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Musician Raffi on Music, Healing the Planet, and How Crisis Can Bring Opportunity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/15/musician-raffi-music-healing-planet-and-how-crisis-can-bring-opportunity


Great on Raffi! Music is indeed powerful. When I first heard Coven’s One Tin Soldier sung by a very sweet teaching aide, I was solidified as a Progressive. The Billy Jack movies didn’t hurt either…


Love this guy.

In the book Conversations With God book 3 there is information on how Highly Evolved Beings raise the young .

Its beautiful and simple , you might not believe what’s in this book but who cares.

Do what works and say what’s so.

The elders taker responsibility of raising the young not the parents who are children themselves .
Life givers are not meant to be child raisers.

Wisdom is gained through experience in living and building a strong mind .


Very nice article !

“Crisis brings opportunity. When systems break down, better systems that are aligned with Nature’s wisdom and human needs can flourish. An “Earth and Child” approach to economy, governance and social justice are here for our embrace.”

  • Raffi

Systems are indeed breaking down.

Let’s get on with part two shall we ~