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'Murder the Media': Pro-Trump Insurrectionists Target Journalists Covering Attack on US Capitol

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/07/murder-media-pro-trump-insurrectionists-target-journalists-covering-attack-us

No different than Hitlers Brown Shirts burning books

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Truly, some of the “press” bear some responsibility for this happening. Fox, OAN, and Newsmax, not withstanding, how often was broadcast news hedging its language, calling outright lies, “misstatements”? Only lately challenging politicians for their lies and other disinformation, while having allowed them to spew nonsense for three years prior? What about surreptitiously promoting candidates despite the public’s support of another candidate? (Yes, I’m looking at you MSNBC). When journalism allows corporate interests to supersede the true interests of the populace, then it sows the very suspicion it receives.


The problem is the media keeps treating these people like they just average Joes with a grievance thinking they can interview and film them as usual. They need to start treating them like the deranged terrorists that they are and keep their distance. These terrorists are so stupid and brainwashed that they are beyond hope and should be sent to a place like Guantanamo IMO.


“A free press that’s able to hold those in power accountable is what makes our democracy work.”

Which is why it doesn’t.

“[B]y God, you are our light. We are only free and informed people because of our free press.”

Jesus Maryann Joseph …

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