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Murkowski's Big Oil Giveaway: Profits Over People


Murkowski's Big Oil Giveaway: Profits Over People

Franz Matzner

This week the Senate Energy Committee will consider a bill that would simultaneously lift the decades old crude-oil-export ban and mandate drilling across a vast swath of the nation's publicly owned ocean waters from the Arctic to the Atlantic coast, and off of the Florida coast as well.


Your conclusion is stating the obvious. Solutions?


call your senators: 202-224-3121. you never know… :o)


A back story often overlooked in the discussion is that the ban is on crude oil; refined products are fair game. Big oil would rather refine the products where labor is cheaper and environmental regulations are significantly weaker.


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Any Senator or Representative from the State of Alaska is owned lock, stock and barrel by big oil; otherwise, they would not be allowed to be selected. You are wasting your time to call them.


True words Shantiananda- I was born and raised there and I can unequivocally state that Alaska is one state that always votes for what is best for them and damn the rest of the Nation-
We, in the past had some of the most prolific Congressmen and Governors but times have changed- For example, Alaskan Senator Ernest Gruening along with Congressman Wayne Morse were the only two Senators that voted against the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution…Governor Wally Hickel, once our Secretary of interior was most outspoken against the Nixon Administration and their policies, was fired- Lisa Murkowski, along with her Father are A blight on this Nation and Alaska as far as this Alaskan is concerned-And then there is Sarah Palin…


And then there is Sarah, the pistol packin mama from Alaska! Thanks for your corroboration.