolis police officer may file a complaint with the office of police conduct review by submitting said complaint by means of any readily available method approved by the office . The office shall endeavor to facilitate the complaint filing process by providing multiple and accessible avenues for the filing of complaints. Absent extenuating circumstances deemed sufficient to warrant untimely filing, no person may file a complaint if more than two hundred seventy (270) days have elapsed since the alleged misconduct.

Having viewed a confirmed video record of the specified misconduct would seem to be appropriate to the criteria stated. A full page ad with a listing of those who witness thereby might not be a bad idea either.


That cop should be hung by the neck in a public execution! Murder. With several witnesses. Unfathomable!


Surely, this is murder. Whatever the punishment for first degree murder in the state of Minnesota he should be forced to endure. He chose to kill when he refused to listen to the victim or the bystanders and appears to be proud of himself. He is a murderer and he and his kind have no place on police forces.
I can’t watch the video but I don’t have to. The narrative and the still pictures are all that’s needed to understand the truth.
Just yesterday a police officer in Massachusetts was kind to me. It is heartbreaking to know people such as Derek Chauvin exist and have such power. He needs to pay the full penalty under the law.


Witnesses’ names should NOT be publicized–or they, too may be targeted for Police Violence. While NO police officer faced ANY charges for the MURDER of ERIC GARNER, the man who FILMED THAT MURDER was hounded, harassed and evenrtually ARRESTED & JAILED.


Latest report says the 4 police thugs have been fired


I live in Minneapolis and have worked as both an activist & independent journalist on police brutality for 30 years. UPDATE: All four officers have been FIRED–that’s the FASTEST response to Police Violence EVER.
Besides Derek Chauvin who put his knee on George Lloyd’s neck, another white officer held down Lloyd’s leg. Besides the Hmong “bystander” officer you see in the video, there was another officer (race unknown) who was a “bystander”. BOTH of these “bystander” cops SHOULD have intervened, since Mr. Lloyd was HANDCUFFED & FACE DOWN ON THE GROUND. NEITHER did a damn thing.
As “civilians” (NON-police), if there was a murder and four people were on the scene ALL four would be charged with some sort of crime. The SAME should happen to ALL four of these cops. Otherwise–they may simply go work for another police department–which is COMMON when fired for brutality.
Studies of police brutality shows that (roughly) 80% of Police Violence is done by the SAME 5% to 15% of officers; 20% is by rookies with 3 years or less experience on the job. That Derek Chauvin had ALREADY SHOT THREE OTHER PEOPLE (& brutalized who knows how many others) shows how much IMPUNITY police officers are given. Eery few years, there’s a commission at the local, state or during the Obama Administration, even national level, with all kinds of recommendations for “police reform”.

Yes, some changes in “training” are needed–far MORE on communication skills and “DE-escalation” techniques and LESS on the gun range. Making it a PRIORITY that rookies are paired with the BEST cops on the force to PREVENT brutality in the first place. SCREENING who gets HIRED to be a police officer would be the BEST “reform”–starting with being a military combat veteran is NOT the skill set for policing communities and doing background checks for police from another department.

But, the bottom line has to be FIRE brutal cops and INDICT them for Assault, Rape or Murder. Until there are CONSEQUENCES for Police VIolence, it will go ona nd on and on.


Excellent response

I noticed that too…like it was a normal easy thing to do…like he had done this shit before many times…


The white plantation owners were also such “gentlemen.” Sorry - but the standards of behavior should be higher for law enforcement officers and when they violate the laws they are sworn to uphold - the penalties should be much higher than to the average person. These people need to feel the wrath of an indignant populace which demands that this never ever happen again.


The firing of these murdering thugs is not enough. The victim’s family needs to sue the hell out of the city and the individual officers for a start. And the murderers need to go to trial and then jail for life. As a white male I will never be able to fathom the fear that black folks wake up to every day. Homo sapiens are the cruelest species ever to set foot upon the earth.


We have created a society where some people have authority and others do not. it is more the nature of a command structure with the most powerful at the top. In a more egalitarian society we might expect citizens to disrupt this kind of thing with impunity. Maybe the other cops were subservient in some way that made them fearful of acting - just like the people watching. Bravery sometimes comes with some undesirable consequences for the person doing right - whether a whistleblower or a cop who defies the blue line. We need more people to feel encouraged and empowered to act against wrong.


Well - possibly waterboarding so they know how their victim felt - followed by several decades in prison. I don’t believe in the death penalty even though a willful and intentional act like this seems so deserving.

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It is tiring to see the people of a community have to pay out these sums for abuse by police officers over witch the community frequently has little or no control. This is a rigged game where we choose pre-selected politicians who do the same old thing with police unions and police - nothing ever changes.


I’m wondering how this killer cop would have treated the vocal bystanders if he wasn’t busy killing the subject of arrest.
This cop is mean, stupid, or a super coward.

A cold brutal murder such as this calls for the death penalty. The murderer deserves much worse, but putting him to sleep by injection would be the humane response. How can we ensure the culprits are arrested? Can we make a citizen arrest?

We need to take action! What law groups can we support that are doing excellent jobs of bringing justice to cases like this? I know ACLU does good work. Who else?

The article named a lawyer representing Floyd. I’m sure this goes to a court trial and millions of dollars to the family later on with a civil suit.

Woke up to this horror first thing this am; I had the radio on for the coffee routine.
I sat down and cried.
A phucking death sentence for being black! No rule of law anywhere in sight, just an over zealous racist cop and his enablers.
I feel great shame and anger at the stupid, racist outta control police. I thank the gods that there were bystanders filming and calling out this horror, so any spin can be roundly refuted…
I wonder if instead of suing the city, if police pension funds could be targeted to pay out grieving families in wrongful death suits?


Hi reader321:
Maybe Guantanamo should be closed and the imprisoned sent home to the Middle East.
If Guantanamo remains, then rogue police could do their time there.

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