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Murders of Earth's Defenders: The Deadly Trend Continues


Murders of Earth's Defenders: The Deadly Trend Continues

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"How many more people will die before the world takes notice?"

That's a question posed by the organization Global Witness, whose new report, How Many More?, exposes what it calls a "hidden crisis" of murders of those who defend the earth from environmental destruction.


If not the earth’s defenders, then WHO shall speak for the land? Their murder threatens our collective lives because we depend on Mother Earth.


What do you expect in a world where greed and wealth are worshiped and thugs can be hired by that wealth to remove any opposition to unlimited profit.

  • It happens in the jungle, it happens in cities, it promotes wars for profit around the globe and it feels it has the right to do what it wants with the earth. Wealth has the money, so it feels it owns the earth and its inhabitants.
  • We the People have no value to this group, except for cheap labor and as consumers to spend whatever money we have to survive, which goes back into the pockets of the greedy.
  • Think We can change it, but do we have the guts to try?


“Global Witness emphasizes the challenges of finding the perpetrators of these crimes, though in some cases it has been able to point to paramilitary groups or private security guards. Yet, the report states, ‘The true authors of these crimes—a powerful nexus of corporate and state interests—are escaping unpunished.’”
Note that this exactly describes similar situations, e.g., the invasion of Iraq and the financial meltdown.


And even earlier the Native Americans


The FBI and other US government agencies are still targeting environmental activists “eco-terrorists” and using propaganda to demonize protection of the earth and opposition to fracking, tar sands, arctic drilling and fracking oil extraction.


Nearly single handed, it is the United States that created, fueled and is driving the world into a global, catastrophic, Nature disrupting condition almost certainly to kill billions.

The fundamental truth is that our species is too primitive to allow a civil construct of inclusion. The Ides of March is upon us. At this point in our evolution the best thing to do is firm up relationships and think like a tin foil hat wearing survivalist.


Future E-Book:

Remembering Air: When there was still a rain forest in the Amazon ISBN-10: 0738609315


Yes, they tried to tell us… but of course, we didn’t listen…


These are horrendous atrocities, extremely violent and cruel actions done by the Patriarchy - as I call the political and economic elites due to their one-sided focus on masculine energies, being biologically women as well as men. As long as there is money to earn, they are willing to destroy life, not understanding that killing Mother Earth is a slow suicide.

We are in the middle of a serious moral and ethical crisis causing a complete corruption of human values. The dis-ease of greed is like drug addiction: a vicious circle with no end in sight unless rehabilitation takes place. Since our governments are also addicted to greed there is little hope for them to take adequate action. Only when people, from all walks of life, peacefully protest, display resistance, civil disobedience, and in all matters refuse to cooperate with Patriarchy will it end. Until then may the Great Spirit of Mother Earth protect Berta Cáceres and all those brave and courageous people who give their time, energy and at times even their life to caring for Mother Earth.


Mining is what’s fueling terrorism in SE Asia, imho. Mining companies poison water supplies with mercury for gold mine separation processes, Leave huge deforested Mining pits everywhere which later wash whole communities out to sea when the typhoons hit and nothing exists to slow the runoff coming down the mountains.

From today’s Philippine Star:

…Rep Fernando Hicap, for his part, urged President Aquino to immediately order a shutdown of Chinese mining operations as well as revocation of power generation concessions granted to Chinese firms to demonstrate the Philippines seriousness in protecting its sovereignty.

“The mineral resources that China is extracting from our country serve as raw materials for ships, weapons, aircraft and others, which would be eventually used against us, hence, we are being fried in our own fat,” Hicap said in a statement.

He said 26 Chinese mining corporations have been allowed to extract gold, iron ore, nickel, copper, manganese, lead, zinc, chromate and cobalt in the country.

China is poaching massive endangered species in the South China Sea after she stole dozens of islands from about six countries including Kalayaan Province in the former Philippines. The picture was of dozens of Chinese ships blasting and dredging islands and reefs to pieces on Fiery Cross Reef to build airstrips and garrisons on them.

It’s getting ugly out here. Huge US/Philippine military exercise today.


“The true authors of these crimes—a powerful nexus of corporate and state interests—are escaping unpunished.” A crime is a crime, a murder is a murder even if the action against the victim was politically popular among the 1%. Obviously, among the 1%, there is such a thing as a politically correct murder. So, if you want to murder someone, make sure its a politically correct person to kill as far as the 1% is concerned and you won’t have to worry about any prosecution. How psychotic of the 1%…


One of the problems is that it is hard to understand the game played by the rich, the 0.001%. It is called, “He who dies with the most toys wins!” Destruction of the earth’s ecosystem is irrelevant to them as long as they can pile up the most pelf before the end.

  • It is hard for an average, balanced, individual to understand this sort of thing, to realize that, to the “owners” of the majority of earth’s resources don’t even care what they are destroying as long as it makes a profit. Hence, endless wars, destruction of forests, pollution and overfishing of the seas. The only thing they see as “waste” is anything they have to do to help the population, to save the ecosystem. That is money not put into their own coffers and therefore is waste. War is profit, helping people cuts into that profit, hence war is good and welfare is waste.
  • They seem to be pushing us again into a nuclear confrontation as was done during the last century’s “Cold War” Billions for development of yet more nuclear weapons when all sides have enough to destroy life on earth many times over. But, it’s all profit! And that’s the bottom line.