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Murderer in Chief: Dondald Trump and the Tens of Thousands Coronavirus Dead

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/12/murderer-chief-dondald-trump-and-tens-thousands-coronavirus-dead

Irrespective of how many COVID deaths were preventable, Trump’s 2016 campaign mantra: “If I kill somebody in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue I will not lose one vote” is the understatement of the century, when you consider that Trump’s approval rating continues tight in the 40 plus percent range.

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Sorry to have to say it, but we won’t know how many deaths Trump is responsible for until the pandemic is over and we can do the postmortem. Then we’re going to have to get into the tricky legal business of attributing blame, otherwise known as proximate and ultimate causation (see Wikipedia article with that title). It’s not clear that Trump could’ve instituted a lock-down long enough for to halt community transmission (as they did in Wuhan) even if he’d started early and tried hard, but it’s a baseline we should try to assess as a start. The rest of for the lawyers.

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Hi ThisOldMan:
Trump is acting very crazy anyway. He mocks people but does not like to be mocked.
Sometimes Turnabout can be Fair Play!

HEY Donald Trump, so what can you say?
How many citizens killed today?

Yes, that is very childish—but Trump is a very childish man. : (

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While I do not know that many personally and observation I have made over the years is that people born to wealth tend to never grow up. Trump is a very childish individual but he not a man.

“I I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten” is the tiltle of a book from years gone by. Maybe Trump Flunked Kindergarten because even some of the kids coming out of kindergarten are less self centered then Herr Trump.


Last night I watched “Nuremberg 2000” on YouTube…a dramatic recreation of the Nuremberg trials after WWII. All of the top surviving Nazis were in the dock for various crimes including crimes against humanity. I could not help but project Trump, his family and henchmen in the dock instead of the Nazis. In some special irony, Alex Baldwin played the chief prosecutor…the same Alex who often plays Trump on SNL. Many years ago I saw the first recreation of the trial, “Judgement at Nuremberg” and was deeply moved by it. I intend to see it again. However, last night I had a number of nightmares having to do with some of the scenes in the film (newsreel shots on the liberating of various concentration and death camps) which if I remember correctly were even more graphic in the first one.

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Check out the Trump death clock in New York’s, Time Square, it is updated every day.

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Hi Shantiananda:
Oh my—if Trump had acted ONE WEEK earlier, SIXTY % of the Covid19 deaths could have been avoided!
And the clock keeps ticking. Who is Trump’s valet----as perhaps he should be given a Medal of Honor, for perhaps infecting Trump-----maybe if he gets the disease, Trump will learn some empathy. Although I was thinking that if Ivanka got it, maybe then he would become more human—although maybe he has already reached as high as he can be on the chart of what it means to be human. : (

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Think about these figures (preventable deaths)!

Hi HN_Pat_Burns:

Oh I do not understand Trump’s actions as both China and So Korea showed the world how to fight this virus —a virus that can become every disease and morphs in every body’s weak spot. And dissing the WHO, who was ready to give America the test…I wonder why Trump turned down an existing test, but then went ahead and produced a useless test when he could have used the WHO one! : 0

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Trump become more human?

Hi Shantiananda:

Well, Ivanka seems to be the only thing that Trump truly cares about----- maybe if Ivanka got a bad case of covid19-----maybe that would shock some humanity into Trump.
YOU never know what is important to tyrants----Hitler, for example was very kind to dogs.

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