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Murderous Police in the City of Love


Murderous Police in the City of Love

Rebecca Gordon

In the photo, five of Beyoncé’s leather-clad, black-bereted dancers raise their fists in a Black Power salute. The woman in the middle holds a hand-lettered sign up for the camera, bearing three words and a number: “Justice 4 Mario Woods.” Behind them, the crowd at Levi's Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, is getting ready for the second half of Super Bowl 50, but the game’s real fireworks are already over.


Is it departmental policy in SFO and any other number of large and small cities to have a dozen or more officers surrounding one of their targeted victims so as to defray any individual identification of the officer (or officers) doing the shooting? It most assuredly is to make sure they (the police) all get the "story" or accounting of the shooting straight....


The only take away I get from all of these police shootings of suspects is that these guys are chomping at the bit to "get to kill" someone. They are taking a profound JOY in their work.

This is the very type of person that a Government will recruit as a police officer in what is defined as an Authoritarian State. They do not want peoples of conscience. Just as with its military the US Government wants professional killers and the policy of that Government both domestic and foreign demonstrates a total and complete embrace of violence.

As Martin Luther King so astutely observed the USA is the greates purveyor of violence on this globe.


Just an excellent piece, Ms. Gordon; you "said their names"--at least some of them. And you connected the racism and violence, death and occupation of citizens from communities of color in our "exceptional" country (as Pres. Obama and others call it) to the invasion, occupation, droning, bombing and control we inflict, with righteousness, on other less powerful, and mostly of color, nations.